I really didn’t you’re perfect. Just as you are a little 1.0 rig. Look at those cute little 1.0 tires on there. Oh, you need a cone. You need a cone. Yes, it needs a cone. Look at that little guy with the cone in his mouth Laughter. You grow into a format. One day you see real, oh, yes, you will load the little ties on this guy. I just look at the little times you just want to squeeze them. I just want to squeeze. You need new tires and eat them up, just eat them up on the rocks. Oh, i didn’t like that. One. Oh, you got ta, you got ta, be quiet around these little rigs scare them they got ta get their rest. If you’re like me, you may have resisted such cute little mini rigs, all your life, maybe you didn’t like how they handled. Maybe you didn’t like how they turned over just as quick as they possibly could, because they’re so tiny, they got just a tedious little momentum to them. They just flip over so fast i’ve. Never really liked them. But you know this element: rc enduro 24. Just might have changed my mind. Just look at the cute little guy wake up little guy wake up, we need to. We need to do a little test drive with you come on now little review. I think he’ll wake up for a review just in a minute. Today we are reviewing the element: enduro 24, a new release from element rc that i am just in web all right, that’s enough of that let’s unwrap this guy.

Oh wait! I should do an unboxing first it’s serious time. Now we have this brand new rig from element rc, the enduro 24, and as maybe you can tell i’m a little excited about it, although i’ve never liked mini rigs, 18th scale and smaller because of their handling characteristics and really the lack of aftermarket parts. This one’s kind of changing my mind honestly so we’re gon na do an unboxing and review on this enduro. 24.. I’M john holmes with homes hobbies thanks for tuning in so let’s. Just take a look at the packaging, nice and small for a nice and small rig. As you can probably hear, i’ve already taken it apart, just to look at it and see what’s inside before i get myself into a review and work myself into a corner, but it’s your standard issue box. You know it’s got pictures on the side. It’S gon na look good on your shelf at the hobby. Shop it’s got all the specs on the back pretty much uh. I didn’t have anything to measure with, but i am going to assume that it’s got about one inch wheels on there, so we would call this a 1.0 rig. We got 1.9, we got 1.55, so we got 2.2s and now we have 1.0s. So, just looking at the specs on the back, it’s got stuff. Uh final drive ratio is 62.6 to 1.. One amazing. Yes, that is what we need lots of gear reduction.

You can use a fast motor. You can use a slow motor. You can use whatever it doesn’t really matter, but lots of ratio is what a crawler needs. It’S got a four link on there, it’s got suspension on there, it’s got a chassis mounted servo on there. It has wheels and tires even wow, seven millimeter, wheel, hexes and a bunch of other stuff that honestly really doesn’t matter. So what we’re gon na do is open this little baby. I mean this big boy up and we’re gon na check her out. So i must say i do really dig the body design on this it’s, not just another off the shelf offering and that’s one thing: that’s always been my gripe about the small scale. Rigs is it’s the same rigs rehashed over and over and over again by multiple companies and nothing new on the market, and this has got some pretty cool features to it. Honestly, so just a little insert it was zip tied down in there. We’Ve got our radio. We have our instructions with charger and the radio is a two piece just like that rock hobby – that i recently did a review on. So here we go it’s. You know it kind of slams together like that, but we got to put batteries in it. First, hopefully, there’s a diagram. Yes, there is four double a batteries, and this comes with a little single cell. Lipo rig uh our battery with a rig, so you don’t have to supply your own battery.

Oh it’s, triple a’s. Oh, no, so you need four aaa batteries. For this, if i read the box, i probably would have known that, but i was just skimming so you insert your batteries, then you put your controller together with force. There we go as always. We turn on the radio. First then, we turn on the rig, but before we get to that, the charger supplied – and you know instruction booklet, wait and go read that so the charger is actually a usb charger and it’s a single cell lipo. So it would make sense that they could just use a 5 volt rail and it outputs a 4.2 volts dc, as it should with a 200 milliamp hour. Constant current sweet light on is charging light off. It’S done so there we go i’ve already charged this up for the sake of the video so before we turn it on oh yeah and look like they uh included in the instruction booklet that i threw somewhere. They include extra body posts in case you want to do a larger size body, something that’s like a suv style. They’Ve got these two longer body posts that are included in there, so that’s pretty cool. I like that thinking ahead, they’re thinking ahead, oh and in typical element, rc style, they actually have a scale garage inside and uh. I don’t know how to take this box apart, without ripping it to shreds on camera. So we’ll just uh, you know, take a look in there it’s a full garage that’s, pretty neat.

