That turns heads, no matter where you go as you glance at the exterior of the vehicle. You’Ll see the lc gets wider to the rear. It has the bold love it or hate it. Signature, lexus, grill, distinctive lines and beautiful 21 tommer hjul, also the flush door panels pop out when you approach the lc and you have the key with you, the h designation means this is a hybrid. Så, under the hood, you’ll find a 3.5 liter v6 made into two battery powered electric motors and together they put out 354 horses. The powertrain is mated to a cvt multi stage transmission that simulates shifts, and it has large shift paddles on the steering wheel while i’m. Not a cvt fan this one doesn’t feel like a cvt and it performs well. This car will take you from zero to 60 in a respectable 4.7 Sekunder, pretty amazing for a rear wheel, drive hybrid sports car, open the door to reveal a well appointed interior. That looks rich and comfortable stitching is all around, and my tester has contrast. Red and black soft touch material everywhere, it’s stunning, as you set behind the power tilt and heated steering wheel with controls, you see a highly configurable gauge cluster that’s colorful and changes with each drive mode. The center console houses, the shifter, the idaho button and the lexus track pad, which operates the big lexus inform screen from there. You can operate the sound system, navigation system load, your favorite apps and enjoy apple carplay, android, auto and alexa services, all from a 10.

3 inch screen as much as i love lexus products, Jeg er, not sure i’ll ever embrace the track pad that controls. Everything for me, det er. Just not user friendly, but people who own lexus vehicles tell me that they do get used to it. There are a couple of oddly placed round knobs to the left and right of the dash that operate the traction, control and drive modes. Og, of course my favorite is sport plus mode. The lc does have a back seat but to be honest, it’s worthless for humans, but a good place for briefcases and purses lexus makes it easy to access with electric sliding front seats for a coupe. The cargo area is pretty impressive size wise, and this is a car you can. Travel in this car comes completely loaded with all the latest safety features and also has a head up, Vise, heated and cooled seats and much much more, including the available touring package, which is a terrific 2500 option, and that includes the mark. Levinson 13 speaker sound system. You will not like for anything in this luxury. Vehicle fuel economy is exceptional at 26 city and 34 highway, and for a hybrid i was surprised how good the acceleration was. It looks like a fast sports car and it feels like one except with much better fuel economy. Msrp is equipped as 104 430 dollars and for a head turning car that gets amazing fuel economy. That price does not seem out of line at all.

The lc is very balanced, not unlike a c8 corvette but quieter and not as fast. My preference would be to on the lc with the 5 liter v8 that puts out 471 horses, but everybody knows i have a heavy foot new for 2021. The lc 500 comes in a convertible and we have reviewed it thanks for riding along with us today for another car pro test drive this week with the 2021 lexus lc 500h hybrid. Nwo, if you think this might be your dream, car go to carprousa.