We definitely need to take a closer look at the traxxas vortec 3.0 hot rod – Music. Well, rc drivers. I like it. I like it a lot. You know when we reviewed the poor tech 3.0 corvette. I saw a lot of people say i wish there was another body style for the new longer platform and the traxxas delivered with these new hot rod, trucks and a coupe. Actually, these cars are available in a number of different colors and uh. Obviously, you know we’ve got the truck version here. I really love the look of this and you know i think it was worth the wait. I think traxxas really delivered. They knew we wanted something else and it’s just something different. I can’t remember the last time i built an rc hot rod. I think i had a parma one of the parma cars a long long time ago, but it’s really cool that traxxas delivered these factory five style vehicles for us and let’s obviously take a closer look at the truck version here now, let’s start off with the front With the chrome grille, this is a really nice, chrome, grille really well done, and then we’ve got the chrome headlights next to it, and these are led equipped from the factory which is really cool because i had to go and install the lights in my corvette, not Too big of a deal but it’s cool that it’s already here in this truck, and i have to worry about it later.

I mean obviously you’re going to want to see this lit up at night, it’s really nice – that they installed that kit from the factory we’ve got some chrome mirrors on the side and let’s jump over to the decals here. So we got these nice flame, graphics and i’m cool with them being uh, graphics, uh decals that are on the body versus something that’s printed and molded in there, because when you do that, it could be shifted a little bit depending on how you put the plastic On the mold so i’m, totally fine with that being a decal and then check out the hood decal here, we’ve got actually a little pinstriping detail throughout the hood, even on the roof panel, as well chop top look on the body, these nice rolling fenders and look Look how nice and narrow this is up front, just how it should be nice and scale and i’m going to show you how they did that later on. But let’s turn this around. So you can check out the back of this i’ve already pulled the body clips off. There are two body clips which is a little bit of a bummer. I wish they had a clip in the back like they did with the corvette to release the body um. But nonetheless, two clips is, i guess, it’s. Okay, like the rolling fenders out back we’ve, got these little led lights in the back as well red lens over the led lights, traxxas logo on the back panel, really nice custom.

Looking truck now, as i mentioned, they are available in a number of different colors. Actually, just the red and the silver and then the coupe is available in two colors as well check out the wheels on this. I think they call them salt flat wheels. I i am not that deep of a hot rod guy, but they do look pretty cool. I, like the matte black on the inside, the chrome lip around there and it is their larger wheel and tire package that we saw on the corvette. Like that look i mean just looks so: custom got ta, look awesome on the shelf are ripping around in the parking lot all right. So it’s got two body clips in back and to remove the body you just simply lift up on the back and slide it forward. There is a little clip in the front. I’Ll show you that there’s the clip – and it goes right into the new front shock tower so taking the body off – is fairly easy. There is the wiring underneath really nicely done all clipped in out of the way, so it doesn’t get caught up in everything. There is the mount for the front grille. There are those tail lights out back nice, looking body overall, all right, so here is the fortec 3.0. Now we’ve gone over this with the corvette review. We’Ve gone over a lot of the details, uh internally with the drivetrain and everything in our fortec 2.

0 review so i’m, just going to go over the changes between this car and what we’ve done before, and obviously the big changes in the front with the shock towers. As i just mentioned, they’ve got the mount here where the clip goes in for the body and then it goes right down to this widespread, lower shock tower, and this is how they got the front of the body. Nice and narrow, nice and scale is to put these smaller shocks on that they got off of their latrex brand you’ve seen these before on the latrax rally, and they even use these shocks on the trx4 tracks so uh. You know these parts are readily available and at first i was like well. Is there enough suspension travel with these small shocks? Do they feel like they’re, going to suspend the car? Are they too soft? Is it going to roll too much, but these actually feel pretty good right out of the box and for cruising around, i think a lot of people are just gon na cruise around parking lots with it. I think those shocks are gon na work, just fine. So pretty neat setup interesting how they went into their parts bin and found stuff that’s going to work on multiple levels, all right up front here, no big bumper! We just got this little stubby bumper up front, obviously you’re going to want something small and a hidden. So you could see the front of the body more than just a big rc car bumper out front and then behind it.

