So this game cross rc emo 84. I wasn’t a fan of cross rc before because they were all hard bodies with a weak and sloppy transmission good for scale, but not good for performance, and our cv is all about performance, upgrading and all that jazz. But lo and behold they came out with this vehicle, pretty good price. I believe it’s 370 dollars for this particular kit and i think 400 450 for a ready to run so cheaper, 520 and 490. For that one, so, cheaper and but it’s not that’s, not the end of story. They offer so much for that money. So for 370 we got this. It is a bronco brazer, chevy blazer, but more of a bronco with a nice grill so very attractive. Molded pieces, the vipers, the the mirrors doorknobs it’s, got a very nice grille, really nice bumper, with these using so they come chrome. So so that’s really what’s got going for it. Lenses here led lenses, front and rear and they have a fascinating led. The led basically has a pcb board that makes it bright and i think controls the the uh the spread and the color of the light. So it’s a beautiful, yellow, color, not the bright white, which is not scale for this era of vehicles, so they even got the color right on the downside. It has body posts. You know that’s, not very kosh, kosher, it’s, that’s, not very modern these days and the proportions are a little bit off, so it looks good but it’s not quite there.

You know the windows here are a little small. It looks big and small on on some on some pieces, but it definitely passes the sniff test. We gave it just a strange color, something unique we like to do a different color every time, the mirrors flex, which is a very good idea. The these will take a lot of a lot of hits a lot of beating everyone. These things, no matter what you do, they’re, either going to break or they’re going to bend. This is flex 2, which is kind of cool. So you got to think about these things, so why don’t i take off the body so plus and minus right. Definite plus is the the body and the lights that they include. You know they have a. You can see a board there very nicely done. Not the stiffest chassis has very nice sliders, they are plastic, but plastic does slide well, as long as your shape is good and the shape is excellent. The body posts nicely wide and positioned the inner wheel. Wells are some of the best in class because they are so nicely shaped, rounded. You know very realistic, you can hardly see them and they give a lot of clearance to the tires to the big tires that they have. So the the shocks are very nice across rc. You know they’ve always had nice shocks, but over here they now have a platform that’s going to appreciate these shocks.

Dual rate springs. Uh. You can see the articulation full articulation out of the box right there. No need to modify anything we’re, not pre loading. Anything right now. The fascinating thing about this vehicle is for the money it has portal axles, it has two speed transmission and it has remote, locking unlocking differentials boom. You know that just happened. How do they come up with that? You know for a company that just that’s just not known for for trail crawlers, so uh. It also has a brand new transmission right here. So the the two speed really works, so there’s no overdrive on the drive. As far as i know, the two speed is more than a two to one ratio, so it’s quite fast, and you can get on on second gear. First gear, you get a lot of control. The locking unlocking diffs, despite our doubts, actually works with one click of a switch on the remote, both front and rear, will lock and unlock and that’s. Really, what you need you don’t need to do the just the rear. It just doesn’t do anything uh if they’re not independent, completely independent um, so that’s kind of amazing that it that it actually works they’re hidden in there um i’ll tell you a few downsides of this vehicle in a couple minutes, but uh. Let me get to the uh the nitty gritty first, so you can see some thought went into it, there’s even indentation here and i believe that’s for uh.

If you wanted an interior, no interior included, but if you wanted one, they give you the space. The the motor is fairly low, assembled already the the transmission let’s get to the bottom of this thing. So here is your underside, a very a pretty flat belly. Nice pumpkins here not a lot of exposure and it has portal axles so just kind of kind of kind of mind, blowing uh what they offer for the money for the remote, locking, unlocking diffs. They use a system similar to traxxas. They have a cable here with a housing, pretty nice metal, nice metal joints. The big links over here i believe these are six millimeter links and very pretty good steering uh for this vehicle. So one of the biggest really surprises on this vehicle is the wheels. The wheels are amazing, so they’re 4.7 inch tires that look really good nice and soft nice nice straight pattern that looks scale as well, so just just mind blowing you know: it’s got some some. Some good realistic thread and some siping that gives it extra grip, but the wheels themselves, i believe, are 750 grams that’s, just unheard of meaning. It already has a a lid or a steel or a brass ring in there for it to be that heavy. They have a lot of experience on hard bodies and so to offset the heavy weight of the thousand gram hard body. They already have these wheels, so they put these in this kit and it’s really an unfair advantage against these other ones.

