One lets not do that. One one tenth scale 112 scale. I dont think wl toys got that right. Did they dont exaggerate the size of stuff? It just ends in disappointment, whats up guys welcome to the channel in todays video. We have got the new wl toys, one zero, four: zero, zero, nine. I think so. New monster truck one tenth scale 550 brush motor. It reckons it does 45 kilometers an hour. It doesnt do 45 kilometers an hour. Lets be honest about it and, if its anything like the one, two something zero, two eight one, two four zero, two a should be pretty decent lets, get out of the box and lets have a closer look. A wheelie bar usb charger, a screwdriver screws for your wheelie bar. I will rent instructions on how to put the wheelie bar on instructions for the truck, which, incidentally, says 112 scale, and the box says one tenth scale. My eyes say 112 scale as well. Well, i dont even know it was 112.. The rival mt10 is quite a small one. Temp scale right. I think thats enough about the size it actually. Overall, it does actually look really nice. Who cares how big it is push it in as deep as you can? Its got oil shocks now the one two four zero, two a i believe, thats, what it is uh this didnt come with oil shock, so ive upgraded mine, but this didnt come with all shocks, so that is an upgrade, and this is a little bit more expensive Than that its also got metal a arms – i dont know if thats going to be a good thing, because it just means that theres a lot more stress on the chassis.

But we shall see sides are pretty good, no foams in there, but not too bad. It does feel good very nice body style, yes, looks just like the max doesnt it thats, where they. That is definitely where theyve got their styling from probably plugged in all stuck around. There lets unplug them headlights, roof bar and realize that is a cool feature. Pretty standard looking under here for wl toys, 550 motor heatsink, two in one esc, 5y survey, yeah five wire servo in there nice oil shocks adjustable spring rates on there and they actually feel like they got decent well. The rears might need a bit of adjustment, but battery compartment is underneath 1500 milliamp hour lithium ion under there a deans, connector or a t plug its also got um. It hasnt got droop screws fitted, but it has got the holes for drip screws. So that means you can, if you want just lower that down a bit and that will be actually handy if anyones thinking of converting these to brushless. If youve seen my recent one of the one, two four put a brushless in and theyre quite happy to pop a wheelie, so putting some droop screws in will actually make it a little bit more stable. Its got bearings all around its got. Cbds on the front dog bones on the rear, adjustable toe overall, not a bad little truck price point i think its around. I want to say a hundred pounds.

Maybe 130 dollars is it i cant remember it might be cheaper. I better check otherwise ill get sold off wont i not a bad guess: 93 pound, which is about 130 dollars. Free shipping and ive got a discount code in the description for you as well. Right lets, get a battery charged and lets. Take this thing out for a rip: no smoking check, no drugs check. No alcohol check. Coffee check right lets see how this goes. Actually one handed at the moment, so i can drink my coffee. Oh the lights, look good! Its got loads of lights, spotlights headlights, roof lights and some colored lights at the rear. Nice touch so the oil shocks instantly. I can tell that theyre going to make a difference. Yes, nice and soft nice soft landing. I really do like them lights. They look good Music and it jumps nice, very nice Music, so its not the fastest of things, but its adequate, no speed run today, but its probably good for about 30 odd kilometers an hour, maybe 20 mile an hour. I think ive seen its not bad. So the only issue i had with the other one, the uh, the one, two four zero, two a was the body mounts at the front, pretty weak. That is only if you land it badly and this thing seems well balanced, Music. I wasnt going to bring it here to the skate park. This is usually like a second video is a skatepark run, but they seem to be uh, not cutting the grass as much around here i mean its good timing, because theyre actually cutting the grass at the moment, but just generally around where i live all the place.

I usually go. The grass is just too long and these little things dont like long grass, that much right lets get two hands on the wheel: a bit more control nice, so im impressed so far because i said whoa, what did i say: more control two hands on the wheel. I should carry on driving one handed anyway. What was i saying, yeah impressed so far its a decent little truck Music theres, a lot of stuff in this price range, so its hard to kind of judge whether this is worth it. I think it is actually just look at them lights. Coming towards me. I, like the style of it, it does drive. Very nice needs a bit more speed, but talking of speed, if youve got kids, oh thats, the steering trim, you know you can turn the throttle down. Let me turn it down. So look thats full throttle now. So if you have got kids tweak the throttle as they get used to it and then you go full when theyre ready, Music wow, nothing more to say i like it. I do like it. Oh my real light. Oh hang on just a loose connection. I think. Oh just a loose connection now obviously knocked it knocked it with the jumps link in the description for this with a discount code. Its impressed me Music is Music. The reason why my soul is Music. The reason why my soul is Music is Applause.