I really love how varied this hobby can be, and by this hobby i don’t just mean mini crawlers. I mean the hobby of rc i’ve, never understood why a person would limit themselves to just airplanes, just helicopters, just race, drones and you’ve. Never even tried crawling well mini crawling, i think, is a great way to get into uh the crawling scene, because you can try it at a fraction of the price these things perform. Just like the 10th scale. Vehicles do, but they come in at like a third of the price which is really cool. This is a very nice attention to detail rc vehicle, i even love with the battery loads, which is under the hood. How cool is that it comes with two batteries: a usb charge, cable, the lights actually work. The headlights work there’s even turn signals on this vehicle. It’S four wheel drive completely ready to run we’re here at one of our favorite new little mini crawler spots. This is just a creek bed. You can get so creative with small crawlers and drive them in so many different ways: that’s what we’re going to do in today’s video, if you like this vehicle we’ll, have it linked in the description box below that’s, where you can pick one up for yourself and Help support our channel and our family at no extra cost to you. Let’S drive, oh i’m, so bad at following instructions. What is that heal off yeah? You are bad.

It literally tells you to take that off. Okay, all right, not littering going in my pocket. Actually, we’ll just put it on the radio so check out these headlights, okay, so i’m gon na turn. First of all, we got blinkers. Can’T see it move your hand. Nope blinker, when we drive headlights, are on only while the throttle’s on i’m, not a huge fan of that i do wish it was like uh always on. I wish those were headlights me too, but thank goodness that these exist even have turn signal on the back. As well and brake lights, very cool right, so the lights look good. I like that a lot it’s, a nice scale, little vehicle – i think down here in the rocks – should be pretty awesome and abby wanted me to show you the radio. I will say it does feel a little bit cheap but looks cool. They matched the vehicle perfectly, and so i think they took a page out of the abbey book and decided to uh to match. Matching was more important than like a foam wheel. So definitely more important than a fan wheel. Look at that! That looks really good if you’re gon na drive exactly like we’re driving, now just a nice little stale spot. This is such a good vehicle for this. Can we take it in the water? No as long as we don’t go much above the battery, all the electronics are where the engine would be so i’ll try to keep it just at the wheels Applause there’s a lot of articulation going on a lot of movement on those shocks.

Now they’re, not oil filled they’re just a spring, but when you have such a small vehicle you don’t really need. I mean they actually make oil filled shocks on vehicles like this they’re aftermarket, and that would work fine, but because these are so lightweight you know it looks a little more bouncy, probably this way, but they function. Well. I, like this vehicle, a lot at least the way it looks and it’s driving really well. I think abby’s dying to drive yeah. I was going pretty slow, so there are trims on the radio they’re just a little bit on the basic side of things. I think i just have more of a lead finger than you do, yeah what a cool spot to drive. Look at that if you didn’t know any better. That looks like a real shot doesn’t, it looks so Applause, good, just a peaceful part of the hobby. It kind of reminds me a lot of driving our torpedo boat for boat week. Did you guys watch boat week? I hope so. A lot of people did i like when we have like a theme to our channel for a week. Boat week is always awesome. I saw people asking for the sailboat themed well themed weeks that we’ve had in the past like budget plane week, budget truck week. Well, i i recommended doing budget plane week. Actually, oh first roll the tires are nice and soft. Really. I think this might be the first non axial non panda hobbies, mini crawler we’ve ever had that’s, not correct.

No uh yeah we’ve had wpl yeah you’re right well, it’s, definitely the first of its brand. I know that it seems to be holding up really well to me when you’re driving a little baby crawler. This is about what you want. You want to look good perform well make people smile, no that’s, two one more and it’s mine. Well, i actually went off road with you that’s true, so do you get a bonus? One? No, the rule is three. You know that if i just drove it, no, no, no, no, no it’s, not a boat. We just did boat week, yeah you’d lose it do not do that feeling a little reckless today living on the edge you really are. If it rolls we’re all done. No, oh there you go. Oh, that is three that’s that’s. When we passed the controls, mine, mine. No swimming no mine, i was expecting when i saw this radio. I really thought it would be all or nothing steering and throttle because it just looks a little cheap right but proportional when steering it’s very nice and throttle you can go nice and slow. If you want very nice and again it comes with two batteries, i love the location of the battery. All of the little details on here like the side mirrors and snorkel everything it all comes in installed and a lot of times these little crawlers. When we get them the detail, work has not been installed, so i like that too.

Really you know if i have to sit here and point out something i do not like it would be the quality of the radio, but the appearance of it is nice for ready to run at this price. I really can’t complain too much. The vehicle itself is extremely advanced, with those lights on and off and the turn signals i like it, a lot and uh lights on the back too. I i’m not sure how i feel well, i think exactly the way you do abby about a light bar on top, if you’re going to put a light bar on a vehicle and the vehicle has lights yeah. Why didn’t? You did you forget, like that’s, how i feel that’s what it looks like it just makes it look like you, forgot, or ran out of money, something now i’m being. You know extremely picky when i say that type of thing. I really like the way. This looks. It’S different with the graphics, it looks more custom with those mountain, graphics, it’s, pretty cool. I like it and it’s ready to run and it’s doing a pretty good job. I mean i rolled it, but granted you know you were going off roading yeah. I could have tried, probably a little bit harder to not roll it. Well guys this brings fun and peace to us. We really like this kind of thing abby and i just take a minute and stop what the world is throwing at us and we throw a little crawling at the world and we’re really grateful to have these opportunities to just get out and drive and have a Minute to just enjoy the day, you know, rc really helps, helps remind us to do that.

We uh we can. We can all say you know i should go for a walk, but when you have an rc and you think i got to charge my batteries and get out and drive it kind of gives you a purpose a little bit of an extra purpose. It’S good to have hobbies and what a good hobby we have it’s it’s an easy one to share it’s an easy one to to help each other out with and and for eight years on, youtube that’s. What we’ve been doing is just helping people and you guys been helping us too, and i want to be very transparent here. We could not have done our channel without every single person watching chiming in giving honest feedback for our channel and for the vehicles it just is a very two way street. So for that we thank you, and we also want to thank the big guy upstairs for just giving us today a beautiful day and allowing us to get out here and drive this rc today. On that note, uh the manufacturer of this rc, we don’t love the number sequence on the back abby wanted me to maybe address that and there’s some truth to it. Granted there’s a dash, but still you know you could have picked some different numbers in there. So yeah whatever and um. If that means something to you, i guess we should say it’s that’s there so know that i thought i should.

I thought we should say something about it. I don’t like that, and you know, because we’re able to be transparent, opinionated, good and bad. Let you guys know everything that we personally like and dislike about vehicles. We thank our patreon supporters, because companies reach out to us, they say hey. Will you do these things and only say good things about them and you’ll say no? No, we will not, and there are probably way more channels out there that do that than do not not saying there are channels that don’t, just you know, look out for those channels and uh. We don’t have certain brands on our channel for a reason or if you’ve seen them, and now you don’t see them some reason, usually a pretty like moral line that they’ve crossed, and there is a patron i’ll, give you a quick little out. He doesn’t want a shout out: a patreon bought a specific uh bomber airplane for our channel and when we feature that we’ll probably talk about that a little bit so something to look forward to so, if you’re not subscribed – and you want to learn more about some Of the interesting things, we’ll say that happened in the hobby then hit subscribe, hit. The notification bell. You don’t want to miss that one that’s, probably coming up within a few weeks or so we’ll have this vehicle linked in the description box below and we’ll have another one of our favorite little crawling videos, probably here in this spot, popping up right about now.