These other ones, if you wanted these wheels, uh or something a similar setup you’d have to spend. I don’t know at least 100 bucks 100 bucks extra, so that is really cool so on the downsides one is it takes special servos for the transmission and differentials anything else. Anything stock is not going to work uh and we have to get cross rc servos. So luckily they were on sale, 19 bucks instead of 30 bucks and a big another big downside is. It now has a clutch, so i complained on the last version: they had no clutch and it strips out the gears. This thing now has a clutch. The problem is, the clutch is deep deep in here, so you have to pull the motor out. You have to take the transmission apart and then you tighten the clutch and and to make things worse, they made the clutch too loose at the factory, so it’s guaranteed to slip in my first two minutes of playing with this vehicle. The clutch started: slipping i’m like oh, no, so we did our test. We just had to avoid. You know all these. All these jammed up situations, so we were able to get some good running out of it, but i have to get in there it’s about a half hour to probably an hour just to put it all back together, just to tighten that clutch. So a very unfortunate situation: uh we’ll, have a a link to another video that shows you how to do it exactly if you do it before you assemble the whole thing: it’s, probably a 5 10 minute job so but color is impressed this.

Actually, all things considered won the shootout right here, because it performed amazing the front weight. You know the heavy wheels nice tires really gave it an advantage and what it offered for the for the money was insane. You know, you know. Fifty hundred dollar lights included, um let’s, say fifty dollar lights uh. You know two speed, locking unlocking divs and a a complete scale body. We were impressed so here’s the running video hope you enjoy it. Thank you. We are going to start off with some modulation tests. As you can see, modulates really well with the stock motor two speed transmission really helps there here’s the acceleration top speed first gear and then second gear right there second gear it ramps up the speed you know, with the heavier gearing which is understandable. Motor is not very strong, it’s a 540. here, as you can see, the discs are unlocked with a flick of the remote. The diffs are locked, so that’s both for front and rear and there’s something really cool, and now we can do a little backyard. Trailing nice tolerance on the transmission on this here, the demonstration it slips with unlocked diffs, and then you lock them remotely a little bit of fun a little bit of realism. There same thing here coming at you, but you can see those headlights are really cool you’re. Actually able to see with them at night and it’s got a nice warm color, that’s realistic for the era right there gets out of a jam, nice tires and here’s, something really remarkable.

We did this for maybe 5 10 minutes where you just rally and what’s amazing, is with unlocked diffs and heavy wheels. It doesn’t flip over it’s like a trx4, but even a little better than the trx4 blazer it’s, just nicely poised and that’s kind of what impressed us for a trail crawler, not bad, huh, so fun so there it is no overdrive on the drive, but everything else Is here good deal for the money, and here it is descending, not a lot of drag break on that motor just a 540 it could be. This could be a lot better with a 550, but here it is a little bit of a slipping clutch issue too. So out of the factory that needs you know before you assemble this kit, you need you need to tighten that thing, because otherwise it becomes an hour job or half hour job, and here it is what’s. Cool is it’s nicely poised nicely balanced. Looking for grip a little steeper here and that’s, not an easy line that it just did and here all the doom we tried to help it out a little bit to see if it could grip one settled in, but not quite. This is a tricky one left turn and it’s able to do it even as it’s stalled. You know without any momentum, a little descent here you could see that the the rear sat down – and here is that tricky one again does really well and that’s side hill and a climb that requires clearance, so it was really cool here.

This is completely stock stock. Tire stock motor stock wheels not a single upgrade and it’s able to do some of this harder stuff with a big body. You know all these vehicles they do well with. There was no body, but this guy it’s got a big body right here right there, but you know it’s in the jam, but it’s it’s it’s it’s settled over here a little bit of a ledge ledge, climbing one thing: you’ll notice. Is it modulates? Well, really, nice steering radius and it just claws over stuff that they sent there a little too much for it. The suspension articulates right when you need it keeps the body solid, so it did really well against the best of the best. So click on the left corner for does the shootout, but here it is fun and games in the end that little tug of war little speed test little tug of war, and it did well even with the sleeping clutch.