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Programming directions for the Chevy Trailblazer( steps how program a keyless entry distant) beneath

IMPORTANT: Earlier than coming into programming mode, have in possession the entire Chevy Trailblazer distant transmitters you may be utilizing on the car. When you program the transmitter, all earlier codes shall be erased from the reminiscence if not reprogrammed throughout the identical programming process. The opposite transmitters won’t be purposeful till you program the transmitters once more with new distant.

1. Shut all Trailblazer car doorways.

2. Insert the important thing into the ignition.

3. Maintain down the facility UNLOCK button on the motive force’s door panel and -continue to carry down till instructed to launch.

4. Carry out steps 5 by Eight in pretty fast succession.

5. Flip the ignition change to the ON place (so far as you’ll be able to go with out beginning the engine).

6. Flip the ignition change to the OFF place.

7. Flip the ignition change to the ON place.

8. Flip the ignition change to the OFF place.

9. Launch the facility unlock button on the door panel. The car will lock and unlock the doorways robotically to verify distant programing or studying mode.

10. Maintain down the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the distant transmitter concurrently till the door locks and unlocks. This step might take as much as 30 seconds.

11. Repeat the earlier step for every further automobile transmitter (together with any present transmitters).

12. Flip the Trailblazer ignition change to the ON place so as to exit the transmitter programming mode.