Velkommen tilbage til kanalen. Welcome back to the rc vlog guys. Yesterday i was supposed to unbox a car. I didn’t get to unboxing it because i was watching cobra kai on netflix. I know that’s kind of weird, but i didn’t get to box it so it’s early in the morning and it’s time to unbox this car i’ve been looking forward to this unboxing uh. It was a hard one to decide on, but we are going to unbox the arma sentinel. So the reason why i say it was hard to decide on ethan’s playing video games back there that’s, where we recorded the live feed last night um. The reason why i say it was hard to decide which one to unbox was because i kind of wanted to unbox the granite. I wasn’t sure, because the granite is the new green color but i’m going to action rc park tomorrow, and i saw one of my friends at the hobby shop. He had a sentence and he’s driving at action rc park tomorrow. So i was like hey. Why don’t? I open mine and we’ll drive them together so that’s. What we’re going to do today, we’re going to unbox the arma set in 4×4 brushless b, not vxl s 3s blx blx that’s, what it is all right here. We go so i’m unboxing it on the pool table. I know this isn’t the most ideal spot uh partially, because the acoustics in this area.

This is like the center of the house, so there’s a lot of echoing so i apologize for the echoing i’ll. Do my best on not, i don’t know how i can help the echo i’m. Sorry i’m, just sorry about it. Anyways before we open this thing up, let’s talk about and talk about, like look at the box panels, um easy access, diff removal, front, Bageste, easy access, power module looks like everything can just come out. Easy access, electronic module looks like it’s got a slipper. This is my first 3s arma so i’m really curious to see what it’s all about i did get the blue version. They make a blue and a red. I probably i mean both colors really cool. I went with the blue because i have a lot of blue cards already. Anyways looks like this one, so i wanted to check this out. I don’t think this one has abc, which is like the tsm, like the traction, control type uh technology they’re different uh, but it doesn’t have abc. It does have two four spectrum: two four spectrum which it doesn’t look like the same spectrum that’s on the uh on the outcast 8s. It looks like it’s an slt3. I don’t know what that means, but anyways i’m going to bind it up to my dx5c anyways uh spectrum servo looks like it’s 101 ounces. That could probably be upgraded. This one has ic5 connectors, so the ic5 is a little bit bigger and then it’s got a 2s3s ese and a 3200kv brushless motor with arma heatsink and cooling fan, hvilket er rart, traxxas doesn’t put heatsinks and cooling fans on a lot of their motors, probably just For the max and the x max that i can think of actually so let’s open this thing up, i didn’t see the other the other panel what’s this panel.

Åh, it looks like it just has different. Almost the same thing. I’Ll show you this one. Ah, yeah ball bearings things like that which should come pretty standard on car of this price, so this car, Jeg tror, it’s on sale for 319. Jeg tror, det er, Faktisk, the street pop street price so 319 for a 3s brushless short course truck ooh nice. Se! This box, in there really nice let’s, take it out. Åh, they do a really good job of boxing. Se lige der. You know what here, it is i’m, pretty sure it’s the same size as a slash 4×4. It just feels maybe i’m so used to the uh. Den uh – Åh, maybe i’m, so used to the udr that i didn’t realize that this this is much smaller. Dette er en 10 Skala. Four wheel drive short course. It comes with looks like some shock collars and maybe a a tool, a wheel tool, Umm det er. Dybest set, just a quick tool: i’m pretty standard, some hex drivers, allen wrench style like the uh, the l shape looking style let’s see the remote i like how they box it. They box it really nice in there. The remote is this guy again, not the same this. This remote looks a little daintier than the one that comes with the outcast 8s. It doesn’t have all the different like indicator lights and everything like this again i’m not going to be using this one. But this definitely is not the same as the ones that come on the six, the 8s leafs.

I don’t know about the 6s cars which speaking of i need to get a 6s car we’re going to put this back uh because we’re not going to actually we’ll put it up here. So you guys can see it put all this stuff down here all right. Så det er, what comes in the box let’s see, looks like what’s included, uh transmitter some tools and that’s it. I don’t see any stickers or anything like that. Let’S check this out, let’s take the body off ooh nice plastic. The body is actually super cool. I love the graphics. I like the uh kind of the graffiti look on top i’ll take the body off and it also comes with the body clips that are connected to like a rubber piece. So you don’t lose the body clips because no one likes losing body clips, uh here’s the body look at that looks super good. I really like the graffiti look super sweet body. I like that it’s nice um here is the car right off the bat. I noticed one thing right: when we um kind of take the lid off is the center drive. Shaft is plastic uh. It looks like it has like this weird bearing not really weird but like a bearing that holds. The drive shaft from vibrating, som er, is beneficial because i have some of the cars that i’ve i’ve ran. I know that um, Jeg tror, on the four tech it had.

A lot of center drive shaft vibration, so they put a bearing in the middle, which i’m sure kind of keeps from that vibration. The esc is a lot smaller than i thought it would look, Um, definitely smaller than a vxl esc. If i had to guess i’m, Ikke sikker, but i thought i guess this is probably like a 60 amp esc or something like thatum but very looks like it’s very easily accessible uh. What does this say? Pool looks solid, so one thing that i’m, a little worried about is what i’ve seen is, i think the drive shafts i mean not. The drive shafts the shock shafts and the shock bottoms are one piece which is interesting. Um the car feels flush feels like an rtr should feel. I am going to run this one on 3s, so we are going to get the full effect. There is no center chassis, brace um, which i feel like these cars should have center chassis braces, but maybe with that that uh drive shaft support in the middle, it won’t be as bad um. I’M doing this, i can tell that there’s no center drive there’s no center dip either. So this thing is gon na, probably be ballistic fast, probably gon na pull wheelies uh one thing that doesn’t come standard or you don’t see a lot on short courses. It has a wheelie bar, which is interesting, i’m gon na be riding wheelies with a short horse, but we should see how that is so overall first impressions looks very well built um again the n.

The lack of this center driveshaft is kind of interesting. You think that you know arma has been putting a lot of that on their bigger stuff. You think they would have probably put one on this car, but they did not. This is the first car i’ve owned that’s like a 3s and down of arma, so we’re really good, actually not the first one. The granite voltage uh two wheel drive was one of them, but the first four wheel drive one um. The drive shafts look really beefy. It looks very similar to what comes on the traxxas cars kind of like the bigger um, bigger driveshafts, but they’re plastic. The turnbuckles look very beefy. They don’t look like they’re gon na bend, which those were not any. I mean that’s not really a problem that you see very often anyways um. The arms are solid, Her er, the bottom of the chassis here it looks pretty good so far, so i’m excited i’m gon na throw a battery in this thing and run it. I got to charge it up first, but that is the arma sentinel four wheel drive so that’s unboxing, the arma sentinel. I know a lot of my comparisons are with the traxxas cause. I run a lot of traxxas cars so that’s all. I have to compare it to so if it seems like, i compare those a lot that’s. Why um a couple other things? This is not a car that you can just buy like there’s no battery batteries in the box, like you still have to buy a battery lipo lipo charger receiver.

I recommend you go lipo, you don’t have to buy lipo, so you do need a battery and charger and you also need batteries to the remote, so it didn’t come with any batteries or charge or anything like that. Just a quick side note: if you want to go out and pick one of these up, you do need that.