Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to rc vlog guys. Today we are going to do something that i should have done a long time ago, but we are going to compare those new hex mods by hexbug, with the kyosho mini z. So basically the kyosho mini z. Is the hobby grade expensive version or you can do it the other way around of the hex mod? So let me show you both the cars ethans actually wrenching, because today were going to compare them, were going to do, drag races and then were going to do an actual road race and then were just going to look at it and compare them. So lets. Take a look all right guys, so my dogs are fighting over there, but we are not fighting but playing well. We have a mini road course set up, and then we have the drag strip set up so theres the start and theres the end and thats charlie and summer and theyre arguing with each other. But yeah were gon na run both these things um and were gon na see, which ones faster, but first lets compare them side by side all right, so ethan is prepping his car right now, so we open these hex mods up. Basically, i wanted to see what it was like for the kids to just bust this thing open, because these are called hex, mods and essentially theyre little mini racers that you can race on in the house.

Theyre theyre awesome. They look just like kyosho mini zs theres, a kyosho mini z right there, but you can get these at your regular big box store, and these are way cheaper than mini z. This yellow one, i believe, is between 50 and 60 online and theyre the prices range. So im just gon na throw a range out there, and then these uh, the red one, came with a whole bunch of hop up parts like a whole bunch, more hop up parts and a little mini track, which is what you just saw and those are between 80 and 90 dollars. So what i love absolutely love about these as ethan is wrenching away over there is. It makes the kids guess so essentially, when ethan started playing with these things, he was like hey. What does this do now? Hes playing with these, these uh steering acronyms hes hes, trying all different things and hes like putting on new tires hes like hey dad. What does this do now? Hes changing gearing hes trying to get a high speed gearing because he wants to set one of these up for a drag race. But not only does it make him guess and let them be able to try new things but its its relatively easy to to fix and put these parts on. So the reason why i say relatively easy because compared to the mini z, which this is a kyosho mini z, the kyosho mini z, is about 175 175 179, that is the hobby grade type mini car.

Like version of this so thats what we race and youve seen several videos ill put links in the eye, above about some of the races that weve been to with the kyosho mini but theyre, expensive um. These are more than half the price and they come with all the mods, so all right so heres a comparison of them side by side. This is the hex mod. This is the mini z. They look like dimension wise. They look pretty similar and even the way. The bodies come on and off how the bodies are held on super similar. This 179 bucks this on average 60 bucks. So the the noticeable features here are this one runs off of aaa batteries. This one has its own internal rechargeable battery pack. So basically, you hook it up with a how to hope, im not lying, but i think its a micro, usb and basically charges up the cool thing about these is theres. Oh look like these right here are lights like im, gon na turn. This thing on see theres its got its got ground lights, ground effect lights. I mean thats, pretty freaking cool. Let me turn this off, but its got not just performance mods, but also cosmetic mods, so heres the body for the hex mod. You can change the front bumpers and wings, and things like that and ethan has already done all that hes already put stickers on it. Hes now putting new gears in his car, i mean its its pretty freaking customizable.

So without further ado lets put these things on track and see how they do all right. Ethans, not quite ready yet were going to go through some of the hop ups it came with. It came with extra springs. Different wheels tires. It came with a whole bunch of sets of tires, so this yellow one came with like less hop ups like less options, tuning options. However, it still had a lot and then this red one came with a more tuning options. It also came with a track, so just so you know this. The kyosho mini z, doesnt come with anything, you got, ta buy it all separately, so i mean yeah. You can truly have like a hobby grade model experience with just one purchase, thats half the price of this thing, but again we dont know how it performs. I drove them a little bit in the rv ill. Show you a clip here and im. Not gon na lie. I was impressed im im thinking that were gon na, be surprised on the speed with these two things: quick, remote comparison, kyosho, remote, hex, mods, remote, obviously its a lot smaller, but it has all the features that you really need on it. It does have a way to trim your steering out its got some really intuitive directions there. On top look theres a high speed and a low speed too um this one. You have to program not really program, but you have to do a little trick.

To put it in beginner mode, but yeah definitely a difference in radios. This is more. This you can tell this is definitely more hobby grade, but i mean if this one gets the job done. Who cares right? All right guys were doing our formation lap, heres, the mini z, um ethans testing, out which one he feels is faster. I mean im gon na lose traction for sure, oh see as you can see, it theres not like a noticeable difference in speed, theres a noticeable difference in silence. This is definitely quieter and this is a stock mini. This is the one that i raced in box stock. You then just took out the uh. Oh man, all right ethan is that your festival go test out your yellow one. All right were about to run these things. Ethan made a last minute. Tire change were gon na. Let him do one pass real, quick to make sure he likes it. You happy with that. All right now lets line them up all right on your mark. Get set, go! Oh, i just busted the body off. Oh, no, that was totally driver error were gon na, have to do this again, drag race number two. I ran into wall of time on your mark. Get set, go god. I cant keep it straight. That is all driver by the way. All right, i got ta feather it a little more all right back up why you got ta get up.

