I dont know how to say it its the clone of a one, four four: zero zero one of from the wl toy, but today im gon na unbox. This one here is called amarillo mrl. Very interestingly, if you look at the box here, the speed actually is what uh close to what its claimed to be, and it also said it supports a 3s, so lets go and open it up and start taking a look at it. This feels surprising upgrades on this car lets see the dog bone is having a picture. It just looks like a standard one right, but uh lets take a closer look and see a whole bag of accessories and heres the dog bone uh. If you can see it see how its actually beefed up yeah its actually thicker than the double toy version – okay, weve got the transmitter very nice. I got the instructions right there, beginner tips same old, same old, oh shoot. I hate these stickers thingy. I have to get them out ill, get them out later 2.4 gigahertz. Now this one has a little bit firmer uh rotation than the reroll, whatever that was the the other one. I was talking about from amazon and three double a battery that you need to supply with: oh, the Music hot plastic rio wing, which is a really good one. I used it on my red bull conversion and then oh, this is just sealed up instruction menu and a bunch of accessories lets see.

First thing: you notice, the difference is theres a huge bumper guard, one cvd one dog bone and one drive cup for spare. A single battery 1800 milliamp hour, uh no c rating and a teeny little uh, usb charger lets see if theres any rating on it im trying to do it as fast as i can. Yes it does. You can see it. The output is whoa 1.3 m. So the wrw l toy version is 2 am which is faster, but 1.3 is fine for this battery. Oh wow, they come with the sets of uh arm reinforcement, pins, uh, little plastic nuts, a whole set of uh front and rear rear arms wow. This is not. This is nice uh come with tools and extra clips nice things about these extra clips. I mean these clips. They have these little tabs, make it a lot easier to push in and pull out, uh extra, hex and tabs and and nuts yep. We all know we keep losing these nuts right, yeah, so uh good that they also supply extra these, because if you lose the the nut is very likely. You want to lose these two wow thats very nice. All right now lets take a look at the card itself. Well, if you family, familiar with the uh typhon and wltoy one four, four: zero zero one, zero one, one, four four: zero one: zero, then uh, youre! No stranger to this. The spidey style is exact copy of the armored titan.

This is like the wl toy and armor give birth to this one. You do notice theres two clips at the back. Instead of one from the wl toy, i think im gon na make a conversion kit. So everybody can use these because they sell these uh shell by itself, and i do like these better than the uh w error toy version – same motor uh. I think its 550 huge heatsink uh a warning label. You dont need to take that off this, probably heat resistance, um, oh wait lets see this. It actually uses three wire servo. So it looks like this esc is different. Lets also have two extra plugs for led and led thats, something else: Music, okay, but it is a two in one es: esc and uh uh receiver, combo velco, strap deans connector. This wire is a bit its a smaller gauge uh. It looks like uh the gauge. May be the same, i dont know, but but the wire itself is thinner. Is it yeah? It is still silicone. So, okay, thats thats, good sharks, oil feel these are not plastic. These are aluminum. These are some sort of metal, alloy, heavy stuff, uh thats. Why? I always change them change these out with uh carbon fibers uh. Likewise, with these reinforcement reinforcement, i dont know the clip um, okay and what i really like you see. I dont know if it shows up on camera its how the finishing of the chassis is, looks pretty awesome, isnt it.

It doesnt feels like this form in it, but hey for a small car like this yeah. Its fine um lets open up the devs and take a closer look at the drivetrain. I just want to show you this. This one uses the uh five wire servo so when upgrading to uh, brushless, youre gon na need to upgrade the servo to a three wire. Now the since this ones, already three wire you can you dont need to replace it. So all you really need is just replace the esc with a brushless version, add receiver and a transmitter and youre good to go thats surprisingly. Well, i loved how it does not use double side tape, its used two screws to secure the esc, receiver, combo and, as you can see, theres some grease on it thats plenty enough. I know some might disagree and this is the same as the w toy version. I have um lets, see: okay, taking a closer look. This one is from wrtoy this one is the new one from mrl emerald um. I dont know if you can see how the teeth the mrl one is actually better. It has better finish: yeah they machined it much better wait. Is this machined? Hmm, i know the wl toy. One is not as cast so um its pretty rough as you can see, but this one see how nice and precise yeah i dont know definitely looks like a better quality or they might have a better, better die to press this out.

Yeah impressive, okay um. I dont think i need to disassemble to disassemble the rest, because, honestly, everything is the same as the wl toy version and as i mentioned this one has oh um yeah. This one also has the uh adjustable linkages. All of it remember the other one does not. If i have to say this truly is an upgraded version from the wltoy144001 Music on the components level, everything seems to be slightly better and, as you notice, it also uses this new design. The uh, the nuts and bolts are designed instead of the pin, and i do like these a lot better because they hold the arm in place, so you get less chance to breaking it. I know some people is complaining that they might bend the pin, but then again id rather have the pin bend instead of breaking everything else and losing the parts of the arm. Assemblies and yeah see it. Look at this focus. This baffle gear is definitely a better quality. Now the pinion, i think, is the same. So all right, um one thing to see here: nothing to see there. Okay um, i think i might do testing later on. I think this i dont know, even though they need to do testing the speed is going to be around 30 miles an hour at best and um lets see yeah um and i have to say uh for this price. I got it for 80 dollars, so this is a steal and um.

I just bumped stumbled upon on amazon. I dont see it on aliexpress or banggood. Okay, the suspension very nice. Oh nice um also notice. The plastic uh seems to be similar to the armor or um Music crating, the plastics uh i cant really say for sure, but it sure feels like its a higher quality, rubber, uh plastic. Interesting. Okay, three double a lets check out these functions. I forgot to check where the power button is, i think, its somewhere here. Oh there it and this guy decent speed plenty fast. Okay. What do we have lets check out? Then? We have a trim adjustment over here. You can see and then steering rate is at max, so it turns all the way. So if you reduce it, itll turn less for your high speed runs. I think this is going to be very good candidate for brushless conversion and then, of course, you can reverse throttle and steering so i will just go backward and when i can you turn no, you cannot so this doesnt not. Does it come out um? No, unfortunately, you can you cant, put it on the left side. Can you nope? I dont see anything over here that you can move it too. Well, thats unfortunate, it looks like it could pass. It was its possible, but they didnt make a holding place on this side. Well, thats, a shame, but anyway overall um for 80 bucks. I dont know they list it for 140 or something like that.

I dont know how to go back and take a look at amazon, but with 70 dollars off 70 off thats a big deal uh for so the total price. I dont care how much they off the total price, its eighty dollars plus tax. So this has to be the better than the wl toy, especially the price has gone up close to a hundred dollars for a brushed version of a one. Four four: zero: zero one.