Rc’S version of an element gatekeeper the issue with the element. Gatekeeper is not the quality of the kit it’s, not the quality of the plastics it’s, not the way it looks it’s, not the cage it’s, not the chassis, it’s, the cage and the chassis together. What happens with um a an rc when you just stick a cage on top of a standard, uh c channel chassis? Is you end up with a very tall, rc and it’s difficult to lower it so uh? What i’ve done is i’ve stuck a g speed, uh steel, raw steel chassis that i’ve painted up in there to make it into a belly dragger, and i just wanted to run through some of the features and some of the things that i’ve just done to make. It a little bit better. The reason why i’ve kept it in the gatekeeper configuration ie the trailing arm rear end is because it gives me a 13 and a bit inch wheelbase. So you gain an inch basically on your wheelbase, which is exactly what i wanted. I wanted to bob the chassis which i’ve done and i wanted to extend the wheelbase. I also wanted to lower the truck and, of course, you can do that when you start putting it on a belly. Dragger, essentially a belly drag a chassis. It gives you a lot of different shock mounting locations um. What i’ve done in the back is i’ve actually mounted the shocks i’ve taken them off.

The trailing arms and i’ve mounted them on the rear, axle tubes, which gives me even more flex, and there is no um a sway bar in the back anymore. I don’t need it um, the geometry on the front wasn’t, quite right um. I had originally needed to put in some upper links from an xcx 10 2, which pushed my um front. Uh axle uh tilted it forward like this and just put it in the wrong position for and aft. I left it because i sent it over to my brother in law’s together something printed which i’ll come onto in a second. It didn’t happen, so i got it back because he was busy and – and i am dinard about this and then i realized that i had bought the entire element. Rc um high clearance, uh links, so i basically put on the links that you would put the high clearance links that you would put on a element: rc enduro. I put them on this, which i’m really pleased with. I also managed to adapt the original element. Uh. Sorry, the um this uh um, like i guess, belly, protection that i got from um, the guy on ebay, the artful artful dodger or whatever his name is. I really wanted to use this again, so i needed to adapt it to fit this new chassis and the g speed transmission plate. I wanted to do that because not because the transmission plate is beautiful, it’s delrin it’ll slide, but the things that won’t slide are the element.

Rc side panels underneath here, they’re really bumpy they’ve got um ridges all over them and they they just catch on everything. So this has got a nice lip at the front and it works beautifully um when i attached the when i chopped this and then attached it, i actually have attached it so from the side. I don’t really like that belly. Dragger look. I think it looks a bit odd. So from the side it looks like the chassis is actually sitting flat, but it’s not it is sat like a burly dragger ready to drag its belly, but i didn’t want it to look like that: i’m running, punk, custom, 1.9, bead locks and i’ve got them. The reverse way why? Because the other thing about a gatekeeper is that its track was very, very narrow, and now i feel i have a more realistic track. Width i’m happy with this um. It works well um, i’m, just noticing that i need to do a little bit on this. This shock is a little bit skew, so we need to change that. I need to put a spacer in that we’ll. Take a spacer out at the top or put a spacer in the bottom anyway um. So i did that all of the panels are from artful dodger on ebay. The lighting system is from artful dodger. I got two spots uh in two light bars in the front and one in the rear. They’Re really really cool, although they did come with one led and each front light bar, not working which was annoying um.

To be honest, he did offer for me to send it back to him, but he’s in poland. Oh, you know it works, so i just run with it um. I also went with his um servo on axle mount, which is really really beefy plate steel plate that sandwiches it onto the axle it’s super solid it’s not going to go anywhere. This is a funny link that i found i don’t even know where it’s from it seems to work. Well, i got ssd brass on front and rear axles, so the port of the um, the s this the steering car the caster – ends sea hubs. Whatever my mind is not working steering arms, they are all um brass. The diff covers are black brass for and aft, so that’s pretty cool. That gives me a lot of weight. Low down. Um the steel element. Links are heavier than the rear plastic trailing arms, which also brings some weight forward i’m running a thousand ma 3s battery, but i can fit far bigger batteries. If i want to trail in the original battery tray, which i have fitted um fitting the um chassis, the g speed chassis is not for the faint hearted. I know i did a piece on this, but these steel, raw steel chassis do not want to bend and i needed to actually really work hard to brace it enough, so it didn’t bend. It was bending the delrin transmission plate like like a like a blinking.

I don’t know like a kebab, we would say in this in this country, but you guys would in the us would say a taco um. So i really needed to use a lot of this aluminium and brass bracing. I then actually genuinely put it in the oven for a few hours at 50, 60 degrees just to try and relax them the metal a little bit, and then i left it on a shelf with all of these um bars in place and the transmission plate. Nothing else on for about a week for it to settle and stop straining itself, which it has done it’s relaxed. Now i can you, can you can just see that the the transmission plate is flat and these were actually bending these brass links, so they’ve stopped bending, which is great um, so yeah we have got um my version of a element gatekeeper with, i hope most of The structural issues fixed – we still need to do some tuning, but for now, i’m super super pleased, i’m running pro line: original foams. With these that came with these uh crawler ta um uh uh. What are they called? I don’t know i can’t see their standard pro line: um foams in there or are they dual stage yeah? They are sorry dual stage in the front proline dual stage and a proline single stage in the rear, um, so i’m going to run it like that. For the time being, anyway, that was a really long technical hobby wing fusion in there and a for a servo i’m using my tried and tested ludicrous lipos servo off ebay.

I think they are 31 kg, but tons of torque and that’s plenty for this little rig.