Laegendary Legend full review and bash

Today we will be discussing the legendary legend, det er en 110 Skala, splash proof truck four wheel drive and its kind of an interesting design. This was sent to me by legend rc to review and im going to give it an honest review, a thorough review and a fair review. So today we will […]

I took my SUPER RARE-LIMITED EDITION Losi Rock Rey to the Race Track!

Nwo, a little while ago we took a look at some of the coolest trucks that you cant, buy anymore, spoiler, alert, Theyre, actually still broken, and in that video i said that you know these werent shelf queens. I got them to run them and i did and i broke them and and here […]

3 RC Car Hobby Shops at 1 Location | BeachRC | Ryno Racing | Speed Demon Hobbies

Something bad happened, but when something bad happens, sometimes theres good on on the other side. So youre about to about to show you what happened and im about to tell you why its awesome so check this out. So you guys remember the cheap amazon lipo i bought. These are the hrbs. I i […]

Building My Dream RC Workshop (Man Cave!)! – 100+ RC Biler!

im gon na put a picture up in a second, and these are all the rc cars i had four years ago, with a little bit of hard work and a little bit of luck and also massive support From you guys, along the way, now look at it yeah. Where do i move in […]

Better Crawlin’ With Bolt-On Options! Axial Capra Revisit | RC-driver

Rc drivers, its our axial racing capra kit, were going to do a little revisit today. This kit has actually been sitting in pieces in a cardboard box for a while after the review, i drove it a few times at the local trails kind of just driving on dirt and stuff, no real, Klatring […]

WORST RC RACE CAR EVER?? Del 1 – Wltoys 104001

What am i driving? Do you want to drive the thing ill? Do it with you, you have to drive. You have to drive it yeah ill, just do a class for you guys all right. Let me show you what were in for so were going to be driving the four wheel in the […]

CHEAP Mini RC Car With a 4K FPV Camera! $35, Virkelig?

I dont think its 4k lets find out whats up guys welcome to the channel todays video. We are taking a look at this little fpv rc car, its pretty small. I dont know what size is it 128. I cant remember pretty sure it just came in a box with oh hang on, hang […]

Best Christmas Gift for the RC Hobby DadSKYRC GPS Bluetooth – Anmeld

Godt, this episode is all about a gift for the person who has everything in the rc hobby, male or femaleprobably more male than female, but you never know so on fathers day passed. My family got me this item here. This is the sky, Rc, bluetooth, gps, and if i look over […]


Yeah were gon na revisit that Music. The issue with the construction last time was that we didnt have any sort of suspension that was taking away the micro vibrations from the gimbal being attached into the rc car. But the fun thing is that when dji saw the video they sent over, this played […]

One of the Cheapest and Fastest RC Cars by Traxxas | The Traxxas Bandit VXL 3S

Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog guys today were gon na. Do something old school were just gon na. Do a good old fashioned car review and its gon na be on this beautiful, beautiful beast right here. Am i pointing at it right right there? This is the traxxas bandit […]

This is the BEST RC Car – Skråstreg 4×4 Ultimate Review

I have recently upgraded my 4×4 vxl to this model and i must say that im really impressed its gtr shocks. Havent leaked any shock oil, yet, unlike my old slash, which leaked oil fairly quickly without too extreme driving, my current slash holds up pretty well in general, after rollover crash when accelerating too […]

power shift craze 24 $30 budget rc car review

This rc car right here its called the power craze shift 24., its or its 30 bucks and its a one out of 24 Skala, rc bil, just the size of my hands so with the rc car. You would receive this remote control right here in the rc car itself and the usb charger […]