Looking for a really cool kit to build or youre just a tamiya fan, you are in the right spot today were going to take a quick look at the subaru brz tt02. Now the brz body has been out before i actually owned. The tt01 type e version. So im really excited to have another one in my collection and the tt02 is a fun kit and im, not gon na. Do a full in depth review here, im just gon na go over a few points of why i really like the tt02 and number one is if you are new to building an rc kit, this is a really cool one to get if youre looking for something To go on road with in your driveway or local parking lot, uh the tg02, its a really basic car, its very easy to build to me it has some great instructions and theres not a lot to get wrong on this kit. Theres, not a lot of suspension. Adjustments or anything to do on this kit, you just build it up. Its got friction shocks on here, basic wishbone suspension and once its all done, it actually handles really really well. The other thing i like about this kit is its simple: four wheel drive platform. Weve got gear dips in the front and in the rear, simple shaft drive in the center weve got plastic dog bones, going out to the wheels which are actually pretty bulked up, so they hold together well and the system just works.

It lays down the power it makes the car really easy to drive. The chassis itself is a tub style plastic chassis. A lot of this car is plastic, but it just works. Tamiya has really designed this, so you build it up out of the box, you throw it down in your driveway and you have a great time with rc now what really sets the tt02s? Apart are the body shells that are available for them and obviously we have the subaru, and this body has some awesome detail. Weve got the recess headlights, the grill area, i mean outback. They have pretty much every little detail that you could think of on the real car replicated here and thats. What tamiya does they work with the manufacturer subaru in this case, and they get their details and proportions just right, and we do have a mold line on the hood that i wish would kind of go away but thats how they get the detail in there? Its probably a multiple piece mold that theyre using and you you get a great looking body when youre done you do have to go and decal this and paint this as well. So just be aware of that and thats all part of the tamiya fun modeling experience. This is a driving rc model, theres a lot of people that look at these cars and say well to me. It needs to update their chassis styles and such no. They do not.

They have created a car. That is a lot of fun that they could put multiple bodies on, so you could enjoy much more than the subaru uh. I ive reviewed the tt02 mustang that car was a lot of fun. You could go and purchase that body set separately. Put it on here – and you know, experience more with the car, with just a simple chassis and, like i said before, its really user friendly, very friendly for newbies, and this particular kit actually comes with the speed controller and the motor which is really cool. They include a new hobby wing 1060 speed controller, which is different from the tamiya speed controllers they were offering before and its a good little speed controller theres. A lot of people excited that that speed controllers in here and then they include the torque tune motor, which has a little bit more torque than the normal motor. So you get that performance benefit as well. So the only thing that you need to go and provide for this particular kit is one tools paint for the body. Of course, then you need to get a servo for the steering, a radio system and battery and charger. So, by the time you build something like this up, you want to do it on the the real cheap. You could probably get this thing done for about 150, probably maybe 175 dollars, depending on what you get you can go to ebay or amazon.

I mean and get one of those dumbo rc radios for like 20 bucks, you could probably pick up a 15 nickel metal hydride battery and a basic charger, and, like i said you know, you could get out the door pretty cheap for building up a kit and Having fun with this thing is a blast in parking lots and driveways and uh im just gon na head outside right now show you how much fun this car is: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, so Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music Applause, all right drivers. This is what its all about. You find yourself, a nice empty parking lot and you just enjoy the drive you just enjoy the car you built, and this thing does look pretty cool. I love this brz body and this tt02 platform works really well. Look at it. I mean we dont have oil filled shocks, its just friction shocks in there, but it works well. They have the suspension set up just right, so its just a lot of fun stock out of the box that torque tube motor has some pretty decent speed to it. I do have a lipo in there, so it bumps up the power a little bit man. This thing looks good look at that love that ripple over there. The car just jitters around the steerings, pretty good. Those treaded tires are working well, considering how cold it is.

It is 14 degrees right now my fingers are freezing, but man. This thing looks good, its just so much fun to drive. I have a blast with these cars. All right lets head back to the workshop and wrap up the review so yeah. It was 14 degrees outside not the best weather, to be running any rc car, but i did manage to get two battery packs through the tt02, and this thing is a blast. Ive driven a bunch of tt02s, actually ive, driven the mustang ive got a few others and theyre just so much fun to drive theyre a great rc model and thats. Why you have to look at it, its a car that you get to put together. You get to detail it and then you get to drive it afterwards and they do handle well. They have some very good performance, considering you know, theyre just a basic setup and this car exhibited the same exact traits, even in that cold weather, with a freezing cold asphalt surface the tires hook up pretty well the double wishbone suspension with just the friction dampers it Just seems to handle the asphalt and when you go over the ripples, the thing bounces around a little bit just adds to the fun factor of this car theres, some understeer when youre steering it, but in a big open lot. It doesnt really matter youre, just enjoying the drive and thats what i did with this. I i really like this particular setup because it has the hobby wing speed controller in there.

So it does have a lipo cutoff and i did run this with a lipo, so it had a little extra punch to it and that just bumped up the fun factor. As well uh, this car looks really cool if youre into subarus or youre just looking for an inexpensive to build up, so you could try building i mean this is really one to check out. I did double check on the price, its 99.40 for the kit uh with the motor and the speed controller. So again add some paint. Add some electronics and i just threw in some old electronics out of an old ready run that i had an old, uh, redcat servo and an old spectrum receiver and transmitter setup. So i did it as cheap as i could and it actually worked out really well. So if youve got some electronics lying around that maybe thats an option for you as well put them to use the only thing i would say is: if youre going to run the car a lot. Do yourself a favor pick up a ball bearing set for it. It is an rc model, so they want you to go outfit it.