I finally flipped it baby all the way across the parking lot holy, crap, okay, full throttle here, whoa all the way over. I finally flipped it baby all the way across the parking lot holy crap. 600 bucks on the banggood website. This car is 1 7 scale. It is gigantic, so you’re watching this review, because you want to see the drive test of the ex07. It has a 40 82 1900 kv motor on here, and it is running two 3s 5000 milliamp batteries. It has an all metal drive system with cnc aluminum metal parts, and it is one of the largest rc cars i’ve, driven outside of my hpi baja. Now years ago, hpi made the original version of this hoonigan style car. It is a drift race, car and this car. I can’t even explain how much fun this car is i’m, not even into street racing rc cars but or drifting as a matter of fact. So uh this thing surprised me and it was ridiculously fun to drive so i’d say around the real world testing around 15 minute drive time on those two 3s 5000 packs. I believe we’re running up to 6s on this car and i have to say it’s, pretty durable, it’s almost impossible to flip, but i actually was able to flip this car in this review. So i don’t know if anyone else has really curb, checked this car and flipped it. But if you curb check it, it kind of bounces off a curb and the front bumper does pretty good.

I did pop a headlight out and just popped it back in. I had some issues originally with my front leds, not working. You do have headlights and tail lights on this car, but my my headlights seem to come on and they they go off, but we’re gon na drive this thing today and we’re gon na have some major major fun and man. If you spend six hundred dollars on something like this, you expect to have a lot of fun if you spend six hundred dollars right, yeah uh, so i i i have to say that the the fun factor on this is about three hundred percent. Maybe five hundred percent it’s a five star rc car out of the box it’s ready to rip. I didn’t have to build anything on this car. Everything is ready to go. You get a few different packs of stickers on here. You get hoonigan stickers. You get monster stickers, it is, i believe, some type of i think it’s a mustang ford mustang. So you get some ford stickers on here. I didn’t choose to put the ford stickers on there, but we have some extra hoonigan stickers as well, and some monster energy drink stickers, my tripod’s falling over um and i got ta measure this thing before we go out and drive it and it’s so big. I can barely set it on the desk, but let’s get some measurements front to back for you, we’re, looking at about 29 inches long from front to back and side to side.

Just so you guys can get an idea of how big this car actually is. 14 inches across 29 inches from front to back. This thing is a total beast about 28 inches to be exact from front to back so ex07. The hype is real. I mean this thing is freaking insane, so let’s go outside now. Let me show you how fast this drift car actually is and how much fun it actually is to drift this guy. The the the power ratio on here is huge and it is pretty durable here we go Music. So all right guys let’s test, drive this car. Here we go so this is my first battery with the car and we’re just going to do. Some speed runs back and forth, maybe a little bit of drifting and see how much power it has so let’s go ahead. This car looks super awesome, Music, oh yeah drift machine for sure. I definitely don’t want to curb this thing. I’M. Only getting about a quarter on the throttle right here, so i haven’t even go on full throttle. Yet you guys want to see a full throttle. Donut action here we go ready. One two three full throttle right into the curb exactly all right, almost flipped over. I feel, like i can’t flip this car, though Music. There we go wow. It actually left some rubber on the pavement from that burnout, that’s, pretty cool Music wow and it does have brakes so that’s, actually that’s pretty cool different than other rc cars that i’ve driven before i’ve, never driven one with brakes actual brakes.

So cool wow. We got ta put a gps on here and get some speed runs on this car see how fast it goes. Super impressed Music, so rad and i’m, not like a huge fan of like concrete rc cars like i normally have bashers on my channel wow holy crap. Oh wow, almost into the curb there really hard but the brakes work otherwise without brakes on this car. I think i would totally demolish the front of the car. Look at that thing. Definitely don’t want to hit yourself in the legs. With this thing, it’s pretty heavy running two 3s 5000 packs on here in a series i believe, running 6s Music, wow super impressive Music man. Those tires are really good and it’s dry out today, i’ve seen other reviews with wet pavement and i can’t imagine driving this on wet pavement. It even slides around like it’s on ice with dry pavement. You got to think about your next turn with this car. For sure it’s crazy, i feel like i could jump that embankment over there. What do you guys think? Can we try to jump this thing? Get a full throttle, go in and do a little jump. I definitely wouldn’t jump this off a ramp or anything. But wow. Look at that freaking wow. We got to walk over there and check that out baby. She is hot. She is hot all right, i can’t even get it going in a straight line here we got ta like practice, some throttle management here and i wonder what the range on this transmitter is.

I don’t think it’s super far, but let’s come over here, there’s like a little bit of a lip right here i feel like if i was to just get it going. Full speed, we’d probably get a little bit of air. Maybe i don’t know: what do you guys think? Should we try it go way over there get set up here, there’s kind of a curve right there. So maybe i should do it the other way. We just do a little trial here, Music, almost curved. It definitely curb check, curb check, let’s, try it this way. I don’t know if it’s enough incline but it’ll be fun. Why not? Let me get it back over this way and get it straight up straight up, shot, it’s, probably not going to jump, but we’ll give it a shot. Oh boy, we’re going to jump into the curb first, so i can get this thing going straight. I got to really get easy on the throttle. Throttle is super juicy on this car so i’m just gradually going to increase the throttle. Oh yeah, we got a little air there. You guys, you see that that was awesome. Okay, coming from that direction is the way to get a little bit of air. The front end lifted up right. There jump the curb, oh, my god, okay, i don’t want to destroy the body on the car. Ready yeah buddy get a little bit of air there from this way, not so much but there’s a more of an incline on this side.

