Let’S have a look so in this video we’re going to unbox it and see how good or bad this thing really is subscribe. You know what guys it actually does. Look pretty cool. I mean it definitely looks quite toy grady, but it still looks pretty good. So here’s the spy camera so we’ve got a hard body suspension, front and rear solid axles. Four link suspension battery goes up in here and to charge it up. You plug that into there and that into there, and then you need three double a batteries. For the controller, all right all charged up let’s see what this baby’s made of oh check it out. We’Ve got headlights, oh look, got brake lights and turn signals. So next let’s see what this thing is capable of and then we’re going to see. If we can get this camera to work Music, oh no! What happened? Music? Music? Oh, no! What happened? Music, ugh, Music so so far a little bit of a disappointment. These tracks. They just seem to slip and come off really easily. So hopefully next we can have a little play with the camera and that’s going to give us some better results. So next we’ve got to download the app i’m, always a little bit nervous when it comes to downloading apps onto my phone i’ve got youtube on there. My bank accounts but it’s on the app store, so it’s probably going to be a while. I just typed in wi fi truck, get we’re going to wait for that to download and then we’re going to see if it works.

Open, hey, look, look that’s us it’s working, so it does work, but one looks a bit it’s quite a lot like their watch, not too bad. Actually so next let’s shove it in the mount and give it a rip, oh crate, on there next let’s see if it works in the dark, uh nope pitch black it’s, quite zoomed. In i mean if we could zoom out a bit, that would be pretty cool but what’s this do here. Hmm, i think you can control it on here somehow, but i don’t know how we can record. Oh look, recording Music. I think we’ve got angle. The camera up slightly, so we can see a bit more ahead of us. It really is zoomed in too far by looks of it. Oh tumble, one ball! Oh no! What happened? Oh gold i’ll tell you what guys i didn’t expect much but yeah. I am pretty disappointed, i mean especially for the price of it look there’s, some better options that you can get so this here is my favorite crawler it’s only about ten dollars more or if you want to spend about the same. You can get this one here. So that’s these two here this one here is my all time: favorite small crawler it’s got four wheel. Steering i just recently did a whole video and a whole load of these crawlers guys i’m gon na put a link to that video up here, guys so go and watch that video.

So if you look on banggood, they actually do another version that comes with normal wheels and i’m guessing. It would be for these wheels here now. I don’t have any of those, but i do have a wpl and these wheels here actually do fit. I’Ve just put one on there: they are a bit smaller, so it’s not really a fair test. It’S, probably going to hold it back a little bit, but i just want to see how good this thing’s going to be on normal wheels. So let’s get the other wheels on there then give it another one. Do you know what guys it actually looks, pretty cool like that all right let’s give it a rip Music uh. You know what guys we’re normal tyres on there it’s. Actually pretty good. I mean the turning cycle is not the best look that is full steering lock. So if you’re going to get this guys, i would definitely opt for the one with the normal tyres. These tracks do look cool, but i mean they just fall off so easily. I would much rather just go for one of these ones here, there’s gon na be a link to all the lat lot down below so next i’m. Just going to give you a quick demo of my all time, favorite mini crawler, the hbx devastator. So here we’ve got normal steering hit the button four wheel, steering button again crab steer. So with that you can drive it along like this hit the button again and rear steer.

Only if you want to see the full video about this crawler i’m going to put a link to that video up here somewhere, but check it out guys 52 degrees makes it up there with ease Music Music. Do tumble wumbo Music, oh we’re, stuck! Oh there. We go oh tumble, one ball so down here. We’Ve got another card, we’ve got one box, and this one here’s got some special kind of suspension going on that’s going to be in the video soon so make sure you subscribe and smash your bell so that you don’t miss it.