We get into the suspension that we’ve seen before everything is durable, works really well. The drive train really good uh, sealed gear differentials, front and rear with steel drive shaft in the center uh outbacks, similar suspension, setup uh, you know just lower arms, fixed upper links and then the rear shock tower has obviously been changed as well. They went and redesigned to use the smaller shocks and they have this body mounts out back that’s, where you know you put your two clips in it is adjustable out back in case. You want to rake the front of this thing that might look pretty cool, but uh that’s really about it. For changes i mean like the the chassis here is the extended version nice honeycomb bracing throughout it’s, the modular design easy to take apart. Uh battery strap fits lipos and nickel metal hydride batteries plenty of room in there to move the battery around. If you want to we’ve seen the electronics before your standard 2075 servo, the xl5 speed controller titan 12 turn 550 motor. Those all work just fine right out of the box. Another change that they did make here is the corvette. Has the radio box up on top of the servo, and i like that they moved it back down over here to the open. It was an open space on the corvette, but they went and filled the space up with the the radio box. Here i like that, that’s much better, much cleaner, look through the the chassis when you’re working on it, uh here’s the little pigtail to go and power.

The led lights and that’s all you really need to know about the vortec 3.0 35 hot rod truck here uh. You know the treaded tires. These will actually grip pretty well as we found on the corvette and i’m really looking forward to running this thing, but first before i do that, let me just show you really quick what else comes inside the box? It comes with the tq radio system. Your usual paperwork instruction manual and stuff. This is your high speed pinion gear, so you go swap that out throw a nickel metal hydride battery in there you’ll hit the 30 mile an hour mark that they are uh showing off on the box there. Your basic tools, some extra body clips – i like the silver look – maybe i should have one with the seven now i’m happy with this red body. It looks absolutely awesome. All right, let’s get a battery in here head outside and have some fun, so Applause, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. We don’t get a lot of on road cars in here to test. So when the hot rods showed up. I jumped on this review. I pushed aside crawlers and monster trucks, and i had to show you guys some more cool on road action. You know we just reviewed the corvette. I had a lot of fun with that and this i had a lot of fun with this as well.

It pretty much handles the same there’s a little bit of different handling trait between the two, but overall, this is a fun car to go rip around in parking lots. In fact, i went to multiple parking lots with multiple batteries and just had a blast kind of sitting on the back of my truck driving this thing around just kind of having fun watching it go uh. You know they did a great job with the ford tech chassis. We already know that uh, you know the car handles really well for a stock car. I was a little concerned about the gtr shocks. How would they handle and i think they do just fine? This truck is a little bit looser in my opinion, in the rear than the corvette it may be because of the gtr shocks but that’s just something i noticed in the handling i don’t know if i would actually change it, though, because it was kind of fun To adapt my driving style to you know kind of drifting, the rear around a little bit when i was driving it at higher speeds, it’s fairly, quick out of the box. It is a brush system and, honestly, i think, i’m going to leave this one brushed. It was fun just cruising with it, as is where, with the corvette, i think that one needs a little bit more speed to it. I want to put a vxl system in that uh, but this thing steers well, it looks really cool out there uh there were a couple people that actually pulled into the parking lot parked.

While i was at the theater and watched this thing drive around the the theaters aren’t even open right now, so they came to watch this thing, which was really cool. I had so much fun with it. Uh there’s really nothing to complain about with it. The tires do have some traction to them. Once they heat up, it was actually a 96 degree day. The rocks will start to stick to them because they are so sticky and when you power through corners you’ll, see the wheels chatter a little bit. It really doesn’t hurt the handling of it, but just something i noticed and the other thing i want to tell you about the the tires is they do wear rather quickly, with the tires on my corvette, those are already shot from me blasting around the parking lot With it uh and this car is already starting to show signs of wear and that’s, just something you have to think about. If you’re driving this thing hard, you probably have to buy some tires sooner rather than later uh. I did get a rock in the spur gear. This is a closed drivetrain and i got a rock in the spur gear, so there’s a hole in there uh that will let stuff in so just be aware that as soon as you hear any clicking stop go. Pull the four screws off the cap get that rock out of there with a hobby knife or something like that and uh.

You know you could be on your way, maybe if it gets really bad you’ll have to replace the spur gear but it’s not too bad. Working on this car uh, the chrome rims, are chipped a little bit from me, plowing through some rough stuff. In the asphalt uh, it was fun kind of just jumping over the little gaps in in the parking lot uh, but that’s really about it. Oh the tires. Do rub on the body a little bit so uh get yourself some tape and put it in the fender wells, because if you do push this thing hard through the corners you’ll notice, some rub then uh that’s, it guys that’s. All you need to know about this truck it’s fun, it’s cool – if you are a hot rod, fan uh yeah, definitely add this to your collection. Traxxas did it again. They they gave us another cool body option for the forward tech, 3.0, really cool chassis. This thing is fun, i i bet you, the coop is as well all right.