I finished the build recently and i really like it now. Ive made a small change and it came with this tray. Just four screws hold it on now: it has a battery box with its own little latch and an opening rear tray. Now the rear tray is very nice, i quite like it, but it wasnt what i had planned for this build. So i thought lets get a little bit more mud, runner esque. So, as you can see, ive um i painted every single bit: okay, not every single bit. I missed a few bits but uh for the most part, its been completely finished in either black or brown. With a few conspicuous white areas that i missed, but thats, okay, the bonnet and doors dont, open, theres, no glass for the side windows, but theres plastic on the front and rear air box is held in with screws. Everything else is kind of held in together. Its a functional spare, although its a plastic wheel now as opposed to the rc4, drive six by six, the man cat one. The links on this six bus six system makes sense. You get metal, uh drive, shafts for a start, and your links are self referential to a center point. Nothing comes out behind it, which is great everythings, held on nicely its, not just glued theres. A lot of metal hardware involved as well, which is good now. It comes with a 45 turn brushed motor.

You need to supply your own steering server and first and second gear change. Servo, not much else tools, glue, paint, uh, minimal hardware, thats about it, the manuals very good. I dont remember coming across any issues with it and it was an enjoyable build.