I’Ve got a car here that we’re going to put it into some of you may recognize this it’s been in the background of a few older videos. I’Ve had this car for a very long time waiting for something to do with it. I did originally have another car planned for this brushless system to go into, but i’ve had to completely cancel that order so i’m, not getting that car anymore, because it’s been three weeks and it still hasn’t even been shipped to me and it’s only supposed to be Coming from melbourne, which is one city away from where i live, we’ve got a spare motor right here, because this motor is going to be replaced with this one. So, first, what we’re going to do we’re going to pull the motor out of this one, put it into project fury and then i’ll pull the esc out. We’Ll get this new brushless system, all hooked up and attached and then we’ll take this out for a spin. This is while i’m disassembling the stealth to get the motor out and everything i might as well. Do the little servo saver mod that i do on all of these ones. So servo savers on these hsps are pretty crap honestly. So i just put these little plastic gears out of the traxxas servos. You just stick that directly over the top of the servo saver there and now, when the battery tray goes back on, it’ll, be flush with that, and it will not allow this servo saver to unwind itself to make the steering lazy all right.

So we got that old motor out. We’Ve got this all disassembled i’m going to keep this pinion gear here for the brushless system, because uh fury already has opinion gear and this motor does not have a pinion gear so i’m just going to use the stock one and now we’ve got a brand spanking New motor to put inside project fury these hsp ones, actually aren’t half bad either they seem to take a pretty decent beating, so that’s, a positive all right. Let’S get this in we’ll. Get this esc off. The car is very disassembled at the moment. It’S, just what’s going to make it easier. I usually just end up taking the whole rear end off whenever i’m doing anything to do with the motors on these, because my hands are too big to fit in behind everything to get the motor mount screws out. So just do what’s easiest for you. I guess all right got the motor in got the esc in i’ve, got the pinion all uh squared up so it’s, not too loose, not too tight, so i’m just going to charge up a lipo battery real, quick plug it in make sure the motor is turning. The correct way otherwise we’re gon na have to swap some wires around and then we can completely reassemble it and we’ll. Take it for a test drive all right, it’s. All together, i just calibrated the esc on it. So turn it on and uh wait for the asc to do its thing.

That is gon na go i’m gon na. Take it for a test drive. The push is back on when we’re driving it and we’ll see just how fast we actually have made this thing. Now, all right stealth brushless that i built this is its first run – let’s see if it actually handles any well. Oh what’s going oh on not sounding good good luck! Nice top off uh, so i’ve just turned it off and brought it over i’m gon na have to pull that spur cover off because it sounds like the pinion is either a come off or b. Something has just completely stripped on it. Uh, like i said, i’ve actually not run this, but when i just gave it a squeeze at hiram, it was all running fine, so pull that apart and i’ll have a look at it and then i’ll put some more footage of it. Driving after we figure out what’s wrong with it, okay, so we pulled apart the car and uh. There was nothing wrong with the pinion spur nothing like that. It wasn’t a gearing issue or an issue with the vehicle itself. So the esc is fine. It works it handles it does everything it’s supposed to, but this motor is faulty. It does not spin the pole, but when you put your finger down on the accelerator, you can definitely hear something moving in the lower section of the motor that’s just not connecting to the top half.

So this pole, doesn’t, want to spin at all, but something in here is so i’ve contacted the supplier that i bought this from. Hopefully i hear back from them. Hopefully, i’ll just be able to send this murder off to them and they’ll either fix what’s wrong with it or they’ll. Send me a new one but yeah, unfortunately there’s an issue with this murder. So till i get another murder. The stealth brushless is kind of on hold at this moment, because i don’t know if i’m gon na have to send that asc back as well, but i’m sure we’ll find out anyway, but yeah first time trying to build not a not a good outcome. Having a faulty murder but yeah it’s, nothing to do with what we did, how i assembled it or anything it’s, just this motor just is faulty. So do i recommend building a brushless. I definitely do i’d. Probably just go with a brand that’s, a lot more well known for your parts.