. Hvis du er ny på kanalen, overvej at abonnere der er masser af cool ting. Just like this. Now this is the new one from zd racing it’s, A 110 Skala. Fire hjul: drive desert, Buggy, it’s rocket db x10 that’s a 110 Skala, ready to run brushes forward, drive desert buggy. Nwo, if you’re interested in this links are down below, there are two different colors as well green and red and different models as well. But i do have the brushes model here and uh. Jeg tror, det er, pretty damn sweet now, let’s just not waste too much time. Let’S get it in here: let’s cut that quality assurance label to make sure everything’s all hunky dory. It looks pretty damn good. The box isn’t too built busted up, men det er, not zd’s fault, cooking, with gas, now basic instruction manual for the controller and for the car itself. Some spare linkages there as well and zip ties the b3 pro compact charger. Now these are pretty decent. If you’re new to the hobby, this is your first car, Hej, det er, ready to run to everything you need um. These will get you out of a pinch, but uh they did the job not too bad. Nwo, next up we have our 2×4 gigahertz-controller. Now these are actually pretty damn cool. I don’t mind these uh controllers. They work well, they are four channels as well and they give you all the stuff that you need. Your steering trim throttle duration, all that kind of cool stuff, men øh ja, nice little controller, and the range is pretty good with these as well.

Okay, the tyres definitely need four of these looking rims. Naturligvis, if you get the red one, they have a red bead lock, so they are bead lock, tires foam filled, it looks sweet. I like the design and i do like how their bead locks right. The car itself nicely packaged. I must say there you go doesn’t that look cool. I definitely like that color i now. What strikes me most mostly about this is the additional detail on the body now it’s got like you know these little mirrors here, the exhaust that are coming out, the back. These scale looking reservoirs, Jeg gør ikke, actually do anything but hey they look damn cool and that has held on a bit of friction there, but doesn’t that look nice, aluminium, coil over shocks, fully adjustable dbx10 written on there. Five millimeter shock towers, i’ve noticed in three millimeter cnc wall, it’s that cnc machined, aluminium chassis, so pretty sweet. Weird combination of colors, now what’s weird to see, is as well looking at the knuckles here and they got see there phillips head that’s kind of weird everything else pretty much in the day and age is hectic which a lot of this kid is, except for tamiya. But yeah that’s kind of weird it does have front leds as well and also leds on the roof as well there’s a shock reservoirs as well. To give you that kind of scale. Se: the drivers are mad. They even got uh look at these guys.

They’Ve even got pipes in their heads, so they’re getting some air filled goodness into these guys heads that’s kind of weird but sweet. I guess you know scout on the real thing. It’S also got nice fans at the back here. Fire stinger it’s all legible too, like check that out really nice detail, i must admit spare tire goes here. Here goes there, it does have you can see, there sway bars, for- og bagside. Now the body let’s have a look trying to make this quick we’ll, get it out as soon as we can, but it does from memory. I saw that it flips up there. We go look at that. Rar, quick specs on the motor 3660 brushes motor 2 300 Kv. They have an 80 amp esc there and a 9 kilo metal gear, servo standard, uh receiver, although it’s saying it’s a a six channel, so six channel receivers obviously got some more channels for the lights, but then it also says it goes up to 80 kilometers an Hour so i’m, not too sure about that, but it all splashed through it’s, not really waterproof per se. Nwo, looking at the gears here, it’s obviously got a metal pinion and the spurgy feels plastic, but it does have a stipple clutch kind of built into it. You can kind of see a pad there, so it definitely looks like a slipper clutch to me. So you know that’s pretty good for durability. Here’S your 9 kilo steering servo there and it does have a built in steering servo saver.

Beklager, just there so big knocks. Hopefully it will save it. I like these uh fake reservoirs i’m, saying that before it does also include a 3s 11.1 volt lighter battery in the kit, 3 300 milliamp time, so that’s pretty decent uh size for the kit, and i do like this folds down just handy. I always like that kind of setup. It says these shock towers, front and rear are five millimeters as well, så det er, pretty damn beefy nice little compression plastic set up here at the front for your front. Uh impacts leds there leds on the roof as well. Der er. Your spring here to adjust your stipple clutch right down there, so you take the battery out, pretty sure you’ll be able to get that you do have a metal drop, Skakter, running front and rear dog bones at the back and at the front you have. If i can get to them, they look like cvds to me. Yep and all ball bearings as well. Metal gears ball, Lejer, cbd’s, up front dog bones at the rear front and rear sway bars seems like a pretty cool package now charge up this battery we’ll get it up and we’ll also see how those lights look front, leds in the bar leds up top on The roof, and also leds in the ridge, Bifald, Ikke dårligt. You can hear that fan whistling away like crazy, but that’s good, det er, keeping it cool just there quite nice, it seems to be working.

