So, like cohen, said today, we’re going to build the ramp for the rc car and you want to have an adult with you when you’re doing this don’t try to do it by yourself, because you need sauce. Yes, because we’re going to use sauce and you’re going to have to have some safety goggles we’re going to use a circular saw a miter saw and then we’re going to use an air just an air nailer um. You could also use a just a screwdriver or drill something like that. If you wanted to do they not fit you yeah i’ll. Take yours, you take mine, let’s, see if they fit me, that’ll work. So, okay um. We have to try glasses, so here’s. What we we’ve kind of when you’re, building a ramp, we’re, going to go there’s your rc truck and as far as measurements go long and short is going to make it go long and short, and tall is going to make it go half so which one you Want to do you want to just do both of them, so why don’t? We do you say long. I want to go high above the house. Well, we i don’t know if we can go over the house, okay, but either way it’s going to be fun. Jumping right: yes, okay, so let’s go ahead, and so this ramp is a little wider than the car to both sides, so that it’s going to be easier to hit um.

We have two ramps and i can barely even hit it so we’re actually going to make this ramp one that’s a little lower Music. So now we have these two pieces of wood that are cut exactly the same. I made a shape and another shape, and now what we’re going to use is the nail gun so and one safety thing about these be sure to unhook the air from it when you just have it sitting around that way? If you accidentally hit the trigger, you don’t shoot your tire or hit somebody’s foot. So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to take these okay, so this isn’t working. So we have a backup plan and i have a hammer. Yeah always have a backup plan cohen likes to hammer anyway, so i’m gon na get this started for him. Okay, so we’ve got this one built so we’ll set it to the side and then for the next one. So this one is going to be a lot harder to hit and we’re going to make it even more difficult because we’re going to make it um it’s going to be right around here. Okay, so again, this is just some material that we had laying around the house is, this is gon na, be our height and we’re gon na? Have it right at the edge, and so what i’m going to do is just take this and hold it up and instead of doing a bunch of math and figuring everything out.

I want to take a mark so that’s going to be our angle. There you go we’re finished with the ramps so and now it’s time to test them out. You ready, okay, so Music.