Their speed claims well be testing that out, but first lets see what comes inside. The box in the box comes the instruction manual which you should read: a lithium ion battery and charger, a small screwdriver, your radio and, of course, the exciting superpower rc for a quick size comparison here. It is next to the wltoys one, two, four zero one, nine and next to the one: zero four: zero zero one, a mini z, a db pro the x max. Now, looking at the exterior, the body is attached by two body clips, one on the front and one on the rear. It also has a wing thats attached by two body clips the wheels are glued to the rim and there are no inserts and the suspension feels quite springy and the shocks are not oil filled. The chassis is plastic and saying that most of the car is plastic. Anyway, lets take a look under the body just like msu. The car is basically all plastic. You got a plastic upper chassis, brace plastic drive, shafts, axles, plastic, gearing throughout plastic front and rear shock tower everythings plastic. You got a metal motor there, its a 380 size brush mode and connected to that you have a two in one esc, receiver, combo and then connected to that you have a micro, sized five wire servo. This car does have front and rear differentials that probably have nothing inside them and uh. Well, you know just because the plastic cart doesnt necessarily mean its a bad thing.

It means the car is very light and because its not the fastest thing in the world, its 30ks, if it does have any knocks or crashes, hopefully, the plastic will be able to withstand that and were going to find that out very soon. Well. Take this out for his first run, but if you want to know where you can pick up this or want to read up more information on this little buggy its going to be linked down in the description down below, for you guys anyway, lets take this out. For his first run and see how well it performs here, we are on location at templeton domain, with the w toys one, eight five, three four yeah thats the one and amber already lost a body clap so weve just got this battery velcro in there. It should be okay for todays video, remote on first slug, the battery out and turn the car on Music. Oh, look! How amazing that server was get those rates up. Yeah were good were good to go. I was just turning this up and then knob has come its come off: oh no, its going its going to be infinite, infinite, throttle rate, which means infinite speed. The first time weve had this radio like have a button: faulty theyre, normally pretty you know, theyve got about a million. A few weve got a million my expectations arent very high for this sweet little car. What do you reckon the speed is going to be 22.

? If its below 20 ill be disappointed and it should reach the speed, it says on the box theres a little bit of a leg, theres a little bit of lag. Oh there, we go full speed. Are you getting that? Did you get? It might have been too fast. I dont ill. Do it again, oh theres, a car. Can i outrun it? Probably not oh youre. Alright, full speed right lets, see what weve got stop read: 23 kilometers an hour there. We go at least its not less than 20, but it should be 30, maybe for a little bit of a tailwind, maybe on the smoother brown we might get 25.. Why do we get 26 for lucky, but not 30, plus, as claimed oh yeah? Well, now, at the hood and thats, because the other place is getting full of people lets see how this thing goes on the grass bark and then finally, how well it jumps look at it. Go oh and its on the grass im actually surprised its going on the ground too, boosting its boosting. Oh no lets, try it on the dirt and guys im pretty much full throttle this whole time all right. If youre wondering that guys are on the back. Maybe i cant believe its actually doing well on the back. Well, you know doing well or just doing it. It can be hard to get excited over things like this when youve just been driving, ame mojave check, studio, texas max you know what im saying, but of course these are a tiny fraction of the price.

So will it still bring you enjoyment? I think we can uh say it worked all right on there now were going to see how well it jumps, how durable is ambers going to do all the jumping. Oh, that was cute. I dont know if thats a good thing jump being cute. How do you find its controlling, amber um? I feel like theres a little bit of lag all in all for the price. I suppose its good well lets survive the bowl, its survived Music, oh yeah, Music back into the bowl, see guys. What i was saying is that the car is very light and its pretty slow, so you know: youre not gon na, probably its not gon na have the potential to break itself really, which means its good for kids final jump. This is probably the biggest jump. Music theres the biggest jump, guys theres, one theres two are the double jump and the battery is starting a bit low. There thats what you get thats all youre gon na get. You can probably tell from the video this isnt really for us were probably not gon na ever drive it again – maybe maybe maybe not us, but our daughters, maybe and thats. What i think this car is for, i think its for someone yeah, four or five, maybe even six years old, and they want a toy car for their birthday or for their christmas. This could be a perfect week, car for them coming in under 70 dollars.

Use that discount code by the way, i think, bring it down to about 60 bucks yeah its all right. But if youre someone like us, youre an adult youre, a hobbyist youre into cars, youre into modifying cars, then this is not the car for you, because, because the whole things plastic, like all the gears are plastic drive. Shafts are plastic shocks of plastic. If you start putting more power in this thing, youre just going to break it and its going to be more of a headache for you, youre, better off just getting something a little bit more pricey, maybe like the wltoys one, zero, four, zero, zero one or the One four: four: whatever it is, or maybe even a traxxas or an armor. You know something like that. If youve got the money for it, but uh yeah for kids, a little toy car yeah, this is the one i think its like, because its kind of cheap, so you dont, have to worry about your kid breaking it yeah and if and if it does break, They do have spare parts for it, but its not something that id want to invest a whole bunch of money in so, as always, guys were going to have this link in the description down below if youre, interested and well have a few other options there. That are maybe 100 120 that are going to be better than this and its more potential as well. But more speed so well leave a few options in the description down below and if you dont want to miss one another cheap rc coming up very soon, and probably our next video.

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