Auto traders used car review of the 2004 Til 2010 Chevrolet Colorado, a no frills, Pickup, Det er, comfortable and very affordable, and that affordability is one of its major attributes with a lower resale value than its competitors. It means that there’s a lot of great values to be found not only that, but there are economical four cylinders with a five speed manual transmission that offer decent fuel economy. But there are bigger engines available as well and lots of other options. There are regular extended cab and crew cab models, 4 speed transmission and two and four wheel drive and lots of other great options in a typical pickup fashion. A bench front seat is the norm, but reclining bucket seats are available as you move up the trim line. Now the base model is just that basic. It comes with air conditioning and a simple radio for entertainment. So unless you’re putting together a work fleet, det er – probably not for you finding a more feature late in Colorado such as the LS or even better, the LT brings. What I consider to be a modern day, essential, CD, mp3 capability now, unless you prefer manual roll down Windows, then you should probably look into the electronic convenience package. It shouldn’t run up the price too much. One thing I like best about this: bigger than compact design. So it makes the Colorado interior a bit more spacious than the s10 model. It replaced extended. Cab versions, add a set of forward facing jump seats to small, but okay in a pinch.

Nwo, if you need more spaceand you don’t mind the 5 foot truck bed as opposed to the 6 foot, En, the crew cab might be the choice for you, Music up until 2006, the Colorado offered either a 175 Hestekræfter 2.8 liter inline 4 eller 220 Horsepower 3.5 liter inline 5, then in 2007 den 4 cylinder who to 2.9 liters and the 5 cylinder grew to 3.7, giving you a little bit more horsepower, but there’s really not that much difference, Derefter. i 2009, they added a 300 Hestekræfter 5.3 liter v8, but it’s really overkill for this truck. Unless you plan to do a lot of towing, det er rigtigt, den 4 cylinder is more than adequate for most light. Work and it’s a class leader in fuel economy and the more powerful engines from 2007 and on are really just as fuel efficient as the earlier life. Now the fuel economy is 18 By 24 highway for the four cylinder and 17 Byen 23 highway for the 5 cylinder. Med en 5 speed manual, baghjul, drive the best rating for a 4 Hjul. Drive version is 17 Byen 22 highway with a 4 cylinder engine and 5 speed manual. Nu er 5.3 liter v8 only earns 14 By 19 highway. With a four speed automatic and 4 wheel drive speaking of four wheel drive. If you like to go off road, then you should look into the z71 package that comes with the skid plate and heavier shocks.

Samlede, the Colorado is no superstar, but the models from 2007 and later do show improvements, even if they’re not up to par with the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier.