Insiders were out here on a nice day at the playground and were going to introduce you to this new uh rc company that we heard of theyre called crowball uh. They got actually have like a whole line of cool stuff, guys check them out uh. I will link in the description to where you can check out this truck, but they have a whole bunch of cool stuff, so were gon na check out this one uh. This is a 118 scale, it is four wheel, drive uh. It says up to 36 kilometers an hour, so it should be pretty peppy but were just going to take a quick look in here: uh and okay. Oh, it is 100 ready to run guys. Uh drop drop, a couple double as on the uh transmitter and you are ready to go independent suspension and it will run on 2.4 gigahertz uh control system. So actually it looks pretty cool on the outside and were always excited to get something new and cool. Uh heres your controller from crowball feels like your standard controller, feels nice got a little foam wheel on it. Positive stops, of course, has a throttle trim on it guys. So if you got a beginner, keep that throttle trim all the way down until they get used to it and then, of course, runner all the way up and of course it has steering trim right here on the controller. So i always hated those little rcs with the the steering trim on the bottom, so heres.

What the truck looks like guys pretty awesome. Little basher looks like i really. I really been getting into these little 118s theyre, nice and cheap, and you can do a lot to them and theyre fun to run tires. Just feel like your standard rubber tires got some nice grippies on them, and i said it does have for the four wheel. Independent, its just spring break spring shacks on there guys im going to look into some oil upgrades of course makes the ride a whole lot better, but excellent price on this thing, guys look. It has a little wheelie bar on it all right. Just take a quick look under the hood: got your little esc on there, its got a 380 brush motor on it, cool little green heat sink on it kind of goes cool with the body and the heat sink, and the shocks and stuff guys looks pretty sweet. Uh, i believe it was a 300 milliamp lipo battery in there and it does come with two so get plenty of batch time out of it and the headlights, as you can see, already installed, uh pretty cool, looking basher guys were gon na run around here on This nice day and see what it does and then well wrap it up and talk a little bit about it. But you can see everything, looks nice and accessible everythings put together with screws, so well look into some upgrades, and hopefully they got a nice line of parts because you know what were gon na do were gon na break something right guys all right give us a Second, here well get set up and well run it around and see what it does and real quick guys before we get bashing uh, of course, read your instruction manual and it does come with a little goodie box which will contain your second battery.

Your standard usb charger and, of course, every hobby grade truck, should have a little bag of tools. You got your four way lug right there and you got your little screwdriver and some extra pins which im looking at those are the the pins with the pull pads. So were gon na go. Obviously you want to get rid of these little uh body, pins, those pains and the butts and replace them right away with the pull tabs awesome. All right lets match this thing, all right guys. As always. The first thing we want to do is a range test, so were going to run it out until it stops see the pepper on it. Yeah buddy, i love doing donuts with these 118s. They get so small out in the parking lot you cant tell which direction theyre going, but it looks like its dead right there. So were going to walk that off and well well get a quick distance on control range, real, quick, all right, guys, uh control range on the crowball 118 scale. 4X4 monster truck is 330 feet. I believe that they specked it out at 300 feet so easily exceeded that at 330, feet on the control range. Awesome all right guys check out that tight little turning radius on this thing. Talking about turning on a dime right Applause, i also wanted to show you that throttle trim. So if you turn it all the way down thats as fast as it goes so thatd be perfect.

You got a youngster just getting into the hobby thats it right there, thats full trigger with your throttle, trim all the way down, and then you can see the difference if you turn all the way up: Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, hey, while its out there. Well see how it does in the grass thats some thick grass there buddy getting right through it. Applause, oh yeah, aint, no bash complete until you flip it right guys. Applause, oh guys, the fun little basher here, boy, a reverse, donut Applause, Music Applause; oh he flips! It into a mud, puddle, of course, yeah leave it up to me guys the only mud puddle within 10 miles from here – and i crash it right into it: Applause, Music, Applause, so Applause, oh, that was a nice head on hit, lets, go see if we broke Anything Music, nothing broke guys. Its got a nice uh, steady, bumper right there in the front. I was hoping it would jump that, but i just slammed right into it: Applause thats, how good the brakes work guys! I just hit the brakes. Oh, i love it. Its got some nice speed, guys really Applause yeah, the best flips and i dont have to chase him: Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, so Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Applause, all right guys. What did you think of the little 118 crow bowl? A pretty awesome? Little basher guys uh, as always, you put something in my hand its going to put a smile on if you put a controller in my hand, thats going to put a smile on my face.

This is no different, a pretty awesome, little 118 scale, basher uh, the 380 motor gave it plenty of hour for uh. You know power, four wheel, drive 18 scale truck uh, really quick uh. If i had to throw a number out there id say somewhere around 17 to 20 miles an hour which is pretty awesome, what else can we say about it? Pretty pretty sweet little deal guys with the batteries uh easily got 20 minutes out of a battery uh, fair warning. It did take about an hour to charge the battery, but you know you get 20 minutes out of each battery like that ill. Give you 40 minutes! Uh the motor got a little bit warm towards the end there, but, like i said i was basically around the trigger for 20 minutes. Uh, we flipped it. We rolled it, definitely slammed it into a bunch of stuff out here. Uh. It had a good time on the rock climbing wall, not really, but it did. It took a good beating out here, uh, so definitely two thumbs up on the crow bowl guys uh go ahead and check it out, like i said, theres a link in the description directly to this truck uh and they have a whole line of stuff. So go ahead and give them a give them a check out guys. I hope you all are starting to enjoy summertime. I know we are here in michigan, its uh. We cherish it its precious and its short so well be out here as much as we can.