You know neil he’s, the builder of amazing machines, but this is something that’s really stopping people in their tracks, who’ve been hubby for a long time. It is a sorca class, one legal, hard body vehicle that neil built that’s good. So neil tell us about it. So this is a hard body with a mojave two trail, finder uh rc4 wheel, drive two door version built on a g speed: v1, c1 chassis; okay. Okay, so this i’ve seen this before a lot of people built this. You want to go with what’s special about it is uh. You have a vehicle you’re familiar with. It exists in real life, a toyota pickup uh, but it doesn’t perform so you’ve you’ve had to do special things aside from dropping it right yeah. What do you do to do? You know with the size and whatnot uh i had to bob the bed to make it shorter shorten the bed about an inch, and then i flared the fenders so that it can cover at least half the tire width. Oh that’s, a that’s, a rule, that’s a little cover your tire. How do you flare fenders on a hard body? So what i used was a heat gun set to 650 fahrenheit and i used a glass bottle at least four four inches in diameter, and then you use that to flare it so you’re like a glass blower you’re like a hard body, blower you’re, basically melting plastic Right yeah, you didn’t burn yourself nope.

How long did that take uh? It was my first time doing it. So it took me around four hours. Oh damn i i didn’t want to like wreck the body yeah. I took it very easily. You go easy at a time you don’t know how much to do it shape, shape measure shape, shape, measure okay, trying to make it symmetrical, was the hardest right. Yeah, okay, um and you got enough clearance there. Oh snap, so you’re, basically rear is probably 75 droop. Okay, yeah, okay, let’s, move on to your bumpers, your wheels and stuff we’re, seeing on the outside here, all right, bumpers, front and rear, and headache rack were made by donnie from bent metal local guy. He just made made it custom for your application yeah. This is all custom, so took it to the shop and he did his magic wheels are tgh wheels. I like these wheels because they’re they they swallow the the portals. Ah, the knuckles in the living room case huh. Oh, this is a portal vehicle huh. This is a portal, yes wow, oh by the way, if you hang on to the end, we have an easter egg in this vehicle. So and then uh axles are the vanquish scx 103 axles. So why don’t we show some of that beauty and you went with aluminum axles, aluminum, axles, yeah the clear version from vanquish and then inside is a custom made interior that i made out of styrene and 3d printed seats and some rc attic figures that weigh around 26 grams each so, even though it’s got a lot of stuff on it, every part has been weighed: oh yeah, nothing is by accident and if he could hollow it out, he probably did so.

You have a two two two two drivers, two passengers here: a driver and passenger yeah bucket seat steering wheel fire extinguisher inside scale points a lot of stickers, a lot of decals all right inside. Oh let’s talk about what you have hanging in outside there all right inside the bed. We have some tracks uh anchor what’s. This called some line and a jerry can antenna and a and a jack for those skill points, functional and non functional. And how is the body mounted body is mounted magnet front and then two wing nuts for the rear here tool, free tool, free, yes, body, clip free, okay, let’s, uh let’s, see what’s inside what’s this on the roof by the way. Oh, this one is a roof. Rack one point scale made by my buddy chris cox: i see carbon fiber, what carbon fiber roof rack – oh my god, got ta, make it lightweight because that’s the highest that’s, the highest part of the vehicle right. Okay, now we’re gon na give you some running video. After this, we are gon na go to the inside the guts of the vehicle, so hang on for that first we’re gon na do the wall of doom. This is a very steep wall with a very tough entry. This thing with its bob bed is able to get through that rock behind it and now it’s a grip contest isn’t it one thing really cool here: you’ll notice, this the vehicle is very stable, even as it’s sliding at the limits it’s, not bobbing up and down, Causing it to flip over and then the real strength of this vehicle is the side healing ability right here notice.

It has to go over that rock the left front, wheel, lifts but it’s, okay, it’s relaxed – and this is the heart one of the hardest idols. We have very, very steep, as you can see, and it’s got dips and undulations sped it up a little bit, but it really is a marvel how it’s able to get through that going. The other way, not quite as hard but right there it’s slipping and you have to catch it. You can’t just pause there and this thing with its hard body, all that’s accustomed to doing well. This is a line that you never see in our test. Videos, because no one can really do it. You have to go side hill instead of climb and through all those rocks. You need clearance, it’s able to do it and right here you do a crazy maneuver, which is you, trans transition from a side hill to a crab walk, so you tilt the vehicle over so it’s, pointing up in the air that transition is tough and rare. You want it to slip. You don’t want to hit that overhang, you slip and then you climb all right inside. We have a kratos, 2750 motor running on 4s, with a mamba x, esc mamba x, not micro, no micro, and then we got an atlas winch from three brothers running on 4s creeper t transmission from team garage hack and then what’s, creeper t, oh that’s, the name Of the the transfer case, okay, is it is it uh? Does it have overdrive under drive or any of that business 30 overdrive for the front and then the servo i’m using a homes, hobby 500, v3 version 3 and then incision drive shafts and then a prop shaft for the front motor mount to the transfer case? What’S.