Well, that’s cool. Have you guys seen this car jumped before that body is super low? That is so much fun? We are definitely putting some scrapes on the front end um catching some front bumper on that landing, so let’s go ahead and set up for another one. Ah, a little hop there that first one we did was super awesome Music, a little bit of air right there. You guys that was cool here we go again. Another speed run. Yeah buddy did a wheelie on that one total wheelie god this car is so cool and i you know the batteries i wish i had another set of batteries i’m. Using the stock batteries. You guys i’m, not using the turnigy nanos, because i saw some guys down in australia, yeah buddy i’m loving this little bump, guys down in australia, the kiwis they uh also demoed this car and he burned up his stock esc using the turning nano pack. So don’t use the tourniquet nano packs. Those are meant for airplanes or rc helicopters. Oh, i really hit the curb that time. We might have some scratches on the body. We’Ll check that out. You will curb check this car let’s check it out any breaks. Any cracks got some scratches along the front fender, just adding some character to this car yeah. We got a little ding on the front right there from that curb check. Oh did i knock out my led. You know my leds are on and off on the front for some reason: they’re not really like, seem to be working right on mine.

I have the servo cable plugged in it’s, like a servo, style, cable and and my front have not been working correct, but it seems that my rear are the brakes are working, so my brake lights are on, but they don’t. Actually, i don’t want to run over myself. They don’t actually turn on when you hit the brakes, so that’s interesting see that they just stay on red. I don’t know if you guys can tell in the video but that’s that’s the way the car does but that’s cool, that you have some kind of like red on the rear and led headlights on this car at night. This thing would look super beasty in a parking deck or something like that or a lit up parking lot. Yeah baby. This car is so much fun to ride so um. One of the things i would suggest is wow. I would suggest putting some kind of battery checker on there with a beeper so that you don’t totally fry your lipo on this car, because this guy is drawing a lot of amps and i believe you can really kill your lipos with this power setup. I mean this thing is insane so much fun to drive? What do you guys think? What do you guys think of this car it’s totally ridiculous? I love this thing and i love the scale that it is it’s so big and i probably have a little bit more battery um i’m just going to go ahead and run it a little more for you guys.

Maybe do a let’s do another jump. Those jumps are so much fun. We’Ll take a look at the underbody of the car as well, yeah, buddy and i’m. Like scared to really really full throttle. This car got really yeah there. We go full throttle over that side. I don’t want to tear it up. You guys this car is pretty legit. Okay, full throttle here, whoa all the way over. I finally flipped it baby all the way across the parking lot holy crap definitely has some scratches on the top, like the wind caught it and just flipped it right over wow. That was crazy. Nothing like a little damage, but no damage to the physical body of the car. I mean the the underbody. Oh yeah. Definitely some road rash there on the top didn’t peel the monster sticker off there, though, but bad she’s still beasty. She is bc. I can wipe that off a little bit, but we’re gon na have some scratches so the canopy it just hit flat pavement, but she slid for like a hundred feet before she stopped. She curb checked again. Over there let’s check out. One of the led headlights have been knocked out so that’s, probably inside the frame i’ll, have to go check that out wow. We better check that out before i leave this area because it could be laying on the ground somewhere i’ll pick that up and repair that, but let’s check out underneath the car that’s been disconnected there.

Oh, it just popped out so we’ll, just pop that back in so that’s cool those are made to break away, and we can plug this back in you’ll, see that they should. They should come on for a second here, Music, a lot of times they come on for me and then they turn back off, see that i don’t know why. It’S doing that so honest reviews, showing you guys the facts here, but god man, this car, is so fun to drive. So the front ones go on sideways like this and the rear ones go on front to back these pins body clips, so cool yep. Definitely a punishing test, and i was worried about this breaking off when i did flip the car, so i got a little road rash there there there a little bit on the front bumper there front, bumper’s still intact. I popped out. One led just pushed that back in door handle popped out a little bit. The tail see how the tail did everything’s still on the tail. We got this lower fin here looks fine attention, there’s a low fin, but man that was like an airplane wing. So if you try to jump this car, it will definitely do a flip and probably land on the top of the body. So something to think about. If you’re trying to jump this car it’s not really a jumper, but it is a ripper so much fun to get air, though, with this car just i just you know what happened.

Was you guys? I was full throttle on that berm right there and we just totally caught too much air and went over backwards, but how freaking cool was that? Oh, my god, so much so much fun burnout city with this car, all right guys welcome back to the drive test. The ex07 – that thing is crazy. I mean burnout city, it will do really nice high speed passes. It says that this car will do 130 kilometers, which is around 80 miles per hour, which i do believe i’m going to put some gps on it later. I might actually put some fpv on this car and do some drifting with some fpv gear, with dji digital fpv and my digital goggles on this car that’s. What we’re going to do next with it on the channel? But if you would like to pick up this car, you can check out the link down below that will benefit the channel i’ll get a little kickback on that, and that would be super awesome. Please also subscribe. If you enjoy my videos, because i don’t do just fpv race drones on the channel, we’re called drone camps, but we do everything we’re kind of like rc camps. We do rc cars airplanes, we do helicopters, we do monster trucks uh if it’s rc. We do it here on the channel, so, if there’s anything that you would like to see coming up, you can check out the vanguard website or any other hobby site out there in the world, and let me know the product that you want to see me review.

Bash and give a durability test too, because i will definitely try to give you an honest opinion and we’ll have some fun here on the channel too so i’m justin davis guys. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing over the years. Please do click subscribe and that notification bell down below so you can find out when the new rc videos and reviews come out on the channel, always new stuff coming up guys, take care, stay humble and be kind.