A jordan fan for life is that for life i don’t know what the hell it means, but uh best basketball, player ever michael jordan. Now he doesn’t have a tire named after, not that i know of anyway, but uh i normally don’t get excited about tires. So this is a special video, proline and it’s named after, i think kobe bryant, with the black mamba Music. This tire is the craziest tire. You could imagine in use what are you going to use it for, i think, just ripping through mud and sand and dirt on your scaler, your bomber uh, whatever hex you want to fit, but i just had to do a video on this, because this doesn’t even Look like a tire in many ways, looks like a like a death frisbee or something like that and kobe has a tire named after him. Black mama proline i’m gon na do a little video on how to put these together, because i was kind of surprised. There was no instructions, and these are directional. You’Ve got a little uh pattern. They kind of do a v this way or that way. So you do have to pay attention something i’m, not known for um, and then it comes with a two hex adapter, so you can go wide and narrow, so interco black mambas and the vice crush lock, which is the bead lock. You need for these tires. If you want to install these bad boys on something, you need both of these from proline quick little uh, how to video just to show you how to line things and a little bit of tips of uh.

Getting all the holes lined up because bead locks can be a pain in the old took us, so let’s do a little video, just a quick, showing the parts. Little tips get this baby installed on something and get excited about a tire. What what’s going on in the world 2021, i don’t, know let’s, do it. I just showed you a quick little video of all the parts that come in the the bead lock rims. So i want to go over something that isn’t pointed out in the instructions which is fine that’s. Why we have videos – i guess, that’s, why we’re here right um, you basically get four parts. You have an inner ring, an outer ring and the center ring that are all directional, so the easiest way to figure out the outer ring is the outer ring the screw goes into it. So outer ring very easy to find out inner ring to where the hex is going to be small holes. Uh 1.5. This is going to be a tech tip in the future, but a 1.5 millimeter wrench fits in here that’s, an alignment tool in tech terms, 1.5 millimeter, wrench, pinion gear, wrench, small enough or whatever you have small enough to help you align will save you time in The future the center crush lock is also directional easiest to see that this is the hex side, because the keys in this way, with whatever hub you’re, going to use so that’ll snap in there after you don’t, have to put those on now, because you can decide If you want the the wide wheel base or the narrow after it’s five screws – and you can change it out so it’s kind of interchangeable, which is nice, but you that’s the inside hub one that screws into inside hub outside with the screw in it outside hub.

The next thing is which i forgot to have the tires open, so you got to do it. Is it since the tires are directional? You got to pay attention you make, i got to make a left and a right left and a right if you screw up you’ll have one tire backwards and you look like an idiot i’ve done it before it’s been in magazines in the past, where the tire Direction is not the right way and you notice it after oops uh easy to fix. If you like, taking screws out another tech tip. I don’t know if you watched my last videos, but i lost all my tips here found them all much happier. This one does not key in so it’s gon na a little loose, but this will save you time. Energy uh, just remember, is you can strip screws out. This has an electronic clutch it’s down to like two three um, but just pay attention at the end. They do crush together and you got ta watch and you got ta build it like you. I don’t know if you ever change the tire before, but you do want the star pattern to tighten things, so you don’t walk it around wrong, so that’s an easy tip on the direction and the spacing of the tires i’m going to open the bag and then I’M, going to do a little quick video to show you it being put together for fun, not really that exciting, but if you enjoy watching paint dry, uh you’ll enjoy this video of a tire being put together.

Although this is more fun, i hate painting all right. We got the tires out pretty sick, pretty rad huge lugs. I mean craziness, like i said before, never got excited about tires, but here we are we’re excited first step. You can clean all this crap, but it’s a bead lock. You know windex on the inside makes it smart. I already have two tires built, so i got these directional already. I could probably take my uh ghetto stand out of there. Oops hey it’s, not live but i’m, not going to edit that out. So i already have the left and right you can see the tread pattern has an arrow i’m doing them forward. You can obviously flip them around if you feel like you want that dig pattern. So just as long as you build two lefts and rights you’re going to be happy, if you do three lefts you’re, not gon na, be happy trust me. So i already have these built this one i’m gon na go this side and i’m gon na build the right side, uh tire that’s in the video, but i don’t really care inside again. So this is the inside pattern, so i got lined up. You got the keyed in for the the axe, the hub, the hex adapter, basically you’re just going to jam this sucker in here. Nothing fancy nothing pretty just jam it in you may make it look fancier, but kind of move it around get in there make sure you’re not crushing the foam in there.

There is foam in these and you can see that it’s going to sit in the heck and the the groove here to bead lock in this is the bead that’s, the sidewall, so we’re in there swimwear and we look pretty good so remember, that’s the inside key. So, i’m building a right side tire this will key in this is the hex adapter, depending on your vehicle, where you need the spacing, you can choose the narrow or the wide they give you both in there. Thank you pro line, get the screws to do that. Again, the outside bead lock is easy to find out because if the screw goes in it’s the outside this one doesn’t go in inside bead, lock next to the the hex outside. So what’s going to do is we’re going to key in through here and it’s, going to crush by sucking in this side easy alignment tip 1.5 millimeter wrench. Why 1.5? Because, on the other side, you got to go through to help you line stuff, the more 1.5! You have a little easier i like to use uh two just to get it started basically you’re just going to go key them in make sure that’s it’s, not a 1.5 let’s uh let’s be smart here, let’s read the numbers so 1.5 1.5. So now you have two cross lined up it’s, not that tricky, but you know, obviously you got to be smarter than the tool here, sometimes that’s hard to be, and what you’re going to do is line it up like this.

