I am bringing you a video today on the difference between the compy star, ft dc 3s and the i data start HC series. These are both remote starters, some of the most popular remote starters that we sell here at lockdown security, and we had a lot of questions on what is the difference between the two and what is the better solution between the two and the answer to that? What is the better solution between the two is kind of a hard one? It depends on what your application is, but my personal opinion is the dc 3 is the better way to go. Is the box for the dc 3? You can see it’s, basically a rectangular box of cardboard. This is the box for the hcx there’s, three versions of HD series: there’s, the HDX, the HC one, the HC 2 HD. One is also known as the HC 1151 HC. 2 is also known as the HC 2352. The difference between the HTC One and the HC 2 is the HD. One is a one way so non communicating on paging key fobs that come with it. The HC 2 is a 2 way comes a 2 way. Communicating key fobs that basically tells you that the vehicle is started. I wanted to show you a couple of key differences so that you can make the right buying choice in the right buying decision. Long story short: if you’re looking for a remote starter, something to start your car, which is what 90 of people are looking for, you will not do wrong buying either of the solutions they both do, that they both start your car, but there are key differences between The 2 pieces of hardware and the 2 pieces of hardware being the dc 3 and the HC, so let me grab a dc 3 controller I’m.

Just gon na go off camera here is the actual dc 3 controller right here you can see the size of it’s relatively slim, it’s, not that big it’s got a bunch of plugs on it comes with wiring in the box. It is going to be right now. It’S automatic transmission compatible, but it is going to be compatible with manual transmission very shortly, with an accessory that’s coming out from my dad start right now to link whichever what you want to call them. This is the HC series controller, so you’ll see comparing the two of them they’re relatively similar in size. The dc 3 is a little bit bigger though now it’s, because the dc 3 can do a few things of the HD series. Cannot what can the dc 3 do that the HD series cannot well. The dc 3 can be configured as a fully functional car alarm. With remote start, you can add the upgrade from coffee star called the FT alarm kit. You add a siren, you add the FTD, a s, digital tilt, shock motion sensor. You can add a super bright LED and this thing becomes a fully featured car alarm with remote start with the integration module built in that’s, something I should actually note for all the viewers here. Integration modules routinely called bypass modules are built into both of these solutions. That means you do not need an additional bypass with either of these products it’s built into the product, which is why they are called all in one solutions, because they are remote start and bypass and built into one unit.

Now getting back to the differences. 8C series controller can be configured as a car alarm with remote starter, but a basic car alarm. What I mean by basic is no shock sensor, no siren. Actually, I could be wrong on that. You can add a siren to this, but you cannot add a shock sensor, so it would only detect hood doors trunk that’s. It no impact, no motion, no nothing no LED either. So if you are looking for a fully featured car alarm with remote starter or you want the ability to upgrade in the future car alarm DC 3 is the way to go. The other thing that’s very important, with these 2 controllers is they both are compatible with the t, harness protocols now I’m just going to basically take the camera and show you on our wall. If you see all of these guys right here, these are all various t. Harness solutions you’re going to see there’s a hell of a lot of them. Let me grab one of the more popular ones. Here’S, our t l7, really popular one nowadays that just came out is the a u2 I’m just gon na bring the camera back here, set that back up there and explain to you what these guys do so T harnesses this is the next revolution. Remote start technology. This basically makes the remote starter go from a hardwired installed, where you’re connecting about 20 to 30 different cables. Let me show you how many cables come in the box, essentially you’d, be connecting all of these wires in a hardwired situation or a hardwired installation, and it takes that down to a plug and play installation.

Now let me just crack open this box and show you what plug and play means essentially makes it into a plug in installation which is really cool, really key, to seamlessly doing an install, standardizing and install and avoiding any installation issues due to improper connections. Now, if you take your remote starter for professional installation, which we always recommend, the chances of an improper installation are going to be a lot less because you’re taking it to a professional. However, if your vehicle has a tea harness available for it, which right now it’s about 85 of vehicles out there, we highly highly highly suggest you buy a tea harness for the application, makes the install so much better makes the install quicker doesn’t necessarily mean the install Cheaper, but it does make the installation a lot better in our opinion, so if you can use a tea harness used, one that is the key thing with the dc 3 and the HC series they both use the same tea harnesses so what’s really cool. From our perspective is the retailers we can carry both items and we only have to carry one assortment of tea harnesses it works between both products. The reason why the tea harnesses work between both products is yes, the dc 3 is developed I’m, not sure if it’s built, I think it is built by I’d add a start, but it’s a compost, our branded product or first tech branded product. If you will the box that she’s his first tacit design set a copy star, first tech and copy star are one in the same.

