Now I know lots of stupid stuff. I will never forget Eugene occas birthday. I can recite most episodes of space ghost coast to coast entirely by memory and the correct orders for most of the early Megaman games are etched permanently in my mind, but none of those things will do me any good nope. This is all about three 1990s television, music and movie trivia. Keep in mind when this game was published. I was 6 heck, the town where I grew up, wouldn’t even get MTV for another 7 years. So what happens when I sit down to match wits against some poorly animated characters? I curb stomp the water. Naturally, the two losers are struck by lightning and reduced to an only slightly less knowledgeable power. Here’S the thing as being a game goes remote controls, not exactly a shining example of the art. We’Ve got ugly character designs with atrocious facial animations that sometimes come completely apart from their skulls, a host whose animated at about three frames, no multiplayer support horrible sound effects. In one uninspiring musical track but get Beyond Thunderdome I mean get beyond that and you’ll see that remote control as a level of snark self awareness and trivial absurdity that well let’s just say it knows Jack. You choose a category answered, question, rinse, repeat: paused for very poorly animated snack and here are important safety tips about proper alligator, viewing procedures all with a veneer of absolute absurdity. That makes the shortcomings of presentation melt away.

I mean what other NES game could possibly offer an SCTV category. You do not doubt my understanding of the nature of Doug and Bob McKenzie vile machine in the name of Rick Moranis I stab at thee. John Candy has no place here. Pardoning chances are most of you watching this have never even heard of head of the class or F Troop. They have achieved nowhere that a ubiquity and mash are all on the family as probably isn’t the game for you. If you’re over the age of 30, though this game is right in your wheelhouse, provided you can remember the honky tonk man’s girlfriend’s name, I fear someone will take issue.