Let’S go home and check it out all right, All right, let’s load, her up, hej gutter! Welcome back to the channel it’s jeff here from picture time, and today i’m with my son, nolan, say hi nolan, hi nolan, how you doing tonight. I am good yeah he’s doing pretty good i’m happy he’s been saving his money. We had a little bike business over the summer we bought and sold bikes, and on this channel we try to escape quarantine and what on earth does a 12 year old boy do besides play video games not much, especially in a cold minnesota winter, so you saved Some money from your bike, business didn’t, you yeah, i did, i truly did and for a long time he wanted a traxxas trx4 rock crawler, which is a remote, controlled cool truck right with like lockers and stuff like that problem is the price of those are pretty High and you’ve never had a rock collar before have you. So what did we do tonight? We bought the low, see nightcrawler se this baby right here and we’re gon na do a review on it. Musik. We did buy the low c nightcrawler se it’s, a cool rock call. It’S got some cool lights on it. We bought a spare battery and a charger reasonably priced too and um it’s still not free, not cheap, men uh. Naturligvis um um. I think this is gon na. Be really fun and uh tonight we’re gon na do an unboxing video show you what’s in the box, charge the batteries up and then go see how it works outside.

Maybe uh do a little night crawling. I mean it is a night crawler. We should go night crawling. Hvad siger du?? We first get those batteries started, though so we can get those charged so that we can do the unboxing and then play with it. Jeg vil, go plug them in all right, vi vil, see ya all right, so we getting the um getting the batteries out, because we’re gon na charge them we’re gon na take them out. So these are uh lipos, and these are smart technologies. We bought a new charger and so it’s gon na have storage so to keep it um enough battery percentage where it won’t puff up yeah. The battery will automatically discharge to about 50 Højre. All right so let’s go get it plugged in Music Applause with this smart charger. It automatically picks the battery that you put into it. So that is good. So we got a lipo battery and a 5 amp charge. And how long do we think that’s gon na take uh? Godt, a full charge, probably takes about a half hour. Mellemtiden, we’ll unbox, bilen, All right, let’s go unbox. The car let’s show them the box, though first it’s a losi night crawler s e, and we got the blue one right, the blue one. It shows that it’s green but yeah – og det er 300 at hub hobby in in richfield minnesota um hub hobbyis great. Der er, a guy named john who we talked to and he is super knowledgeable so i’m going to open the box.

Let’S see what’s in this baby. Music it’s got kind of holders over each wheel and i got ta pop them out. There’S one whoa what’s your uh. Take so far pretty rad. Åh, i think this thing is pretty cool, see how that suspension works. Now we got this one. We were looking at the traxxas trx4, but we got this one. What were some of the reasons why we decided to go on this one? Besides the fact that it was like 150 dollars cheaper well, we decided this one, because also i i just didn’t, really love the look of the trx4 they didn’t really have. They didn’t have the defender, which i wanted, the defender they had the ford bronco, the chevy blazer and like a mercedes g wagon, and so i didn’t really like any of those options. So i decided to go with this one, because this is like the next best option, All right. What else is in here in this box? Så her, if you lift this out on one of these, there is kind of but here’s some batteries and some extra like tools, there’s some allen, wrenches and like a tire jack to take off the wheels. Godt, that is a what is that a blind plug. Jeg ved ikke, hvad det er., but we’ll have to read the manual we’ll have to read the manual okay. Speaking of that there’s. A manual in here manual comes nice and pre packaged good deal i’m, just kidding i’m kid what’s, uh.

What else is there here? There should be the controller, hopefully because then that would not be good. Ah, Ja, one of the most important parts let’s check it out and it does come with batteries all right. So why don’t we put those batteries in the controller and then we’ll check on our other battery. We might have to wait around a little bit yeah. I might have to wait a little bit all right. Så så, is there an on off button or anything there’s? One right here so yeah now that’s turned on and let’s wait for them batteries to charge. Okay, Lad os. Take a look at this uh rig a little closer. It looks like there’s it’s like almost metal and stuff, and then we should take the uh. You take the lid off, so you can get the battery access. How does that work? You just got to take out the pins we’ll, see great okay and here’s. All the battery battery hardware it’s, like pretty good hobby grade components yep. This is all metal. Oh actually, these are plastic, Jeg gætter, but these got bearing joints ball joints ball joints. Let me just see, hold it steady, the motor it’s up in there oh yeah it’s inside there isn’t it yeah. It is kind of protected by that that metal plate front diff. You have the suspension, articulation yeah there’s this engine travel, det er, Uh, det er, look it’s got its uh wheels firmly planted on the word.

