Well, i’ve got the trx4, but this is a whole different ball game. So it’ll be interesting to see what i think so stay tuned to find out. Music Applause. Welcome to rc kicks on today’s show we’re going to be playing with a traxxas horse. I had a great fun with the vortex from armor, so i thought this would be a good comparison, that we’ll put this up against the vortex and do a few other videos. So getting this one in now. The reason i got this in as well is the l. L models are starting to do traxxas. So if you don’t know lnl models, they do all kinds of rc, but they seem to specialize mainly in rally bodies and things like that, but since they’re now doing traxxas a massive thanks for them for sponsoring the show anyway. What can i tell you about the traxxas hoss? Well, it is 540 millimeters long. It is 333 millimeters wide and 212 millimeters high one tenth, so you don’t expect traxxas max size, but it’s kind of a middle of the road sort of thing. Now i have the vortex from armor that’s just come out, so i thought this would be a good way to compare something from traxxas against something from armor, and i like the idea of a big monster, truck like this as well. I do like my bashers as well as i like my kits as well as i like my ready to run it’s all open to interpretation of what you like, there’s, no right or wrong.

Hey. Sometimes the relative runs great because you have to worry about the bodies and you just get it out, drive it and have raw rc fun, whereas if you like your kits and you want to spend while painting them up just like, i do that’s great too hey. We have it all on rc kicks so that’s why you should hit the like and subscribe button, because you’ll see all aspects of rc on this channel right, let’s crack it open, take a look and see what you get for all your hard earned money. So we’ll go in this side and we’re looking at a transmitter first pretty standard. If you have a traxxas before they are kind of all the same, really with slightly different versions and different extra buttons. But we’ll have a look at this. I actually have one for my tx4, so we’ll have a look at that as well. Then we take this, and what have we got in here? Instruction manuals and stuff like that and a truck and that’s pretty much it well that’s ready to run for you here. We go get rid of that. Well, it’s orange guys so thin. Some warnings basically saying the low voltage is deactivated. If you’re gon na run lipo, you need to change it, so i must do that. So what do i think yeah it looks? Alright it’s got lots of travel. I do like this whole body clip thing. Oh, i see the actual body fits into these runs and then how do you get that bit back on? Okay, like that? Oh quite like that, not a big fan of body pins, they are a bit of a faff, especially on the big bashes, the vortex pins.

Oh, i don’t like those, so this yeah it’s, pretty good it’s, got a whole exoskeleton inside which is nice. This feels a little bit bit flimsy though, but i, like all this extra structure that you get inside i’m guessing you’ll have to reinforce it a little bit. It shouldn’t be too difficult, now being that they put it into these little runners. That kind of helps stop the body bending too much but it’s quite lightweight. Yes, it’s got runners across the top as well and along the back, nothing over the front. So i guess the front is probably going to take most of the bashing one downside to having all this framework inside. Is you get a lot more bolts and things going on, but it looks. Alright quality looks okay right, let’s, look at the specifications of this buggy. What do you get inside? Well, you get a esc that’s, a vxl3 it’s, a bc of 6 volts. Now i couldn’t figure out how and i couldn’t see any specifications of what amped it was. So if anyone knows comment below now, it pushes a 2 400 kv. 540 xl motor surprise, the motor has got no heat sink and no fan so i’m. Very surprised at that one. So you’re telling me traxxas it doesn’t run hot uh metal prop shaft. All the way through and it’s got a lot of metal gears in it as well, which is nice to see now. A servo is a 207 525 ounce, torque 9kg servo plastic gears on this.

For this kind of money, i’m, a bit surprised we don’t get metal gears, um it’s a 0.17 seconds to 60 degrees, and it runs on six volts sledgehammer tires yeah, they’re, pretty good they’re, quite tough, actually uh. I do like the rims they’re, a bit sort of like got a bit metallicky paint on them and obviously the tyres are glued down. It’S got a very high chassis, there’s lots of space underneath, i guess for lots of jumping and obviously it’s got lots of suspension. Travel to soak up some of those bumps now this truck is nothing new from traxxas. It came out in. I think it was august or september last year, in 2020, so i’m, a bit late to the party on this one. But really i got this in mainly because i wanted to put it up against the vortex. First thing we need to do is get my battery in resold, uh, something else, because this i don’t think is going to work for me. I might be able to make an adapter i’m, not sure otherwise, it’s going now, this doesn’t have any super special sort of battery data feedback to the controller or anything like that, like the armor and so far from the first impressions. The transmitter is not as good as the armor one, so is that one nil to armor? We will see right, let’s get the battery out, see if i can get the up and running, and then we can take it out for a blast because in the uk it’s actually sunny again, even though it’s been raining for like 10 days straight grass looks better, Though, on the bug red track there, you go 35 minutes later.

I have an adapter wouldn’t, it be nice. If there was one standard or just two, not 30.. Anyway, there we go i’ve charged up all my batteries, the the camera’s charged got the transmitter. Everything’S ready to go let’s, go take it for a blast; Music Applause, Applause, Music Applause, whoa Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, 37, not bad. I suppose. Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so so there you go that’s the first run of the hoss from traxxas, yeah bonkers, absolutely bonkers! Now i can’t make any sweeping statements because i’ve only put one battery through it, so it’s too early to say. Yes, i definitively think x, but after one run i can kind of say very different to things like the armor vortex and my hobeyo hyper vs that i’ve got it drives very different, very monster truck like – and i guess, because of its high ground clearance. It pitches and it rolls and it wheelies and it endows, and you can flip it and all kinds of crazy stuff like that, so it does drive very differently, so i think it’s going to be suited more towards someone who is it likes that kind of crazy Sort of flipping crashing sliding along and that kind of stuff, more than someone who wants to drive a rc car with a bit more precision when you go to turn and things like that, it doesn’t turn in anywhere near like the other cars but it’s early days, And i need to mess around with it.

I have put extra collars on the shocks to try and make it a bit stiffer. I will try it without them in its stock form, but they just felt so soft. It might be that that’s part of it, but i don’t know it’s, lovely and fast super punchy um. From that point of view, i need to look through the manual about how to get the self right to work, because i couldn’t get that to work so i’m. Not sure what i’m doing wrong but that’s just me and not bothering to read the manual anyway stay tuned uh hit the like and subscribe button. If you haven’t already and in the next upcoming video, i am putting this host directly against the vortex from armor.