This is an odd scale about 1 11th. So the proportions had to be right here. It is during the measuring phase. You never know what youre gon na get, so you got ta test fit a brass welded chassis was made specifically for this to be rigid and supportive, and here it is on the test, fit with some attachments, a tent, a bike first time out see if the Lengths are okay and we have some lights. All we need is a driver. Okay, good day, im bob mckenzie. This is my brother doug hows. It going eh welcome to our movie okay, so we got inspiration from bob mckenzie and his brother doug in their quest for free beer in that movie, the great north and got the figures and they fit perfectly. What do you know? Look at that interior really, amazing. So before we get to the test run and get some free beer, we are going to show you what went into the act. Wall 73 bronco build. It is something not to be missed and see it perform as well with and without the trailer someday. But right now he built a car that is just unbelievable, um, its something he owns in real life, a bronco and its something hes been dreaming of for for many years. So so randy talk about the the the the brand model, the original vision for this vehicle. So i was looking at wanting to get a bronco.

That is a scale bronco. That was somewhat my opinion, true to scale and the only one i was able to find that i was happy with was the tamiya uh bronco body that was available, but during the bell i didnt realize how small it was, but it is, in my opinion, the Most scale that i can find so for the body comparison you can see here. This is your 12.3 proline bronco, 73 bronco body um. For me its just, i wasnt happy with it. It was just way too big in my opinion and like i said, but you can see just the difference in size and this things so tiny in relation to 12.3 raw base and then, as far as the chassis goes um, this kind of gives you an idea. You know the ssd chassis was originally 12.3 inches and now youre looking at this one, which is roughly nine anywhere from nine to nine three quarters, ten inches. What i ended up doing is. I took this perfectly good lexan shell of a body and hacked up every panel i could think of, and the thought was to have the lexan mimic your body panels of a vehicle. So what i ended up doing is basically creating the actual bronco tub and and recreating all the components and moving parts um. So you can see where you have first. First, you chopped off the roof right, oh yeah. First it was the roof and then from there.

I kind of just uh, i didnt stop with the exacto knife, because my thought was well. If the roof comes off, broncos always had doors that came off then i was like. Well now i got a chassis with an engine. I wanted to show off the engine. So now the hood opens up and then being that you have a scale engine you have to have a scale engine uh um. You know a inner fenders, your firewall, your radiator support, and so i actually ended up making a front clip the front. Clip comes off, but i did get carried away on uh. Making hinges that allow you to take the doors off and handmade hinges, yeah out of copper like say a little carried away and then making inside door panels the door framing theres a magnet inside of here and inside of here, which allows it to stay closed. So there it is a lot more details on this vehicle, but well stop at that its time to take this out for a ride super exciting. We changed the wheels on the trailer to make sure they are appropriate. This movie was shot in 3b, three beers and it looks good eh theres no way ill crash this. This is a beer truck Music yeah when they hear the sound of the drum theyll be saying: oh lord. Here they come yeah. Here we come huh here we come here, we come here, we come here, we come Music and when you hear the sound of the drum well be saying here, we come hey here.

We come here: Music, Music, Music, im, gon na stand with my feet: Music little professional yeah, bless, sweat and suggestion. If you hating on me, i dont hear your bad score on my drivers test, never check my rear view swarm on them. Yeah we coming in here. Music, yes, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, never Music.