It never gets me down city of mine how Music what’s up guys welcome to the channel today’s video is a speed run for the world’s fastest d12 for the d12 from wpl, as you saw in the intro it’s, got a little bit more power than stock now. So we’re gon na put it on the bench, have a closer look at it then we’ll get straight in and see how fast we got with it right before we before we look at this. I just want a quick shout out to myself um. If you follow the channel for a while, you know i’ve been asking you to buy me a coffee now it’s, not just because i want your money i’m doing a coffee truck build. We are that far from um having enough money to buy the truck so i’m. Getting a ca10 from king kong really really awesome old school truck i’m going to turn it into like a coffee truck, so we’re gon na have some nice graphics on it. Do some nice weathered colors and stuff like that, and i want you guys to get involved in it and that’s what i’ve been asking for the support once i’ve done all my bits and pieces and done the videos i’m going to raffle it off and all the Money made is going to charity, so even though initially it looks like i’m just asking you for money, it’s going to a worthy course so check the link in the description get involved.

You don’t have to you’ll, still see it on the channel it’s not going to be a secret, build and but off of the buy me a coffee website. I will be putting some posts up to get some ideas from all the guys that supported it. So far on what they’d like to see with electronics and colors, all that sort of stuff anyway, if you just come to see this let’s get in a bit closer, so the d12 from wpl. These are awesome little one temp scale, um suzuki, carries or bedford rascals. If you’re in the uk there daiatsu d1 as well, really cool truck, this is mine. I’Ve got a 4×4 one that i’ve converted i’ve got a drift. One and i’ve got this one. So what i’ll do first i’ll? Just let you have a look at it. Although you would have seen it on the intro and you’ll see it in this video, but we’ll talk about the wheels we’ll talk about the electronics and the hardware in there, like the gearing and then we’re gon na get straight out and i’m gon na show you The first speed run on 2s and 3s, so, if you’re not familiar with this whole speed, run challenge it’s been set up by wpl i’ll leave a link in the description to the wpl facebook page and, if you’re not on facebook, i’ll leave a little link to Where you can find some more info on the categories, i’ve gone for the stock class, which is stock, chassis stock, drive train basically and with the body, but you can do modified there’s front wheel drive.

I think you can do rear wheel drive. I don’t know if there’s a four wheel drive i like the clean stock. Look, i know the wheels are a bit different. I, like the clean stock chassis, look so that’s what we’ve gone for there’ll be links in the description for everything, loads of links in the description the motor i’m using is a race star. I think it’s a race star, 7 700 kv brushless 35 amp brushless esc out of an lc racing, emb truggy stock, servo, dumbo, rc, transmitter and receiver with a gyro in there wpl metal gears in the gear box. I’Ll leave a link to them, metal, um, proper wpl drive, shaft metal axle metal gears in there i’ve put a little lowering block in there, so it just brings the um suspension down a bit and on the front i didn’t realize at first there’s little holes in The top arms you can use them as droop screws, so i’ve lowered the front down a little bit as well other than that it’s pretty stock. I know everyone’s going to be asking about these wheels. They are contact rc. I want to say gt12 i’ll leave a link to them and i’ve had some 3d printed adapters made for them to fit. So, as you can see, it sits really really wide, really low, really nice and stable. It was so that’s the basics of the build. You will find loads more information on the um Music.

The challenge it goes. It runs to the end of may so. You’Ve still got time to enter it. I’Ve extended it to july. For something i’m doing, i’ll leave a link to my video and i’ll, probably put it at the end of this video as well um there’s money to be won. You could win money from getting one of the fastest d12, so check out my video that i’ve left at the end remember to check out the link for the coffee truck, build let’s have a look at how fast this thing got so first run 2s. Now i think, i think, that’s what we got beat 38.4 mile an hour or say 38 and a half mile an hour. Gps is on 12 satellites right here we go well we’re, definitely not beating it on twitter, on 2s that’s flat out uh, okay Applause. I don’t know if that 38 mile an hour with a stock gearbox i’ve, not had a look yet. What was that not a lot 15 mile an hour all right, 3s run. I think we need to uh rethink this speed. If it survives it should do, it should do famous last words right. We are ready to go let’s check, it’s reading yup, all right. We should be able to break 20 miles an hour there. We go it’s a little flying machine. Well, at least it looks g’day that’s, all i’m gon na say at least it looks good 21 mile an hour first test now i’m gon na have to rethink this.

I didn’t want to move away from the stock gearbox. I just like the clean look of it. All completely stuck, i don’t, know anyway, 21 mile an hour that’s. My official entry into the uh d12 stock speed runs, oh oh, broken the steering. Have i broken the steering oh well, miss steering. I think my survey might have slipped out of the little um bracket under there. I was going to see if we could pop some wheelies with it. I fixed it reckon we can do it early.