What the hobby is all about, its the new send racing f450 kg1 forged edition. Oh all, right. What is it its a dooley, a dually dually wheels on the rear, big american truck, its always so cool. When i see a big truck you know i wanted to be a dually like if i had one that would be awesome. They just look better and you know they just have grip traction functionality. Workhorse everything an american truck should be the dually seems to do it better. They look good too so sand racing released this vehicle. I believe, last year they had a another edition, and just today they released the kg1 forced edition uh. The old one was ‘0 bucks. This ones 4, 424, 20., and it has a few improvements. Two distinct colors this one – and i think the other one is – is uh. This is a silver model. I think the red they have a red one with gold wheels that one looks super hot uh. The badging is better. I think, on on this edition. The other one had uh, just a big decal on the side uh, so the whats. How are they different? The wheels are different uh. This one has the kg1 forged wheels, uh, better grill, more stock, looking more authentic, looking the bed is: has a bed liner coating to it? The links on the bottom used to be silver. Now now they are black ill show you guys in a bit and then probably the most significant update is the shocks you know.

The shocks were probably the weak weak link of of this vehicle: uh 18 millimeters of plastic, now theyre 90 millimeters of metal super plush. No need to upgrade these and shocks you know. Sometimes you have to spend like 100 bucks for them, so this is kind of a cool cool addition. So here it is in the flash look at that long wheel base pretty stiff um, amazingly enough and adjustable wheelbase. Its like three segments, so so pretty modular and its a brushed 550 motor, pressed esc, savvox, servo metal shock tower so pretty cool, pretty sturdy and it can be powered by 2s or 3s. Obviously you want 3s on a bad boy like this, and it has two two gearing optional configurations and it comes stocked with a high torque high pulling power gearing so on 3s. I measured it at 15.2 miles an hour and then its but its pretty fun. 15. You go its not that fast, but its pretty fast, because the thing is so beefy and then uh when you change the gear. You just flip a gear in this gearbox. It goes to 26 miles an hour, pretty cool huh. So so here it is nice fast. Servo im not sure how many kg, but its definitely sufficient for this big vehicle and then this this uh motor, so cool its so powerful. It has a certain wine to it. I might be touching the its just kind of shocking how um how responsive it is.

Uh – and you know how you know, how much punch it has, how much pulling power it has and then one thing really unique that it does have is: it has sway, bars, anti roll bars front and rear and thats why you know i was just rallying all Day long, so i apologize for the video i was having too much fun, maybe too much drifting, but its going to be probably a three part series, because we are going to do a bunch of stuff with this vehicle enjoy some running video and then at the End ill tell you about pros and cons of this vehicle, all right: Music, Music, the trailer uh it down Music, so, Music Applause; it is Music, Applause, Music, Music. So so all right pros and cons of this vehicle. 420 bucks uh for for this piece, so pros number one is its something fresh, something completely unexpected. I dont think even sand racing knew what the exactly what they were introducing and how people were going to use it and it turns out people are using it, for you know many different purposes: um from bashing to crawling tow vehicle and what not the second pro Of it is its strong enough durable enough. The good chassis stiff chassis, uh, strong, drive train that you can. It could withstand all these. These uses 26 miles an hour on 3s, with with the stock motor thats, pretty darn good. It will beat that new infraction mega easily from arma a third pro.

Is they have this line of accessories and upgrades for this uh, a lot of anodized some machine parts and its just cool? You know you could personalize it put some spikes on your wheels, puts put some metal lockers on it, so the fact that they are supporting the uh, the aftermarket uh for their own car is pretty cool uh. The third good thing, i would say is the the price 420 is, is very fair uh for something like this. You know something this well built. You know check this out im just spinning the wheel uh, and you could tell how how nice the uh the gears are in the axles, how quiet they are savvox, servo, Music and they very smooth dry paint very impressed. So you know its and finally, the last pro is its fun thats. What the hobby is all about right. You dont want to be just pigeonholed into something. When you buy a a crawler thats, all you can do, and sometimes you get you get a little bit bored, but this one you could take it out all the time. Just even when youre crawling you tow all your vehicles uh with this something you know theres something weird about a long wheelbase and in in four wheels dually in the back that it has a lot of traction and a lot of stability completely unexpected for me. So you could tell im just like a little hoonigan uh on my own on my video just just rallying this car.

When you have a weight on the back a trailer attached to the back. Sometimes they even put a tray uh, the you know the big, the trailer back here, its really stable. You know its not going to flip over because the weight is pushing it down. The fact that they have these stabilizer bars tool, front and rear really gives you some high speed running ability without flipping over, and you could always disconnect these. These stabilizer bars. If you want to crawl so thats, pretty cool huh. The weight distribution is cool. 53. 47. Before you put the battery so with the battery, you change it around a little bit. Okay lets get to the the con side. Why not uh? Nothing is perfect. Uh, i would say the first con is the radio looks a little bit old and and and primitive uh doesnt have the best feel and controls uh to it. Another one is, you know, stickered windows, you know non clear windows, you know its pretty scale, but you know that part really just kind of um uh detracts from from the from the look of it. Well, maybe i have two two more cons. Why not huh im totally just being totally honest here, uh one con is the hitch right there, its too far in you know, normally you have it sticking out where the rear bumper is so. You can just attach anything easily. So so this one is its all.

The way like i dont know, 20 millimeters in luckily my trailer that youll see in the video was had a long arm that was able to hook into here. But you know they have a a hitch adapter that sticks all the way out, but its like 30 bucks, its a full aluminum option – part, i believe – and the last con i would say, is the the rod ends on the links they keep pulling out when you Theyre easy to strip when you have some kind of uh impact or or some some some shock uh. So you know the rocket ends. You could either glue them on or epoxy them on uh or just replace them. But a lot of versatility – and you know you can kind of take it to a lot of directions. So i think its going to be a party for for many battery loads to come all right.