I like that that’ll be fun and turn this guy on. So essentially the battery goes in the back. Oh take off the body. First let’s check her out before i get ahead of myself and start wheeling. This big boy, such a big boy, one day, you’ll be full size rig. It has a forward mounted motor that’s, pretty rad with an chassis mounted servo a little transfer case up front. They got their uh, you know, transfer shaft there with a center mounted transmission doing it. This way is actually going to let you run a whole lot of bodies instead of having your your center mounted deal there. This is going to allow you to run man a lot of these like diecast 24th scale stuff. I uh. I have a tacoma body at home that i’ve never used because i could never get it to fit over the center transmissions i’m going to have to bring that and see. If i can fit it, then we have our all integrated esc rx, as it says on there whoop to do and then our plug with a little bitty battery that comes with it 520 milliamp hour battery, so people run 520s on full size, comp rigs full size. 1.9, copper, eggs and 2.2 comp rigs and although it’s double the voltage or triple the voltage, so it will have triple the watt hours. This is going to give us a lot of runtime. I am just guessing a whole bunch of runtime.

Another thing to note is that let’s see hey. We got a good bit of bump steer on here, it’s 24th scale, so i’m going to give them a pass. It is a four link with a chassis mounted servo. So unless you did a three link setup with you know like a panhard there’s, no way to get rid of the bump steer but yeah. This thing is so tiny there’s, probably not really enough room to do that properly, so we’ll give them we’ll give them a pass. We’Ll give them a pass on that this isn’t really going to be all performance but uh, just under the weight of the vehicle. It actually fully articulates and that’s one problem that i’ve seen with a lot of these little mini rigs is that they just have too hard on suspension. So the suspension, doesn’t work simply tires, feel nice and soft you can. You can hear the lugs gripping my my finger in general looks well done. It could certainly use some modifications if you wanted like max performance. All this weight on the back is going to hurt your ability to climb. You know a side hilling it’s going to be decent. We could add some weight down low i’m already talking about mod in this guy. I have never wanted to modify a 24 scale rig. This has me excited, though, all right, uh, so it’s set in lipo’s got nickel metal hydride and lipo little whoop de doos.

On there. The on off switch is waterproof, it looks like, or at least you know, shielded and maybe it’s a waterproof, probably says on the box, whether it is or not, i’m not getting it in water. I suggest that you do not get your rigs in water, so take it for that i’m not going to test that out and is it on. Oh look at that. Look at that. Oh, the steering servo was pretty snappy for such a little guy and you can see the body roll back and forth. Well with the body off. Maybe you can’t see the body roll um, but the suspension definitely kind of leans back and forth as it operates and that’s, because it’s got the four link on front with the chassis mounted servo again i’m gon na give them a pass on doing that, because this Rig is so tiny and so cute just put these teeny little smallest body clips in the world back on and let’s just check out this uh, this body roll see if you can check out this body roll on camera, see if that oh yeah, look at that! Look at it rolling back and forth: she’s dancing, she’s dancing, so this servo is not only snappy, but obviously it actually has decent power. I’M surprised that uh, the torque that’s putting out yeah look at that look at that roll going to the club. Oh sorry, element you’re, not old enough, all right, so i think it is time to go.

Take this for a test on our big ole rock pile. All right meeting you out here at the rock pile that uh is so big we’re, just gon na see how she does what’s our what’s, our low speed control, what’s, our minimum speed and the lights. The lights kick on when you give it throttle, does. Is there brake lights, there’s, no brake lights, but the lights kick on when you give it throttle, do the lights get brighter the lights get brighter with more throttle, so it’s just hooked up to the motor output that’s kind of funny do what you got to do? You know get it done, so get a little noise she’s a little noisy Music it’s actually got a pulse to it. Oh, i hit a gate already. You’Re grounded element Music, so it unloads a little bit thanks to the excellent gear down, though it could be worse. This is actually not bad for the minis that i have driven and that i never liked this is not bad, so let’s see let’s just see how she does how’s our how’s our traction on this powdery limestone. Let me know in the comments, if you have picked one of these up, what mods you’ve done to it so far, our reverse is a little touchy to be expected. I suppose usually is let’s, see how our side, hilling is there’s a hole back here. You can’t see it. Oh no, we killed the baby, another gate, all right, so i’m gon na have to uh hand of god this course a little bit it needs.

