It now we’re going to review it right, yep, okay! So what did you think of it? Epic, yo, epic yo? What are we even talking about what is it so far, the legendary legendary card? Okay, so the legendary legend rc car? We got it on amazon. How much was it 165, yep, okay, so 165 on amazon, we got it with prime got free shipping. Um came in two days that wasn’t quick enough, though, was it we needed next day same day, so came in one. Second. What if it came in one second, i don’t know: can we can we do that shipping company, maybe one second shipping? Okay, so here here’s? What we’ve got if we hadn’t applied it? Yet if we had a private jet, we could do it. So tell them what happens? Oh okay, so now we’re santa claus. Okay, so tell them what happens here? Um! You want to be careful because well, you don’t want to be careful, because this is no fun, so you just want a box. You just want to buy a bunch of these little pins, right, yeah, and so this is our last one yeah we’re down to our last one. It came with four in the car and then it came with like five extra yeah, maybe four or five extra um. I think it’s 7.95, you can get a hundred of these little things on amazon and you will go through them. Definitely right so quick yeah, so we haven’t uh.

We have it’s been like a day or two because he was using it every day. It’S been a day or two because we have one pin and this just kind of flops around and it’s been raining here. Yeah it’s been raining too, so now tell them what happened here. Um we were ramping, it and a wheelchair flew off of it yeah. So the wheel kind of flew off of it when we were ramping it good thing. Is we found this saying good to put it back on yeah, so the good thing is, it comes with some extra little lock nuts see extras um. It comes with these pieces that are kind of like a little wheel hub that fell off around here so and we found out that what do you need to do before you? Take it out guys uh? You have to screw these on yeah, so it comes with a little lug wrench because we didn’t screw them on and the wheel flew off yeah. We didn’t we didn’t test it. It said it said to check them. We didn’t and our wheel, flew off. You were driving it. No, i was not you’re sure you’re crazy. So before you take it out before you take it out check each one of these. You are driving that when the wheel flew off, you think so yeah so now that’s that what are these things or batteries? You can put two of them in the same time yeah.

So it comes with. Is it still in here? Yes, so this little piece right here, if you can’t even get it out, is an adapter to where you can plug both batteries in um. You can run them individually. We charged it for what it took about an hour and a half to charge and uh. We tried it was two batteries and it goes a lot faster so but and we ran into our pool like home, but so about an hour and a half charge, and you get about 20 minutes per battery 20 to 30 minutes per battery depends upon how hard You ride it uh how hard you run it, but so you can take hold. You can take these and i know the next one put those on there. If i can flip it, the other way almost got it. Okay, and so then you just take and that’s it it comes in and you plug it in you plug it in right there, the only problem is it’s conhold to uh put the top of it on with two batteries in it it’s kind of impossible, so uh. Well, you can almost we got one, so you can put it on there. This is this. Is it will lock on one side we can’t get it to lock on the other side. Uh unlocked come on now, okay, so – and this is what kind of makes it waterproof or water resistant, so waterproof fish.

So if you’re going to run two, unless you can figure out how to do that, we could not. I wouldn’t take it out any water, uh um, it’s kind of impossible if to get this one with two batteries in it. So you’ve got two chargers, so you can charge both batteries at the same time, like i said, you’re going to get 40 minutes to an hour out of this who won in it now it doesn’t move it’s so good. So this takes some getting used to if you’re used to the traditional rc cars. This is what steals it yeah. So this is what makes it go that fast or slow and uh. I don’t know what that is yeah, so so the uh the night, the re one of the reasons we picked this one was because it actually has a high and a low speed up here, and i am not good at high speed with stuff. No, so i thought that we would use the low speed. I thought it would be good for him because it says that this is for 14 years and up unless you’re using it with adult supervision um, we tried it and it flew all over the place yeah. So i thought it was going to be hard for him to run. We put it on low speed. He actually does better on high speed than what i do. You also have this right now, somehow yeah. So you have this button right here.

That is going to change um, just your turning you can go, i think right is forward, left is uh, backwards is left, nope and then yeah you got, the opposite could be so um you’ve got your trim to adjust your steering things here, it’s slow isn’t! It! No huh no it’s super super fast, so it runs about 30 miles an hour. The the reason we kind of went with this was because there are a ton of parts that you can swap out and change on it. You can get a new body for twelve dollars. Yes, so for twelve dollars you can get new ones of these yep um they’ve got different colors we’re, probably going to get the blue, the blue one uh. It has a lot yeah there’s, another red one, a blue one, yellow, maybe yeah – i don’t know, but so it has oil sauce. Okay, oil filled shocks and they are adjustable and i mean we’ve we’ve jumped it haven’t. We yep, we dumped it into a valley. We’Ve jumped it into a valley, we’ve jumped it like five feet and now so just damn it yeah yeah. So in our neighborhood just crossing the street and hitting the little curb it does flip yeah, it will flip it flies. It will go four or five feet up in the air and do flips and just bounce you’re trying to hit me with that wheel. The very first time we did it.

I thought for sure we’d broken it. It just keeps going yeah, it’s kind of indestructible. It seems to be indestructible, except for the pins yeah, the pans definitely um, so you can see we’ve kind of i mean we’ve been rough on it down on the bottom plate. These are actually metal, which is really nice uh. How does this even happen? Because we hit stuff, you think i don’t know: oh yeah, i hit the lamp post like this yeah, so how’s it doing the sand. Where have we taken it so they’ve seen us take it through a little bit of jet jumps at the beach yeah. So they’ve seen us take it through the field um through the little ravine type thing: yes, we’ve gone to the beach we’ve gone we’ve done it in our egg, george yeah. So and we’ve done some in our front yard, yeah, maybe in our backyard. What was your favorite? Where was the favorite place to go down to the field at the church? Yep? Okay, there’s a lot more room yeah. There is a lot of room to run. It’S fast you’ve got to have now you can change out the motor in this. You can add battery packs and they say it’ll run 60 miles an hour. We we have a fish pond so well. We don’t have to worry about it. Going inside yeah, we don’t want to put it in the fish line. So what do you think of it? You think it’s fast yep.

We know it jumps out way faster than our other one. We know it’s sturdy. We know that you can flip it and beat it. You can change things if you need to. If you break something you can you’re going to know the osc and it did not go this close to fast yeah, so we had a little rc car that you couldn’t change anything out. We know nothing about our seats, the wheel on it. He rolled it back. Yeah we tried the plastic. Well, it didn’t work. So this is a boy for a little while yeah. So this one, you can actually take parts off put them back on and swap them out, like the a different body. Yeah we’ve damaged this one. A lot so would you buy it again? Yes, huh? Yes, definitely, yes, okay totally! Definitely so now speaking, i don’t know, but yes, speaking of buying it again, what do you think we should review next? Do you think they should decide what we’re reviewing yep huh yeah? So what do they need to do hit the subscribe button in the comments, tell us what you want to see us review next right, okay and you’re, watching colon builds.