I’Ll put the fires on and we’ll take the first first rift on the stock setup. Okay, first run stock 3s 3300 milliamp time, lipo couldn’t figure out how to get the rear tire on there wasn’t any attachments, but i might have missed something but uh whatever we don’t care about that let’s see how it goes. Applause that’s kind of weird that’s, a weird sound. Maybe something was caught up in there when i do these runs i like to just do them stock. A lot of people say why didn’t you adjust this or that i want to see how it runs straight out of the box. So you guys can see what you guys get yourself into Music Applause, good breaks, that’s for sure that was a kind of a stunt. Lad os, try it on the grass here that’s kind of hard to see guys sorry about that noticed a bit of the learning in those tyres, Ikke dårligt, not bad let’s do another full full pass, even though it’s on the grass Music let’s try another one line. It up let’s, try flat out pass full uh full throttle now. Music definitely sounds weird, men uh. Just those tyres nice there we go get some of the scratches in there. Du ved, du er, not using enough. If you haven’t got scratches let’s go over here and try it on this uh different material it’s like a basketball court, this is for normal bitumen, pretty hot here in sydney it’s about 35 Grader.

I dag, on the weekend, so let’s try it out: Musik, Musik, Musik Bifald. All right, that’s still full pass from the grass coming up onto the uh under the tarmac. I know you can’t see it there. It is the inside tire spinning that doesn’t sound good for the transmission. Oh gon na test that drive shafts out it’s. All the point of uh last youtubers and no point bad assing around and being little babies with them i’ve got to find another track. My track’s mainly for uh it’s, getting a bit of renovations at the moment. So it’s kind of i can’t really go there. That sound is just the tyres on this particular oh sweet let’s. Try that again so i’m holding the camera with one hand and doing this on the other. Oh jeez. What was that all about Music let’s? Try the range on this transmitter let’s go all the way up there. All right, let’s bring it back down. This is definitely gon na be flat out full throttle and you can’t see you might see the leds there. You go try down here, Applause that wasn’t very nice let’s. Prøv det igen, Musik, keep testing, keep testing Music Applause front, flip there, but it’s what’s happening the tyres are catching on this lip. Åh, that was a good inspiration, inspirational there, cool old school rc tanks and truck style Music Music let’s give it let’s have a little bit of assessment here. All the drive shafts are still in front and rear let’s check them all Music yep everything seems to be working now it could be.

You can hear that kind of that could be the actual. Åh, that tire looks a bit cut. He won’t it’s on it’s uh. Just it’s got a weird stance, that’s for sure Music. I noticed that he noticed in the original video. There has two outer leds and uh two inner orange leds, so that’s pretty sweet very it’s got a lot of room for adjustments for this uh suspension. I can definitely tell you, can see us toeing in towing out cambering, Uh, negative and positive, so kind of weird, really negative at the front super positive at the rear kind of strange sweet, definitely getting more grip at the front. I’Ll adjust that slipper clutch further inspection. Det er, not the slipper clutch it’s, the one of the tyres. You can see that it’s, actually just rounded out hollowed out so it’s got no like uh, you can’t actually grip. So this is okay, so it’s still got the shape, men øh ja. This is just rounded to the in the middle. Lucky comes with a spare one, because uh it’s fixed, but there we go let’s, see yeah, definitely adjust that slipper clutch it uh and the adjustment back there. We can do that later. On there we go that’s what’s happening there, så det er, just at the moment front wheel, drive for very little, Sandsynligvis 80 bias at the front twenty percent at that back so pretty cool. What do you guys reckon links are down below and go check it out? Like always Musicand i can see the battery’s getting a little bit tired now a 3300 milliamp hour battery is uh, it’s kicking it in.

I think there we go all right. Godt, there we go pretty successful, i’ll adjust our slipper clutch, but apart from that, i think it looks. Cool goes quite well yeah. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments like a video if you do like it and uh share it.