They are the same company, first tech being the parent company of the comedy star brand name. They have a partnership going on. I think there’s an ownership stake there. I’M, not 100 cent. Sure don’t really want to comment about that, but a long story short copy star and I data start comp. You start dc 3, I guess or HD series. They are very similar in technology, but, as mentioned previously, the differences – the dc 3 – can be a full alarm with remote start now. I’Ll just show you briefly the HC one and the HC 2. I won’t take these out of the box, but you’re gon na see here you go. Let me swap it HC 1 HC 2. This is a one way key fob. This is a 2 way key fob that comes in this actually HC. 2 comes with 2 2. A key fob so incredible value. This is probably the best value remote starter. You can find on the market right now, because not very many remote starters give you two two way key fobs now a lot of people are gon na ask what is one way. What is two way? Okay, let me grab you a sample of what a one way key fob is and what a a key fob is. Okay, these are kind of bad examples, because these are not I art or or CompuServe, actually there’s a comp. You start 1wm are very popular key for a very old key fob, but this gives you an idea.

This is a one way, key fob if this was connected to a vehicle when you push the lock button and sends a signal to the vehicle, but the vehicle does not send the signal back to this remote. That means that it will not tell you the car started, but it will start the car. The only way that you know the car was started as if you’re in visual range of that vehicle here’s an ultra start, a key fob. Now. What this key fob is is a two way, LCD key fob kind of hard for you to see because there’s a bit of glare coming off the computer monitors, but essentially it fired a remote start car. With this key fob, the car would receive the signal start and then the car would send a confirmation signal back to this key fob, letting me know that the car has started now getting back on track to HC 1 HC to essentially HC 2 to 2. A key fobs – these are led key fob. So what that means? There’S no display there’s lights, LED lights and a beeper in the key fob. What that does? Is it basically beeps at you to tell you that the car has remote started? The HC 1 has LEDs on it. To give you a visual confirmation, you press the button, but it does not tell you that the car has started what’s really cool about the HC 1. Is that the key the antenna that comes with the HT 1? Is the upgradeable to two way? That means you can just buy the to a remote at a later date, let’s say you put a remote starter in this year, the hc1 and next year you want to upgrade a two way.

All you got to do is buy the two way he fought with the HD series and it will work it’s it’s, a really good value for for that behalf, because with copy star, for example, if you wanted to go from a one way, key fob to a Two way key fob: you would have to upgrade the antenna and remote that’s, a very good point, actually segwaying into the RF kits for the Compu start dc 3. Let me just show you here a selection of RF kits. This is not all of them. That’S. The basic g6: you got the one button r3 to a LED g15. These are some older sliced junior one buttons is the older generation of the r3. This here is the t9 here’s, the t10 here’s the 901 and here’s the Protea levin, the flagship, RF kit. Now, what that or what those are are essentially RF kits that you buy an RF kit is otherwise known as remote control. Key fob. Sorry key fob antenna, antenna, cable us what comes in at rfk, you pair, that with the dc 3, for your preferred control method. With that being said, there are a couple of other things. If you wanted to make the dc 3 an alarm and start, you would add ftda s for the sensor, you can add, if you want this, the F trps touch accessory, which is a cool keypad unlock functionality. You can add this the FT battery backup and then obviously you would add a siren.

You can add any siren to the dc 3. It is compatible with pretty much any type of siren out there. I noticed a long video and no there’s a lot to go over. I hope this kind of helps those that are asking what is the difference between the dc 3 and an HD series? If you are looking for basic remote start, all you needed to do is remote start of the vehicle. My suggestion would probably be go HD series, but if you are thinking that in the future you want to upgrade to secure here, you want to have that option. Open to you by the dc 3 it’s it’s, a great product that’s, my favorite motor starter personally and it’s, the one that I would say is the go to for anybody that wants to leave that option of having an alarm system in the future. I hope this helps you understand what the differences between them. If you liked this video hit the like button, if you could subscribe to our YouTube channel, it goes a long way to help us make more videos like this in the future visit us on the web. Lock down security, CA and here’s to make more videos.