Today i went to target uh the corner of my eye at the right that corner right. There i saw uh like that’s. All my dad saw this and it’s i i we tried it out, it’s good it’s fast. I did not think it was gon na be fast like that doesn’t sound, fast bro, but like when it’s going fast. It actually goes like it. It goes as fast as this car. Oh my gosh that’s taller, but let me let you get the video started. This was 11 bucks. This was 11 bucks. Do you hear the controller pretty good, pretty good? I want to go in the sunlight, we’re going to remove locations better drop the camera right here: okay, i’m gon na move the car let’s get this video started. I cannot see okay that’s a good view. Okay, three two one go i’m gon na do a thing i i’m gon na do a thing: i’ve, never done on this channel and that’s gon na be a burnout test. If you don’t know what burnout is you basically just drive until your tires are pretty grinded down? Sometimes they smoke so three, two one: okay, well yeah, that was gon na, be a sick drift, but no see that magic wow. But what am i i’m just i’m trying to drive it from camera? You ready to see this awesome drift, okay enough with some fun and games honestly it’s a good car. I really really do like it.

I think it’s, a really good car and um yeah. So i’m gon na put you right here. My lap turn you around. So you can see what i’m seeing okay yeah let’s get started. Oh my gosh, my arm, they don’t know what happened. Oh my gosh, that came out of nowhere and now i’m asking the question: what car is this? Okay, i’m? Not gon na lie to you bro. I have no idea what type of car this is like. Absolutely no idea like no idea just straight. None none but nothing. Nothing comes to mind when i’m thinking about this card and i almost dropped you off the edge so i’m trying to hit that little wood piece and go over it. Oh my gosh don’t try to drift again um yeah honestly. This is just a review. I’Ll make this review a good eight out of ten it’s that it’s actually okay, it’s, not terribly bad, but it’s, not like it’s, not terribly bad, but it’s, not amazingly good, so i’m, giving a like a night nah comment down below what i should rate it right Now i’m kind of deciding between an eight or six yeah just skip seven, so yeah i’m kind of deciding between an eight or six, because this car and for it’s that it says five and plus it literally says five. Five and close so a five year old. Would be pleased, i know that for sure the five year old he he would be pleased.

This is a race car. Oh, i just crashed it. Oh, i just crashed it again. Come here, bro come here, i’m dropped. You guys no damage done to it at all, but um i will read the card. Six yeah i’ma land on six uh five year old would be pleased anybody. I am pleased with it and yeah. I, like the the bright color, the bright colors, the fact that it’s supposed to be a racing car which i yeah i’m gon na, do some racing videos soon, maybe it’s. My friend, maybe other people i do not know, but um yeah, that’s gon na, be the end of the video. I know: it’s kinda, it’s gon na end short, but um yeah, we’re gon na be seeing more of this car a lot honestly. I actually really like this car it’s kind of what i expected and more maybe not that much more but like yeah, um yeah, so you’re gon na be seeing more of this. And if you check my last video house tour, you saw the little space. I think we might make that a race track, if not, if it’s too small we’re gon na make it bigger, which it probably is okay we’ll make you tune in for the next video and um yeah, make sure you like subscribe and notifications button. So you get notified every time i upload. I am i i upload. I really don’t know when i upload so that’s why you should be uploaded every time, wait what, but they should be notified every time i upload, so you won’t miss one of these crazy rc cars, videos and uh yeah.

For those of you who forgot, i kind of review, rc cars and rate them or just do front stay with rc cars. Sometimes these are hot wheels and yeah, so it is rc city, so it’s not just completely hot rc cars. I do want to do some stuff with an rc boat.