I got this charger for 40 pounds and it’s a dual charger: Applause, hi guys and welcome back to a new video in today’s video. We are going to be reviewing a charger from htlc and this is the t240 duo and it deals 240 watts which, if you don’t know that means it just means it is fast as hell so let’s see what you get in the box pull this out. Oh there’s, the charger underneath you get this manual um i’m, not i’m, just not gon na read that and in this section, so you get these balance support things here, so you can do two s: batteries, three sparta’s, first batteries, 5s and 6s wow, so it’s a 6S charger: oh got loads of cables. You get a ding an adapter to get one of these and i’m guessing in here is the power supply. So this just goes straight into there. There we go right, so i think this is the menu of the screen. As you can see, this is touch screen and it’s. Actually like a phone, so you got channel one channel two, so we’ve got lipo whatever that is whatever that is whatever that is whatever that is. Oh that’s nim and i cared about re i’m, not sure what that is, and you got smart. They got settings settings here. You got buzzer volume, so you can turn it off or you can make it really loud, which i’m just going to make it medium.

So balance speed you’ve got fast, normal, slow and that’s. It um don’t know why you want it on slow, so we’re going to have them fast, uh, low input voltage is at 10 i’m just going to keep it there sc power. Oh, so you can actually change this, so you can have one channel doing 73 watts and 177 but i’m going to try to keep them equal say you only have one battery and you can make one of the channels 120 watts which is that’s pretty fast we’ve. Also got memory right here, i’ve already set my memories and stuff. You can do what you want, so you can modify your memories. You can click on them. So all you need to do plug your battery in. If it’s got the same specs as these here, then you just press on one and you just start what you can do is you can modify them. You’Ve got monitor here, which is when you, when a battery’s plugged in it, will show how much charge it’s got and the voltage on it and you’ve also got a resistance check here. So we are going to plug a battery in now or two batteries in so i’ve got this flurry on 5500 milliamp um forest lipo here i’ve got my cables here now. This does not come with the the charger. Unfortunately, so i already had these laying about i’m. Just going to plug the black corn into this black ring part here and the red one into the red ring part plug that in there i’ll just plug my forest bound plug into there.

Now i haven’t run these batteries fully and they are pretty much on the storage charger they’re now halfway there, so we’re not charging from flat. Here we can actually go into this memory feature if you want to which i’m not actually set up for memory. So i’m gon na go into channel one which it’s already set so i’m just gon na go into channel one and it also automatically knows it’s a four s which is good. So i need to bump it up to 5500 amps and then i’m going to save that, and then i can just start there. You go now. This uh graph here is actually the voltage uh it’s, just showing the voltage and stuff. So at the start, it’ll spike up and then it’ll go down and it’ll spike up and go down spike open and go down. As you can see, it’s already charging all we have to do is to charge the other battery go to channel 2 memory. For us start and there you go i’m going to now do a time lapse, so you can just see how these charge, whilst this is charging, if you could please and subscribe and like this video, that would be great on my youtube. All i want to do is honest reviews, love testing out new products and seeing what is out there in the rc world. So if you could please like and subscribe, that just means so much to me so guys this battery isn’t fully charged.

But it is pretty much charged. I mean it’s got two percent left, so it took this battery from nearly dead 38 minutes. Um i’d say if it was fully flat just under an hour, which is pretty insane to say my last charger charged one battery in two and a half hours, and this charge is one in about 50 minutes. Well, charges two in 15 minutes actually that charges very fast, if you had the maximum amount of watts which is 240 and then you half that which is 120 120 watts per channel, would probably charge these batteries in about 30 minutes and both of them in 30. Minutes, which is just absolutely mad bad points of this charger, so i think the bad point uh is that for normal power, it’s, not 200 fighter watts, um and just like just what it comes with is 150 and i wouldn’t mind paying like 10 pounds more if They supplied the brick that would make it 250 watts. Please add the brick that will make this 240 watts, or this would just be. This would be so good and could very well be one of the best charges on the market. The other grudge i don’t like about it is the fan is insanely loud um, but i guess if this charger is absolutely is charging two. Maybe if you’ve got two success batteries you try to charge them and they’ve got like 6 000 milliamps. Then it will need the fan um, but i found the smaller batteries the fan belly turns on, but with these batteries it’s almost constantly on – and it is very loud apart from that – it is pretty much perfect.

I’Ll put a link to this bag here, guys it’s pretty good. I think i bought it for about eight pound um and it can hold about six lipos in here and that’s, like big lipos like free to forest lipos, so getting many ones you could probably fit about 10 in there do. I recommend this. Oh my god! 100. Yes, i totally recommend this. This is i’m, so happy that i spent my money on this. I mean 40 pounds for this um, like the other charge i was gon na get, is a direct competitor to this uh, the scot skyrc t100 uh duo. That is an okay charger, but it only does 50 watts per channel. When you try do a dual charge: the sky rc. It only does 25 watts per channel, and if you try to do one battery, it only does 50 watts, which is, is crap compared to this, and this is like the same price. So no person, starting out i mean spending 40 pounds on a charger – might seem ridiculous. But honestly i got this because i felt bit scared, sometimes with the safety of my cheap um imax b6 charger. I mean it charged one of these in two and a half hours, which is just ridiculous. Man i’ve actually just gotten to this, and it is almost done so i only needed about 10 more minutes, so i hope you liked this video and review. I know i did i’m so glad i got this charger it’s.

Just absolutely amazing. I thought about tecmo money, hdlc it’s, just great it makes me want to get the htrc um 400 uh version, which is double the power double charging speed, which is just mad but yeah. So if you like this video, please consider, subscribing and because i’ll be doing more honest reviews like this and try to save you more money and but yeah so see you later subscribe and please hit that notification bell to get more of um. Well, so you get to see these type of videos faster and sooner and you get notified quicker anyway, see you later and hope.