Okay, i’m gon na fly i’m gon na fly, fpv drones that’s the best it’s gon na be pretty hard to sway me away from that, and then one day i saw these cars were going off giant jumps. They were basically flying yeah, so you can basically fly these cars. I bought an rc car. I called my friend greg up and i was like hey. I want to get an rc car we’re gon na. Do some jumping stuff he’s, like i know, it’s out of your budget, but you know check this out. Oh my god, like i got to have that he’s like yeah, but i said your budget yeah. I don’t care. I want it so i went out and i bought this thousand dollar car and then i saw sean’s thousand dollar car and said i want that, but i couldn’t swing the thousand dollar car, so i bought two 500 cars right somehow that made more sense. So now we’ve got a bunch of rc cars, but this is supposed to be a drone channel right. Yes, we got to chase it with drones, chasing a drone Music Applause, so so nurk was in town and we were filming some other episodes and we were kind of putting the rc car thing on the back burner and he saw that we had our cars in The back of our pickup trucks – he was all into it, so the ramps came back out. The cars back out and nurik is nirk is probably the best chaser.

Oh yeah and he’s he’s awesome at it. I don’t even know: can you even chase an rc car van, i don’t know: can they never even chase an arc? Can you even do it? No, i clearly can i’m Laughter Music, sorry, Music, hey Music, perfect. So, oh, oh it’s, pretty sick. Actually so when i first got into rc stuff, i went straight for flying things and i got into drones. I just i just wanted to do it all the time i just all i want to do is drones so much so that i quit my job and now my job is drones and i just do drones. 24. 7. All the time and after years i need a hobby and it turned into a freaking hobby, because, just like all the drone stuff, we have to literally carry a bag around of parts because we break them. Every time we drive them, we’ve been getting some pretty big jumps, but i want to go even bigger. How can we get even more air time? Can we jump off a building Music? So building dives are like one of the most iconic things you can do in fpv. I want to see if you can building dive an rc car, Music, Music, oh Music, the gauntlet, the ultimate shot that we can think of these rc cars can actually drive on water, but it requires you to go really really fast and essentially maintain a hydroplane. Like i’m, not getting you get a running start from the shore hit the water fast enough, keep your wheel, speed up, and you can just drive on the water, it’s nuts, so we’re gon na attempt to chase the boat with the car and the car with a Drone, ideally, maybe we even try and hit the wake of the boat and catch some air, Music, Music, so Music rc cars now it’s the whole reason he got it seriously.

He called me up and he’s, just like. I just saw this youtube. Video apparently rc cars can drive on water, and i said no, they can’t he’s, like no. I bought it bro i bought the biggest the biggest baddest rc car impulse buy. What are we? What are we doing in this episode? What are we, what are we? What are we gon na drive on water? We got ta drive away, you got ta chase the troll. We got ta do this. We got ta. Do this now. I think you’re over it. Oh my god, i don’t i got so in rc cars. No! No! I have two i’m more into than he is he’s about to sell it, because he’s finally got a shot who wants to buy my rc car rotorright.com here, we’re going to put it on this store. Let’S put it on this store, sean’s x, max all right guys. Thanks for watching, we had a ton of fun, jumping our cars, trying all sorts of stunts and capturing it in the most unique way with fpv drones. My car walked on water. I mean what board yeah that was awesome, hit the bell. Don’T forget the bell subscribe.