If were going to do any better. Weve got some competition. Radio gear youve got a ready. Motor hobby wing. Esc gets really angry Music, Music and paint the body we want to race this tomorrow evening. I dont want to paint it last minute: Music, car ready for racing. The clock is ticking Music actions. Its got these little top hat things here that go in between there, maybe therell be one of these bags, in which case were gon na have to fit it later continue with the build. Let me worry about that later, the clocks ticking. Oh, look in that wasnt. Really looking out for anything blue there we go, got them all fitted Music. Next, we have to fit the radio gear, so here weve got a ko sign up theres metal, cased, metal gears. This looks just like us theres nowhere to servos good when it feels this smooth Music Music. So next we got ta turn it all on. Yes, so radio on no idea how you use it, hey look at that. So now for the last step tires and then we can play Applause, Music, all right, hes, setting up my controller too much that way: yeah yeah, you know what youre doing cut that bit more more yeah thats and then he is running a two wheel drive. Are you gon na win? No, no! Are you gon na win? No first qualified round for mr biddy go on vinnie, so much in the middle.

There look all fourth position check out the speed of this ko servo. Look so im going to try these mobilies here and see what happens? Oh im, not a im, a mechanic marshall, the finishing boarder here, oh second, Music.