My name is riley, and this is jstu and we’re gon na make a lego, rc car challenge, video, so we’re gon na do a budget challenge with this blinko board down here, they’re gon na draw or drop the ball into it to see who gets to build The expensive car and who gets to build the weenie car that just goes really really slow Music Applause who wants to drop the ball me? Okay, here you go buzz here. We go hoping for hoping for a big hole, filled the low baller car bounced over to the low baller section. Oh man, i’m in this video, too yeah that’s, hyper and we’re, going to start building so i’m going to stick over here. I want to introduce you guys to our new set over here, so here we have brick science set b. These guys are going to be building this little car right here and we’re gon na set a timer for one hour to build these cars. You guys ready ready. Okay, let’s go okay, so we’re gon na make this super cool by having a thing i’m gon na grab plates, because that’s important they’re, like talking over there just like doesn’t, make any sense. This is a crossbow. How are you gon na wait? A minute wait, a minute wait, a minute what, if we flip it around, so anything that comes in it boings off. One of you guys needs to work on the back.

Okay and the other person needs to work on the whole interior middle section, weird flex, they’re. All over there like teaming up and doing teamwork and stuff whatever these are called wedge plates and they’re wedges. So what we want to do is we want to find a way to attach them guys wedge plates is a must wedge plates ledge plates. I don’t know what that is well here you tell me what a wedge plate is. I’Ll go find some Music Music you’re blocking the camera Music. Oh no, brick separator all right guys. What we’re doing is clear! These go on like this we’re almost there soon. This will be able to close and create a shell, so this is the main part of our shell here kind of looks like a turtle, so what we’re doing is creating this so can open it up if you want, but then it closes down in now all We got ta do is make this more secure, so i don’t flop off right right away, see i have a really good advantage, because i know all the good pieces, but they don’t know where that is my new job is to find cool things all right guys. My new job that i’ve dubbed my for myself is to find cool items to put on the car and also maybe distract riley at the same time. Here we what go? What is this rocket boosters? I really don’t know about no way guys.

We have our own robot to man to demand. Please it break he’s missing an arm. Yes robot man and boosters ooh boosters. Yes, we got ta work on the back, should we have him inside the shell? Yes, absolutely look at that suspension. Look at that suspension just rubbing it in our face guys, but i didn’t touch it i’m, not saying you did, but this was supposed to be more secure. Okay, guys, it’s, really coming along. Look at this here’s. What we got! We got this beautiful front part like it’s, just looking really nice really, it looks like he could track you down and like i’m gon na use some more of these things here uh. So we want to attach like more bulky stuff right here. Okay, so we’re going to attach this put it underneath just like that now we want to add more over the top of that, because we really just want this to destroy their stuff. So now, obviously we need to hold this up. Put some pieces right here. It’S coming along it’s, looking like the batman tumbler guys, we found an engine piece. I bet they don’t have a cool engine, we’re gon na. Stick it on the back, make it look: swag, oh, sweet, a cool engine piece, no build your own cool engine piece; Music! No build your own cool engine piece, pretty sure that’s a pre used part but i’m, just gon na throw it in anyway pre built, i mean we’re using pre use.

I mean no we’re, not wow, okay here’s. What i’m thinking guys? We may not be able to out speed him, but we cannot thank him, so maybe not, but what i’m thinking is what, if there are some things that can get tangled up in his wheels, something that once he gets attached, he can’t untouch. How do we get that on it from our vehicle here’s? What i’m thinking? What about this? What about i mean this trailing behind, so it gets caught up in his wheels or we’ll talk later. Okay, look at that guys. This is looking beautiful, that’s, just beautiful that’s. Just gorgeous Music, you know this thing is in the way that you couldn’t see the whole time. I hate it when that happens thanks friend how much time do we have? We have 22 minutes we’re going to be done. Early aesthetics, it’s, all about us aesthetics. Let’S! Do a test all right, let’s see how well this thing is working, let’s, scare them so we’re going to use the controls backwards because i built it backwards, but look at how cool this is those guys don’t have a chance. Do you think that’s going to withstand us? You don’t know what defense is like yeah right, oh yeah, yeah, right Applause, Music, guys! It is time for today’s super special shout out today. Super special shout out is infinite lego. Thank you! Infinite, lego for being a subscriber. Maybe i mean if you haven’t, subscribed yet hit the subscribe button and the bell icon, because you don’t want to miss any super rad content like this and hyper agrees.

Huh super super special shout out infinite lego. I just need you to shout out them. Oh yeah, these no no it’s, not sponsored infinite, lego, infinite! Lego! You are the best. He thinks you’re awesome by the way. We’Ve upgraded, gollum, he’s learned to control fire. It’S, crazy and he’s got a rocket launcher off his back. We are battle, ready, wait. Why are you standing there? He’S got the remote because i’m gon na say this we’re not battle ready, yet gollum release the hatch you’re driving. Do you want me to drive yep, okay, okay, i’m driving? Oh yeah that’s as fast as it goes, what we didn’t test! It we made it it’s, so heavy we’re, stripped we’ve tested this in our minds. Okay, maybe we need to strip some weight off bro we got ta, get it side, shield side shields off. We don’t need any of the side shields no side shields. Oh we’re way better now all right, we’re getting closer. Okay, guys we’re, going to test out these cars i’m honestly pretty confident in mine, but they’ve done a great job. They they had to you know, take a little weight off of it because it was the budget car low baller, not as powerful yeah but um we’re, gon na race. These and then we’re gon na crash them so first round we’re gon na race them so i’m. Gon na put mine right there next to yours, okay and just look at the size comparison, so whichever one hits hyper first that’s that’s going to be the the challenge here.

So whoever hits the end. Whoever hits me back up all right. Three: are you ready yeah? In three two one go: oh he’s, not hitting me come on bud, come on bud he’s missing! Oh yeah! It was a close race, bad very close. Why is it faster going in reverse that’s? It we’re switching it around switch it around switch it around. That dang thing out no switch. The sides have have gollum in the back and and doctor seriously yeah go. It has been switched to completely obliterate the big baller, oh yeah, ready in three two one go. Oh my! Yes, we got it boys, we got him. Oh, he took off the turtle shell, oh my he was just obliterating us monster truck round. Can you go faster, good job, guys guys? That was pretty fun not only because yours got to my mind too, look at this mine flipped over like four seconds after years. Did because you charged us so fast yeah because of the and you knocked off literally almost every piece of our armor yeah let’s. Take a look. Take a look at the damage you guys have more armor than i do but yeah. I thought we did a good job, sealing the armor in, but apparently not well. Thank you so much for watching this video go check out. The collab i did with more jstu on their channel is pretty cool. We made some weapons and go see who won in that video because it was pretty sick.

Thank you, morj stu for joining this is justin. This is andrew, that’s, hyper and he’s in this video too.