It needs a little help back here. There we go that should do it. Try again let’s go through our course now. Driving mini rigs is really tricky because they’re so quick and nimble. You really don’t get any reaction time when they’re going to roll over. They just flop right over it’s, very difficult it’s, also it’s difficult to tune them. It’S. Really difficult to engineer them as well hats off to element for at least doing a an original design and putting their neck out there. You know they really stick their neck out to do an original design like this and all right. So maybe this rock’s just a bit tall for the element – we’ll put it here at the end, we’ll try again one more time so it’ll take a little bit of getting used to it’s an interesting pulse to this guy. So we’ve got our normal noise. You can hear like a heartbeat on top that’s that’s interesting. I wonder what that’s about oh yeah. We might as well see what our max speed is too. Is there enough room that’s, our max speed, that’s enough for a mini micro, whichever size this is so the motors it’s? Maybe a touch week which keeps you from breaking parts: it’s a smart move to have a pretty weak motor with a a stock rig, but it’s also a really tiny motor one of the tiniest motors out there uh 180 size, i think, maybe it’s a 130, but It looked kind of a long can a long can 100 it’s such a weird motor, just so tiny i’m not used to ultra tiny motors.

Look at there. Oh, we finally made it through our course yeah. Once you get it bound down, it actually doesn’t respond. The motor just completely binds down so in my professional opinion of being an absolute electronic snob, while it could be better it’s, also not bad. This is one of the better crawling one of the best crawling micros that i have ever wheeled so hats off to element for that i’m. Just gon na keep wheeling while we’re doing that. Let me know if you would be interested in something like this. Is it really hard in winter time? Where you are, would you be interested in this for an indoor crawler? Would you want to take it outdoors? Oh yeah, we got her bound down. The tires are grippy. What we need is a little wheel, speed bump, though – or maybe you have a child – that something like this would be proper for i don’t know. I really think that children could wheel the full size 1.9 full size, trx4s the sport in particular, and not be worried about breaking it and with something this small. As long as it has a weak enough motor. I don’t want to use the word weak, but it’s it’s what it is: it’s not going to break itself either that’s, always the rub of an rtrs. You don’t want the rtr to be so powerful and capable that it breaks itself in the hands of a user. That may not be good at driving, but at the same time it still needs to do its job.

There we go. We got through just a little bit of wheel speed. I could probably use a little bit more wheel, speed in my opinion, just a tiny bit more. You could use more torque, in my opinion, just a teeny bit more and then, of course, it’ll be the chasing of drivetrain breakages. Look at that! Just look at it crawling through those little video rocks. Well, this will be fun indoors on those days when it’s 100 degrees and 110 humidity outside, like it sometimes is in missouri. Does this thing have drag break i’m, not sure let’s, let’s test it on the table? It appears to have drag break and if it doesn’t have drag break, then this is simply the drag of the internal gear down combined with the drag of the motor, which is evidently enough, i mean you can see those tires aren’t even moving until i like press It down and get traction so this guy is gon na. Oh, i feel like a kid pushing a little car around yeah yeah, oh it’s, fun, all right, so i’m, really not sure what else i can do on a review for something this tiny. I can’t test it out my normal course, so i don’t have any frame of reference of you know, really how capable it should be or might be, but i can tell you i mean just for going outside and grabbing a couple of rocks. I can have a lot of fun with this and i’m sure the battery is going to last a ridiculously long time, because it’s such a small rig it’s, probably not pulling more than an amp in a stall anyways and if it’s pulling an amp in a stall.

Then you can stall it out for about 30 minutes, and this battery would last yeah it’s, so tiny it’s, so cute all right. Well, i will just continue playing with this and, playing with this until i either break something or run out of batteries. So i do believe that will be all for today.