My son and i and then i brought in four other models because there's been so many people that say rc sparks. Could you please cover some more cost effective radio control, hobby vehicles? And i thought you know what with christmas coming up, and you know a lot of people asking me all the time. What should i get my my son, my brother, people that are just getting introduced to the hobby, especially the crawling area of the hobby. Is there anything you'd suggest that i can get that would be under 200 u.s, and so incredibly, each one of these vehicles right here, even though they're all four wheel drive, they have beautiful features to them, they're all 2.4 gigahertz. They all run on a lipo battery, which means it's got plenty of power. All of them are under a hundred and fifty dollars, in fact, during a sale, if you can find it which i'll leave some links in the video description box down below you can find these for around 119 depends anywhere in that range. Now, look two uh we'll. Take this beautiful c10! Look at this! All the suspension. Nice large tires you'll, see it's a little bit bubbly on the top. I think that's with most of them, because they're just getting you started on a ready to run model or or rtr, as some folks may know, it watch this no back body posts. I love that it just works on a hinge system.

Here is the battery that it comes with i'll just take this out of the strap look at this fella, a 2s 7.4 with a c rating of 3 for the charging that's amazing 30c uh burst rating this. These aren't like super fast, but they definitely have some grunt to them. Power. Look at the tires guys for a stock truck that's. Only a one inch diameter wheel, that's a great looking tire and wheel combo. There is the ae6, the receiver and esc, which is the electronic speed control. You can see all the plugs are there on the side, break the led uh for the headlights and, of course, do we have ones in the rear. I don't think so. I think it's just in the front yes right up here in these two right here. These are actually not lights, they're just decals, but there is a spot where i'm sure you could get them in there. Look at this, the 1967 chevrolet c10. I love it straight from horizon hobby a brushed motor on the inside. These things can get fairly hot. If you're running outside you don't want to get your thumb on. There you'll be cooling it off in some cold water right away and then of course, the servo on the front for steering and the servo saver now you'll note that these shocks are non adjustable, but there are plenty of upgrades for these vehicles out there right now. You don't even need an upgrade out of the box.

These things are exceptionally capable. I love the drive shafts i've already been online. Looking for all the uh upgrades that you can get the aluminum axle housings, the back differential covers all the stuff made out of brass. You know and the more weight you put on the bottom of these vehicles, the better that they'll crawl, but remember you're, working that motor extra hard. Now what about this truck right beside, maybe you're, someone who likes these top lights look at this over here! This is the only one that i know that came with any accessories, but you can put the roll bar right back here. You can screw it in with the screws that it came with and, of course, the awesome lights that you can have pod lights on top. If that's the kind of style you're looking after, if you're, not a chrome person, maybe you just want the old square body. Are you guys even square body fans? Let me know in the video comment section right now or smash the like button, and let me know if you're a ford fan uh. Let me know i don't care, i love all brands they all perform equally for me, especially in the radio control hobby world. Look at this, the jeep, the deadbolt let's, have a look at the cage on this eh isn't that incredible how we had a full size deadbolt at one time and then now we've got miniature ones that we can drive throughout the home.

You know if you're at your work at your desk, and you want to have like lunch, you're finding yourself driving over the keyboard, everything these things have huge tires on them and they're nice and soft. Look at that amount of flex so for under uh 200 bucks under 150. Really, these are some really good options. I like seeing the driver right, like i think, it's cool looks a little bit yellow but i would say it's more of an army green or a p green on there. Maybe it's, not the olive drab, but i like the helmet. You could almost since it's white color at anything that you wanted and, of course, my son morris and i have been rocking these jeeps since geez almost a year. Now we love these things. We always build up lego, like cities or whatever, and we go through the obstacles. It'S been lots of fun, but i say enough talking let's fire, one of these up and drive over the rest of them. What a great looking truck i wish we could get rid of these body posts, or these body pins at least, but i'll. Tell you what it sure is nice to have body pins on there that have these small pull tabs to make it easier for you to remove them or to put them in. Can i do this one handed driving? Yes, i can here we go. Oh man, you can see why this would be extra fun for introducing someone to rc or even if you're, going on a trip somewhere and you don't have a lot of room.

You can take a little truck like this and it's really not a whole lot of bother. Oh yeah, that four link suspension doing its job here's a little issue. Are we going to be able to get over it fail round? Two? This time i am using both hands for the controller. I can see the other side. Aha, so the rear is wanting to slip out. Look at that. So if we back out and reposition round two going to make sure that back tire doesn't slide out this time. Oh, it wants to slide out. Oh yeah monster crawling monster truck, but can i get it over the bar? Oh that's, a hang up point plus the the other c10 is slippery. Look at the jam. It has it's got tons of power. Oh yes, oh oh yeah! I got spit out still awesome now. Here is the controller. If you're wondering about your kid, if it's going to be big enough or too big, i find that my my kid that's about six years old right now, even at five years old, he was able to grab this and use it fairly easily up top it's, very Straightforward controls, it's just on and off the bind button. They'Ll never use make sure your your channel three is in the zero position. Your dual rate steering can be right in the middle and, of course, your low medium and high switch. You go ahead and check off whatever you want to do.

You can toggle it back and forth and then, of course you have your reverses for steering and throttle so very straightforward. You can always just close that down the kids can't even figure out how to get into it until they figure out how to use a flip latch. So a lot of people will be like. Oh dumb are kids, but they are kids, so that's. Why it's made that way, so easy let's go ahead and fire it up? I got all four double a batteries in the bottom and actually here's a tip as well. If you're going to have multiple radios make sure to label each one of your radios so that you don't find yourself getting frustrated trying to set it up for your kid or yourself later, on okay, other side, let's see this looks a little easier. Oh that's, a nice steep climb and then onto the roof, crinkle crinkle crunch nice, i'm gon na do it. Unless i fall off the edge yeah, i freaking knew you could do it a little bit of body. Rub not a big deal dude. That was awesome. They all look so good together guys. Let me know in the comment section which one of these would you like me to use in my next micro rc adventure i'm, going to spend some time like i said this winter. Looking at these, i think they're a great option for people that are just looking to get into the hobby.

The technology has come a long way and you know for a stocking stuffer for a birthday idea, uh whatever it might be, just heck, even for you. If you need to burn off some extra stress and and just let your imagination go free make sure to uh, you know get it from a trusted source. So i've just posted a video recently seeing a lot of scams on facebook and instagram and all that keep your eye out. Guys. I'Ll leave a link in the video description box down below where you can get some of these uh straight from the distributor and we'll see you in the next episode of rc adventures, thanks for tuning in guys until next time shall we do one last one? Oh, i love it.