Car 1 14th scale, i believe its the jubartus, so it doesnt come in a pretty box. All you get is the cardboard box and it comes with four different colored shelves: Music. Little yeah feels a bit: plasticky need four double a batteries for that one: Music got your instructions, usb charger and wheel nut thing: youve got your exploded diagram, all your part numbers, and it comes with a little 15 milliamp lithium ion to cell battery Music. You werent going to tell me where you look it doesnt plug in there. It plugs in there into the usb one way or another. Oh im so pack handy Music into the plug into the wall, to charge also a little foam insert in there which im, assuming you can fit different size batteries in there can you stop, were not playing bally, so youve got metal, drive shafts its see that its Quite bouncy, wings, nice and flexible youve got your receiver and your esc little brush motor Applause, Applause, Music. So having a look at their website, it says it should do 40 plus kilometers an hour, so i think well have to test that out and if you enter the code bonsai, it will give you a 25 off discount. I will put all the information down below for the other road users Music, especially our viewers, cant use them as well. Are you filming Music? What are they doing right? So weve got gps on there.

It says on the website. It should do 40 kilometers now, which is about 25 miles an hour. We will see Applause, Laughter, dont, try again Laughter Music, Music, gon na help; Applause, uh, Music drop tests – oh Music Applause, Music, so conclusion is its fun. You need more than one battery. You literally get about 10 minutes out of the battery, so you need more than four for one battery, but its cute itll do to put in your desk drawer. So i hope you enjoyed this video guys make sure you give us a like thumbs up subscribe. All that nonsense be good, be kind.