So that will sit on the top of the axle Music and then we need to put four countersunk head um m3s by fives on the top. Okay we’ve got the screws screwed in and they’re flush or below the surface. Uh next piece would be the uh gear and the can combination and that sits on the center pin somewhere in the midway position. It doesn’t really matter uh just give them another tooth. We are so we’ve got that that’s engaged in the worm gear um. So the next thing to do will be to fix the limit switches down onto the pads while it’s in this position. I’Ll show you the diodes 4148 diodes across the switch so there’s three terminals on the switches just about there is c and then no and nc. So this is c, the middle terminal is no and nc. So that means this is common. Denne, the middle one, is normally open and the other one is normally closed. So when the switch is activated, they actually change around. So that is turns into normally open, which is now closed, and this one is now open. So the the uh we’ve got a one of these each way which is going down across to the motor and once the switch is activated. The switch goes open circuit across the two terminals and then the only way to get that open again is to reverse the polarity which allows the reverse current to go through the diode.

So the switches are screwed into position, they’re held on with 1.6 or m 1.6 ved 10 screws countersunk, so that everything is flush and clear for the turntable and i’ve just run the cable in around the outside of the switches to keep everything tucked away out. The way so the this will drive the turntable okay, so the gear that we’ve got here has got a hex, hexagon inset and also the screws that hold the gear to the cam drive will engage into the bottom of the turntable. So we’ve got the bearing in the center and two holes there and they will engage so all that will transmit the drive through to the turntable. So the turntable will actually sit on top and let’s uh. If i can get that lined up so that will actually sit up there and drop right down into the hex so that it can be driven around so that’s the basic setup that the next step really is to screw this into the body. I think i’ve shown you this before there’s, not much left of it now um, but it’s still being contained within the boundaries or the walls of the original brooder um set up so there’s, just a few holes and things etc. Drilled in there to get all this lot in so the next step, the import beater to put it inside there, Okay, so to put the top cover on or put it into, the frame it’s held on with four screws, two in the top and two insides um And these are m2 by five countersunk head so um if it needs to come out of the frame that’s.

What holds that bracket in so i’ll just finish that screw because he is fiddly. Okay, so we’ve got the thing: uh screwed in so it’s four screws that hold this axle assembly into the main frame, Um, so there’s, two in the top and two or one each side: okay and now m2 buff fives countersunk, head um, så ja det er, uh that’s.