Looking cars so like subscribe hit that notification bell, so you will never miss one of my videos and let’s get into it. So this right here this is a ford um. I forgot the the brand of the car is for something um i haven’t been into uh. I used to watch a lot of car videos and this car used to be um. It was a really nice car. This is a really nice car see a little ford logo. You got the awesome headlights um, you got all the cool little tires underneath this is the rc car. You know you have the remote and then it’ll go like that. It’S really cool. Also, the back headlights right here – the exhausts right here, um right here, you can turn it on and off so yeah that’s. The features of this one, the other one, is also pretty cool, it’s uh, basically, a cops and robbers where this one will chase this. One it’s really cool, and this one has this little bumper thing up: front: um, nice, looking headlights, this is uh. Oh yeah. I know this car. This is the dodge demon, yeah, really nice, fast car. You see it’s a police car dedicated to serve right. There it’s srt dodge demon, srt 911 emergency little blurry and there’s the dodge, the back srt. You can see the srt same thing on this side: cool little police lights right here, you’ll see all this stuff and yeah it’s, really cool i’ll turn on my light.

So you can see all this there’s, this car i’m shining. The light on the headlights looks really cool right. There, yeah i’ll shine it on the it looks like it’s, actually on that’s, really cool right. There let’s see if it actually works on the back headlights, not really, but actually it kinda, does the easier imagination well, i’m gon na be turning this off. Well, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. You guys should go to walmart and buy these. These are really cool uh. They come with two remotes one’s red for this one and other ones, uh blue for this one. So i hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe and hit that bell.