What are you gon na get a head start on your mark? Get set go! Oh my god! I got ta clean my tires. All right. I cleaned my tires off. I picked up this my floor. I wont say its dirty, but it picks up a lot of dust, so i have to clean it off all right on your mark. Get set, go, oh see. I dusted them that time all right. This is the second run on these clean tires, so on your mark get set, go, oh, he totally jumped he red lighted and i caught them all right. Its two and two. This is it for the win. Hex mod versus mini z, do not red light. If you read light im, taking a win on your mark, get set, go its totally red lighted again run it back. All right were a little bit wider apart this time, but we dont crash into each other. My tires are probably dirty its gon na be close on your mark. Get set, go, oh my god, im barely, i barely got him. I had to feather that one because i was losing like losing traction and once you lose traction with this thing, you lose the whole thing, but after i got traction, i gave it some throttle and i did get them so this actually is a perfect example of A hobby grade car versus a walmart car like that, i dont think you get those at walmart.

Actually, i think in my target, but the hex mod you just put tires on it, drive it and it goes straight down every time and hes and ethans still having fun with it. The mini z, its like i got to clean my tires. I got to get this right. I got to get that right in order for it to go, but once all thats done it performs really well, but the question is: who is it for? Is it for someone that wants it for a hobby or the first? Some people who just want to have fun within the house, i think thats, the real question. What you have to ask yourself before you decide to pick one of these up all right. Now that the drag racing portion of this vlog is concluded, we are going to go on the honor course. This is pretty small honor course, but this is inside the house and thats kind of what its designed for i did not clean. My tires were going with non clean tires were going to do three laps um, you got ta, go through that little chicane part, not really a chicane, but this little gap here and then the the thing that is kind of rough on these is: whenever you get Caught up see where ethan is where you got caught up on the the piping or the rail, you really really cant get off it. You can basically just stuck on there.

So actually now the fact that i just said something about my steering rate. That is one thing that you dont get with the hex mods. You dont have the option to change your steering rate. If you dont know what steering rate is thats where, basically, it turns sharper when you turn that steering rate up all right, i dont want to get my tires dirty because hes gon na dust me, if i get my tires dirty, were gon na. Do three laps around the track? Ethan wants to change his tires, hes running his yellow one youre, not changing your tires. Please please dont! He changed his car right before the drag race like were lined up ready to go. Okay, light up ethan on your mark, get set, go Music, oh no! I freaking messed up! That was another driver. Here you get my car, you won the first one all right. I got ta drive better guys, but im like really having to feather this thing, because i dont wan na i dont wan na lose control. Okay, now that we got a road obstacle here were gon na go for it anyways on your mark charlie. Can you move? Please thank you. Girl on your mark. Get set, go no! Oh! I got this one. I got this one were moving the removing the pizza boxes. That was an idea that we had, but then we realized were going to hit that pizza boxes, pizza, yeah, cereal boxes.

I know for real um. We knew we were going to see your box as soon as we got close up, so we moved them out all right. Here we go race, three, its one to one on your mark. Get set, go hey! You just stepped on my car. Go ahead, get yours! He tried to take me out on that one. Oh im stuck, i dont know who that race goes to. We waited were gon na call that one to draw since i was gon na leave him behind. I waited for him and then uh yeah. It didnt go as well. Okay, so were gon na go again on your mark, get set, go im, trying to let him go first. Oh the inside pass the inside overtake. Oh my god seriously. Oh, i want that. One easy one more reason: all right, gon na do another one, because its fun on your mark get set, go. Oh, he straight up lost control on that one all right to get the driver element out were switching here. Im im racing the uh, the hex mod im gon na do a couple of practice: laps here, oh my gosh, its so different. All right lets run them anyways. Can you get me off the rail ethan all right, heres, the race, ethan driving the mini z me driving the hex mod on your mark. Get set, go Music! Oh, i lost control ether youre, not even going through the course, though youre cutting the track uh.

I think this is pretty conclusive guys that the mini z is a lot better driving around the track like even this, even though its a little more underpowered than the mini z, it will definitely lose control. None of the tires were prepped on any of these, but yup thats. It guys the mini zs its better for racing i mean which we knew that, ah so in conclusion, guys theres a market for both these cars. If you want to go more down the hobby road and have rc as an actual hobby, definitely go with the kyosho mini z, theres more of a community for it. If youre wanting to just have fun. Definitely those hex mods are freaking awesome. For me, i have actually a market for both of those in my house because i, like my boys, to be able to play with rc, but i also dont like them, losing my tools and messing with all my really expensive hobby grade stuff. So its perfect. I let my boys run these things. Ethan is taking him apart. I dont have to worry about it and hes doing hes doing a great job with it and hes learning a lot so overall, its a win win. Well, i hope you liked this video guys.