We just did this to the outcast 8s, and i have no regrets don’t forget to like subscribe and comment. Tell me how your day’s going actually tell me. How is your day going? Okay, good to know all right guys welcome! Back. Today we are taking the outcast 8s out to the skatepark. Åh, min godhed, this thing is a beast anyway. Um. Tak. So much for hitting that subscribe button hit the bell button. I don’t know where they’re at on here, men alligevel. Thank you so much for those of you who are already subscribed and for being a part of this trailer trash, family and um yeah all right. Oh also, we got some merch. So if you want some t shirts, some of them are trailer trash related. Some of them are just rc, uh or c bashing, shirts um. So if you’re interested in that um head on over to my instagram right there and um we’ll get you taken care of. Go ahead and message me, thank you guys. We love you all right! Lad os! Do this all right! Her går vi Musik, breakfast Music. Here we go front. Flip action Music got so i wasn’t going to try this today, but i don’t hit that gap. I think we should find out if i’m getting you guys away. You just let me know we’re, just probably gon na be skating right here: Musik, Bifald, Musik, Åh Musik, my man yeah on the sticks, Latter, nice little cross thread, Handling, Rar, chassis and he’s.

Tak. Tak. I just want to say thanks to all my fans and uh and this guy yeah well man about 34 games, love it Music. Åh Bifald, Uh, Musik, Hej! You know what i had that problem with uh my 150 amp and all i did was take a 2.5 hex head. Stick it on the inside and kind of open them up a little bit. Nej, we do yeah, duct tape, yeah just open those prawns up a little bit, then she’ll be good to go. Crap Music, one piece down: uh weight reduction, don’t, try that at home kids, Music Laughter dang almost that was so cool. Åh, i couldn’t see it Music. Oh no civilian casualties yeah, we almost died just now, Musik Latter, oh Bifald! Åh! What happened! Hvad er det? Åh der er? Your wait? Cap there’s a strap here too that’s for my battery um. I mean it still runs what the heck okay! Godt, on the bright side, i think all i got to do is throw this back together, Jeg er, getting metal caps. For denne ting, this sucks garbage product just kidding, don’t it’s. Maybe if i didn’t do what i did with it yeah maybe wait did it. I guess we’re done for today. Folks Laughter, Åh ja, it’s awesome all right! Godt, Jeg tror øh. I think she’s done for today. Åh skyde. I think she’s done for today, um that’s not supposed to do that. So what do you think mission accomplished? Ja? I think we had fun today, yeah dude.

Definitely that was. That was a good time. I think we had a good time and that’s what rc is our all our that’s? What our series are about, Det er, what our seas are all about, guys having fun right, beat him up, beat him up, bro, just send it right. Just hashtag trash basket, trailer trash all right, så um. If you want some super sweet, merch um go to my instagram message me. We will have a website up very shortly um for you guys to order from there as well um. We got all kinds of merch um, also yeah, t shirts. We got all kinds of t shirts coming out: hashtag rc life and uh yeah yeah. Okay, thank you guys for subscribing make sure you hit that like button, the little bell thingy too and uh yeah. It makes that noise. Faktisk, if you hit it um and uh yeah, thank you guys.