It looks like so, while we’re waiting for the batteries to charge here a little while longer we’ve noticed a couple more things on it. Tell me more about what are these wheels like, so these are metal like 100 metal wheels. I think the bead locks are uh plastic and then the screws are metal and how do the wheels feel they feel really squishy and they make a weird like whistling noise and then also just yeah again, just like the complete agility will articulation there’s underglow lights here. So you can see what’s under the car and then same on the other side. Little jerry can on the back. Jerry can pop that back in and then so there’s a light bar under right here. Oh underneath, is that the for the back yep. So you can see what’s out the back there’s one on the front which automatically connects to the um front thing here. So i just disconnected that one to take the body off and then there’s a light bar on top cool. So i can’t wait to see it once we get the battery and we can be sick. I did plug the battery in for just 30 seconds there and it looks pretty rad so and then apparently it’s got realistic drivers nice. They look like realistic kind of drivers. It almost looks like the stig it does kind of like the like in the top gear yeah except he’s, like wearing a black suit.

So some say what are those things in the back there’s tools? Åh, like fake tools like like die cast, i don’t know if they pop like a little axe and stuff yeah. I think they do pop out. How long have our battery been charging so it’s been about 20 Minutter. Oh it’s on the last it’s it’s three quarters of the way done now. One thing the guy said at the hobby store when we’re running this thing and we get done with the battery. We have to let it like how long should it sit? 30 Minutter. 30 minutes before you recharge the battery right Music. Okay, now we got all the clips in no pairing necessary. Okay, let’s see how it goes seem to be working. What do you say we go outside and give her a shot? Lad os gå. Det er så cool. Åh, look at the leds, they’re so bright, but it’s a crawler, så det er, not necessarily fast or anything well. Let’S go into the landscaping and see how it works: Musik, Bifald, Musik, Musik, Bifald, Musik, oh Bifald, Uh, Åh, der er, a gas can it’s. Okay, Åh, we lost the jerry can last year again, that is pretty awesome. Nice job man you’ve been running that thing for 45 Minutter 45 minutes to an hour. We still have we’re still on our first charge uh. What do you think what’s your take so far? What do you think so, amazing all right? So what do you say? We’Ll show them a little bit more tomorrow during the daylight.

Before we wrap this up yep all right. You need to go, get ready for bed. I do say good night good night, i’ll see you tomorrow and okay, so it’s the next day, and we have the crawler, and i made a courselooks awesome i’m gon na hand it to my dad. You made a course in mom’s garden. Looks like you used. Some of our uh, our wood pile. Åh, we have a lot of it yeah. We do have some wood and looks like you carved in like uh, some bumps and a berm in here and so far how’s it working. It is working great amazing. All right, let’s give this a try. Doesn’T have the greatest turning radius, but it is four wheel, drive nice! Oh she bit the dust. Godt, i think that’s probably good looks like you have to work on your course a little bit. I do. I still have to do some drumming it’s, ikke perfekt, but we’ll get it well. So we have been playing with this thing for just about a day and what do you think so far i 10 ud af 10. I love it yeah. I think it’s been pretty neat it’s, not a trx4, men det er. Also not the same uh price point. I i did notice a few things um that we we had the way that they had run some of these lights or the wires. There was just tension on it, so if you, if you articulated the suspension, it would tug on yeah some of the wires we fixed that we just kind of rerouted.

We had to reroute some of the wires and we used a little electrical tape to tape it up and um seems to be fine working, good um. I think what we’d like to do is maybe do a little comparison with the friends trx4.