This gives you now you have an alignment it could. It could be off a little bit wiggling, but basically you’ve got it in where it’s supposed to go. Give it a little tug to make sure that you’re in the bead lock you’re, not pinching the side wall. Same thing on the top just wiggle it around you don’t screw anything down yet so just pay attention and get it kind of in there and one screw in the side. You should be able to feel it snap in the back. A little bit use your trusty drive here. You just need to get. It started, oop that’s more than started that’s almost crushed, but uh. It was a little easier than i thought. Go across the bead again. The little 1.5 is there to help you align stuff, make it way easier than a monkey in a football reference here falls out, it’s, not a big deal. Eventually, you can feel it snap and it starts to suck in which that did not do uh. You can always check the back side it should you should feel it snap again. These little guides are not 100 aligned yeah. I had a i had to pull around with that. A little bit i’m, not really sure what my problem was. I just restarted and kind of like went through everything again again use that as a basic alignment. Somehow i got it to snap in – and i don’t know if i just dumb, which is a very good possibility again i’m, not trying to tighten these down on the first thing: i’m, just trying to get it aligned and the bead lined up.

So once you figure that out again, i did two before this and had zero problems and, of course, to be on camera, it’s, always going to look bad because that’s what we are and i’m just trying to. I wish this was a had some variable throat or throttle there. Anybody wants to make a cordless, uh makita with the speed control on it, but once you get it it’s pretty simple again, you were supposed to do a star pattern. You could also probably walk it around again. What you got to make sure you’re doing is make sure that’s on camera, if you’re doing video, smart, you’re, just getting everything started and then it’s probably going to be hard to show, but in here here’s a little pointer. This is where the bead is there’s a gap and basically you’re going to watch it and you’re just going to suck it in again. This has an electronic clutch that i set. I want to go back to two. It did work on most of them as it shut off once they get sucked down. Just give it a half a twist to get a little tighter. You don’t want to strip these out because once you strip them out you’re pretty much done. Obviously, these are reusable. I can’t imagine that you’re going to wear these down, but if you did congratulations, you’re my hero like to see some video of that just get them all tight. I think it was right on the three.

This is crazy. Tires man, i don’t know if you’re in tires, usually it’s, just a new pattern. You’Re like oh it’s, a square it’s, a fuzzy. You got some step pins, it looks like a bf goodrich tire. These are just sick and again you got to make sure you do. The direction this is the right side: i’m going to build let’s, see my hands i’m going to build the other tire, the last one off camera, because i can’t imagine. Anybody wants to watch four of these i’m going to mount them up to gon na find a rig to mount them up to just to see how they fit and then show the difference in width but black mambas, proline, kobe, sorry, man. I know you’re great, but uh i’m looking for the jordan tires uh they’re best of the air but i’m, not trying to make fun of kobe, but uh amazing tires build a fourth one. We’Re gon na show what it looks like on a kit. We’Ll do a little frontal action here you ever smell. Your tires makes your hands stink, very distinct, smells of rubber. I don’t know if it’s a good smell or a bad smell, yet i’m trying to figure that out. But i mean you could definitely just smell compounds. You don’t need the dots like scratch and stuff what’s that smell like swampy fish water, i don’t know yeah we’re gon na line up and then uh i’m gon na try to figure out where i’m gon na mud drag and the only thing bad about that is Dirty cars, which is never fun let’s, get a car on the table, so we’re done bolted up.

I uh use the element: rc gatekeeper as uh my test rig for these. I i look at i’m gon na keep laughing because they’re just so ridiculous. Redonkulous we’re gon na bring that word back ri donculus that this thing looks so nuts i mean they’re like saw blades but sickness, okay, it’s just so crazy. I don’t know what proline was doing that day, that this was a great idea but holy crap. Thank you for doing the silly. The stupid, the insane mud tires. Mud drags let’s, do this stuff, let’s just race in the mud and then leave them there, because i don’t want to clean it afterwards. But uh hey those look hot, and this is the white offset uh. One of the things that you’re gon na have to watch is a full turn. First of all, this thing has too much articulation that’s nuts uh, so it doesn’t hit anything. So you got a body, you got to make sure that you have endpoint adjustments right or physical stops. Probably because this thing will tear you up, uh black mambas, you may have switched me. I think jordan you’re out the mamba we’re in we’re in proline, goes on a lot of stuff. You got a hex slap these babies on it i’m. Looking at my b6 over here, i think it might be better with some some butt tires. Let’S. Do it i’m? Not going to do that really, but i did notice that i put him on backwards.

I’M, an idiot so remember all the stuff. I just said in the beginning, make sure you’re paying attention. Just prove prove me, prove me right, i’m, an idiot, so front ones are on backwards. I’M, gon na flip. Those still awesome. Looking, but good job derek see Music, and just so you know i fixed them now they’re the right way, everything i just said.