So let me tell you about the citroen: it has an eight horsepower motor front wheel, drive single speed, gearbox. It weighs in at just under 500 kilograms costs about five and a half thousand pounds its got a range of 45 miles, its all right in it. Now. Im gon na race against that scooter, which is a pure, i cant, remember the name of it. What is it again, pure electric pro its a pure electric pro lr and lr, stands for long range, because it can do 40 miles on a charge. It actually uses a 700 watt motor, which is about one horsepower, weighs in at 17 and a half kilos thats a bit heavier with the garnet, though it was quite light to tell you the truth, maybe about 65 kilos anyway, that thing its gon na cost about 750 pounds lets drag race now before we do. Please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way. You wont miss a single upload, also, if youd like to find out more about that scooter ill, put a link in the description below all right lets. Do this buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site now this will be the point of the race where we do the obligatory car Wow sound check, so electric vehicles no noise, but i do have a horn.

This is my horn, scooter boy, oh hes got a bell. Lets have another listen which do you think sounds the best. Let us know in the comments anyway enough. Nonsense lets race. Oh god, he didnt, like hes, got ahead of me, but hey come on. I think im going to beat him to the eighth of a mile. I topped out. Is he coming nah ive got this Music heres, the eighth of a mile coming up Music. I think i drag raced the rematinovera over a quarter mile in about a fraction of the time it took this to do the eighth of a mile anyway. Here comes the quarter mile. Now is this going to be the slightest quarterback ive ever done were going to find out five hours later, wait that was it exciting? Oh here it is now hey dude. What happens here it kept out 15.. I reckon i can go faster on some other electric vehicle. All right now, ive jumped out of the citron ami and im on a go cycle, g4i its an electric bicycle. It gives me some assistance from a front mounted electric motor when im pedaling, that motor has up to 500 watts so its about three quarters of a horsepower. The weight of this thing comes in at 16.5 kilos and the starting price for the g4 range 3400 pounds. Its a folder bike as well, you can actually fit this in the ami Music lets have a race.

I need to pedal quick and get the assistance from the motor see. If i can beat the emmy three two one come on. Can i beat you to the eighth of a mile come on hes coming come on just beat me come on come on chris hi china, my chris hi im a size, my hand strings. I mean this is giving me a boost Music. Oh god, id have hated to have done that without assistance. I cant talk im too exhausted. I reckon i could put in no effort and go probably just maybe one mile an hour slower, but without getting out of breath losing more dignity. So then what exactly happened? While the citroen won it completed the standing quarter mile in 35 seconds or the go cycle took 37 seconds in case youre wondering the electric scooter needed a whole minute to do. The quarter mile as its top speed, is limited to 15 miles an hour and theres. No way to pedal it quicker, like you can, with the e bike, all right, oh that was exhausting now, then were going to race, two other electric cars to make it fair. Only these are small theyre radio control cars, weve got a tamiya mark ii escort and something that one of my colleagues built themselves out of bits and pieces. So we can need them to drive the cars they have to come in here with me. Nick come on get in all right, ill budge over yeah.

You have to make room, so we need colleen from tamiya come on colin. This could be awkward. Oh blimey, colin um. You big old, lad, dont you! I will try make room for you. So all right, can you see your electric cars? Yes just about okay, so these are pretty like. Were they one kilo, something like that? Yeah one half kilo, okay, that tamiya? What? How much is it all in with the radio gear? 250? 250? Yours? How much did it cost you, oh fiverr, but hours and hours of building it? Oh, yes, okay and the motors its not comparable the range on them. What about mile and a half yeah? So we should get down here. Fingers crossed okay right lets do this. This is odd, but were gon na race. Three two one: oh theyre off quick, come on colin nick youve knackered our power to weight ratio; Music! No! No! Oh my god! I can still do it. Oh miles away! Whats going to win between you, two! Oh! No! No youve lost your cars, its all over. I beat you to the eighth of a mile. We might as well just complete the quarter mile. Just for the hell of it. You had trouble going straight didnt, you guys well, if we had first, the acceleration on this is reduced from what to earlier no offense guys. That was part of our plan lets see if we can find your cars and hopefully theyre, not in oh theres mine.

Can you beat me back to the start? Come on colin, you got him, oh its toast. Oh my goodness. Oh the poor thing im! Sorry about that colin. I think i owe you 250 quid its a little bit dented im sure thatll polish out. I hope you all enjoyed the video. If you did, please give it a like, and let me know some other wacky races youd like to see in the comments below yeah. I check it out right. Look. I told you and polish out its all totally fine. I absolutely dont owe tamiya any money now, if you want to say thanks to them for lending us. This car follow the link in the description to check out all their cars and stuff. Also, big, thanks to go cycle want to find out more about their bike. The link is in the description if you want to watch some more videos, click on those windows there and if you click on that box there it will take you somewhere magical.