A prop shaft, oh that’s, the name of the the shaft that goes from the front motor mount to the name of the manufacturer, yeah. Okay, what kind of shocks do you have there? These are big bore shocks with sixty wait. Four bucks, company, traxxas traxxas big, bore right, traxxas, big boars with low c mini t springs and then 3d printed uh engine for to cover the servo that’s. A plus four scale points right there wow, so how many scale points you’re looking at with this bad boy? Overall it’s, a 72 point rig 72 points, yeah you’re over the maximum huh over the max by 12.. So these are 4.2 inch tires, which is the class one yeah um definition, proline hyrax g8 compound with odd six halo foams, yellow foam, huh yeah yeah i’ve. Seen those foams they’re pretty cool, they kind of wrap around the uh. An inner core, okay, let’s, see run a little bit see if it steers and whatnot hit that hit that steering. What is that? What is the steering angle of this bad boy around wow? 60? 60. 55. 60. Around there. I i shaved off the the knuckles to get maximum clearance, see. This is how neal works. He just wants there’s so much torque that it’s not bothered it’s, not like jumping as soon as he clears the obstacle and that’s what you want in the competition rig. You know as soon as he clears a very hard rock it’s, not gon na jump off it’ll.

Just it’s a creeper it’s like a slaw. This thing is running for 4s, so it’s geared very low, but you can see the speed and the punch and the modulation. A servo is so oh that’s how much force there is right on well. Thank you emil. We will show you uh, hang on there, because we’ll show you some running video of this thing, we’ve taken quite a bit of footage on this and you’ll see what we’re talking about all right. Thank you. Thanks a ton all right, more running, video hang on to the end, by the way, as we have our easter egg. So here we have a little side hill but very bumpy, and then you have to go over that rock, so what’s required here is control and calmness. You want a vehicle, that’s settled and that articulates without upsetting itself, and this thing is like a sloth. Does it really well, even though it’s heavy seven and a half pounds, so very good shocks really help it out and that droop allows it full droop allows it to be low for center gravity, but when these bumps come, it articulates notice how the that left, rear Tire comes down and meets the ground. Settles it approach. Angles too, are very good right there. It drops, but it doesn’t drop violently it’s controlled. Both shingles are good thanks to those bumpers that are custom, they protect the hard body, but they also do a good job of getting out of the way right there that’s actually a really hard line.

They just took it straight on, and here we are gon na. Do a very rough line, oh notice, that little hop there that 4s power comes in handy, so what’s, really cool with this vehicle is aside from it being a hard body and scale. Is it doesn’t have big it doesn’t have to speed, but it accomplishes those with old fashioned ingenuity, almost 60 degrees of steering and a brushless motor that’s 4s powered. What 4s and brushless allows you to do is to have really low gearing for modulation, but when you need the wheel, speed and the punch it’s all there, you don’t have to shift gears or anything costs a lot of money and um. You know you need high powered esc’s, but this is the main way. The competition guys do it right. There notice the approach angle very good little hop there. The portals really come into play as well notice that, through the running video you haven’t seen it get hung up. The belly is very low, low, cg chassis, it kind of angles to the back, so it slides forward and the portal axles are not too much are really not in the way the sliders to look at those sliders they’re, just really flat panel aluminums protecting the body. They don’t call attention to themselves, but they do produce a good slide and they protect the body here’s. Just an unusual wall that we have. We rarely do it it’s, just a bunch of rocks.

You need great approach, angles and departure angles and clearance, and this vehicle has it all. This vehicle also has a winch we’re, not using it in this demonstration, but be assured it is very capable even has a roof pivot, where on very tough winch situations, you can put the winch on the roof and it will the cable on the roof and the Thing will pivot right here, more chanting, lines right there, the steering angle comes into play just one three point: turn it’s really a delight to drive something that’s, this controllable and steers this well. I bet you this class one vehicle can can beat some of the uh. The class 2 or even cheater rigs out there it’s it’s, just that good class 1 by the way is one of the defining characteristics, is a 4.2 inch tire so much smaller tire, and this one is an impossible impossible line. You cannot go straight. This is just a cliff, but what you want to do is you want to pivot around that rock to get around it, and you need to achieve a really good, balanced, pivoting machine right there to do that drop and not crash. All the skills are involved flat. Belly nice sliders and tires that reach down and grab any kind of foothold move forward. Hope you enjoyed that all right. I hope you like that running video uh, since you hang on till the end, we’ll show you the easter egg right.