It say on the box ready to run four wheel: drive 2.4 qualified shocks: okay, bull, bearings, 4e, 8, kmh plus i don’t know about that. Classic gears what’s classic gears mean but yeah anyway guys. This is the car made by eachine yeah. I just done a review on that speed, video coming up on that next there and then we got the this one here. I can’t remember what it’s called the one for i don’t know guys. Links will be in the description for all these cars here then we’ve got these drift cars here, we’re going to be trying out guys here, but stay tuned for that that’s all for our next video guys, yeah boom here’s the one two four zero. One then just put some road doors on it, change the rear wing, but we have a surprise boom. What are you saying about that guys? So we’ve got brushless motor in there. We’Ve got we’ve got a madness in there, guys yeah brushes esc setup. This is for another video comment down below. Tell me what you think, it’s going to do still running two cells still running stock gear and everything staring steering’s working, wow that’s, not even caught guys so boom. This is the car we’re here for the e shane, shane or eachine. Don’T know how to pronounce it. How i know about eachine is through drones, but the eachine e811 what’s that the 811 speed racing got a nice little body on it got some headlights up front proportional steering, so it runs the brushed motor, i think that’s a 380 or ‘0 size.

It runs on. Look you got your battery covers there. It runs on two of these batteries, guys anyone recognize these batteries. I got them in my doorbell 1500 mah. You plug your batteries in there. This is the charger that comes with it. You plug your batteries in there just like that. Take the usb plug in the plug switch the switch on there. You go once they go green they’re charged i’ve charged these already. So i don’t know why it’s red, but yeah that’s the charger that’s, the controller that comes with it so once it’s all charged guys, you just get your batteries close that side get your cover snap! Something like that. Pushing like that! Oh look! You got lights, guys! Look proportional steering what did they say on the box 48 km in your dreams? Boom i’m gon na test this out: Music Applause, um, full speed, all right, cool, we’re, gon na go and check this out outside let’s, go to the skatepark whoa Music, guys so we’re out here e811. They eat this thing’s, not even fast from a liquor. Let’S do something to produce yeah. You can actually oh, how am i getting up here in this web guys? They seemed no. I cleared it. Foreign Music watch it. Oh that wasn’t. My thing is it that was my team. Oh, that was cold in it. Let me try that one again let’s try this guys, yeah, oh Music, uh. We need to flip this thing.

Let’S! Try! Oh bomba! Yes, one flip it’s coming it’s coming it’s! Coming! Oh and landed.