We’Re going to be building the kyosho javelin, which was re released in 2018 and is part of kyosho’s legendary series now moving into 2021 Jeg er, hoping that they continue their legendary series and come out with something pretty spectacular and i feel like they need to. fordi, after seeing what tamiya just put out for their 2021 lineup, i feel like kyosho has to come on pretty strong with something awesome and what could be more awesome than having a re release of the optima mid right. So hopefully we get that in 2021.. Nwo, as far as the javelin, this was originally released in 1986, which was a very important year for us new york sports fans. As it was the last time the new york mets won a world series. I had to throw that in because me being from new york, og selvfølgelig, 32 years later, the javelin was re released and, Selvfølgelig, 30, some odd, plus years later, the mets still haven’t won a world series, so anyways it’s, a four wheel, drive buggy and Had a belt and i’m sorry, a chain link, drive system now, what’s cool for the re release is that they give you that option of using a chain or an actual belt. So we’ll talk more about that later on in the video. But as many of you know, my new inbox builds are primarily time lapse. Videoer – and i thought i would just change it up a little bit for this one, because i don’t know i really want to enjoy this, and i got ta be very honest and transparent with all of you sitting here with a camera in front of me, a Gopro to be specific, with a little tiny screen and looking at that little tiny screen and building it isn’t, very enjoyable, actually it’s kind of tedious and a little frustrating.

I know many of you love to build to escape. You know the stresses of reality and just kind of like relax and that’s what i really want to do this time around so it’s going to be a little different i’m, not going to do a time lapse, build i’m going to just uh build. You know a few parts or a few sections of the car off camera and then i’m just going to cut back and just talk about what i built so far and specifically uh talk about the subtle differences between the original and the re release and how kyosho Upgraded certain parts, so uh that’s what i’m gon na do for this video i’m sure you’re still gon na love it um i’m gon na love. It because look how beautiful this buggy is. I really love. Jeg ved. The whole cage on here orange is pretty cool, but if you haven’t noticed it yet, i’m gon na go with the whole minty green. The peppermint colored roll cage over here and i got the wing as well and what’s even cooler is they gave me a whole other set of stickers. So now i have two. Ja, i already opened this up and pulled the instructions out because i don’t know about you guys, but before i build any of my cars, i actually sit down and go through the entire manual and kind of read it try to anticipate any issues. I might have all right so with that enjoy the video nope.

This is not going to be an unboxing video, so don’t worry we’re not going to waste too much time here before i get started with the build. I just wanted to share the contents, because i am all about presentation and i have to say kyosho re release kits. Jeg ved, look pretty damn nice. Når du åbner kassen, i mean they don’t have as many re released rc’s. Som du ved, tamiya does you know to me, it has way more and for me, the only tamiya kits um that i opened up. That kind of blew me away were the egress and the avante, all the other tamiya kits are basically just you know. Parts are all put into boxes and it’s nicely sectioned off, but that’s about it, whereas every kit that i’ve opened up and built from a kyosho re release is very nicely laid out with the blistering and um you know just gives it a feel of being a Little bit more quality or higher end, i don’t know that’s just my two cents, så okay, Godt, no more wasting time let’s get to the build. Godt, i just finished bag, a which is steps one through four and what you are putting together is the front and rear diffs the rear, gearbox and deciding if you’re gon na go with the belt or the chain. Now the original javelin in 1986 came with the chain and then soon after kyosho offered, the belt which you could switch to what’s great about this kit is that they give you both to choose from now, depending on which you choose, your differential is going to look A little bit different, f.eks., here i have the front diff, which has the pulley system on it and uh.

If you go with the chain, you would use the chain drive sprockets. So your discs going to look a little bit different but in essence, it’s going to work the same. Just one is for a chain and one is for a belt, so that’s pretty cool all right back to the build oh yeah before i forget something else. I wanted to share is that the front and the rear diffs are gear differentials and i’m so used to building tamiyas, but for tamiya’s gear differentials they usually have that little cross pin where you put the four bevel gears on these the front and the rear only Have two bevel gears: i don’t really think it makes that much of a difference, but i just found that little design feature that was different. Um kind of interesting and just thought i’d. Just share that with all of you so far so good. We have no issues and we just completed bag b. That’S steps number five, Seks, seven and eight and you are completing the front bulkhead or at least that’s what they call it. I call it a gearbox the drive guides, which is where the belts feed through on the top and the bottom you’re, putting together the motor plates and the motor guard and then in step number eight, which is where i’m not going to say it gets um. You know challenging it’s, just a lot going on is where you’re putting all this on so you’re putting these rails on the two plates on either side the gop motor guard, the the wing mounts and um.

This is a lot of screws. Jeg mener der er, som jeg tror, four or five different types of screws and it’s all in one step, so it’s really got to pay attention and i like to just take a pencil and kind of like mark them off in the diagram just to make sure that I’M using the right screw and i didn’t miss any so but other than that everything is going together, smoothly, Jeg er, really enjoying it, and now we’re going to be moving on to bag c, which is step number nine, All right. So just switching up the camera angle, finished bag c and bag d. Beklager, i did not check in after bag c, but i was just you know, flowing having a really good time enjoying myself and didn’t want to stop. So i just went all the way through to bag d, taske, c n d, you’re building a good portion of the buggy starting with the slipper clutch. This is where you would adjust it. The original 86 javelin did not come with a slipper clutch, but it’s nice. That with kyoto’s re releases they’re, including that feature uh in the front end over here, you’re putting the steering together um these metal side plates over here the whole front end suspension, Um, tie rods, which i can’t stand and are probably my least favorite thing in this Hobby to do also, i was reading somewhere online and i don’t know how true this is.

Somebody mentioned that the original 86 javelin came with plastic hubs and not metal, but of course i went on to kyosho america’s website to look at all the features and they make no reference to that. So i don’t know how true that is. So if you had an original javelin and it did have plastic share, your knowledge drop me a comment below just to verify that or if it didn’t have the plastic and indeed came with metal just either, which way um leave me a comment. Jeg ville. Just love to know for a fact: um also the original javelin’s wing attached right to the piping or the uh, rulleburet, whereas the re release the wing mounts attached to the chassis. Også, i was reading that these wing mounts can be used on the optima. As well to make the wings sit a little bit higher, but you know i just want to comment and say that i’m really impressed with the quality of this kit and i’m pretty impressed with all of kyosho’s re releases. You know they’re pretty, you know solid and heavy um. The parts are definitely i want to say great quality materials and as far as the javelin, everything is going together very very smoothly. Det er, not finicky, Jeg er, not struggling to make parts fit it’s. You know very easy to put together um and what’s. Really nice is the screws, are all countersunk. So if you see over here, uh they’re flush with the shock towers in the front and the rear and it’s like that throughout the whole car which gives it a very nice finished, look with no screw heads, protruding, um and it just you know, det er, very streamlined And it’s, Jeg ved, finishes off the buggy nicely and uh.

You know i’m gon na move on with the build right now and um. I don’t really foresee this taking me too much longer to finish, especially when there’s no body to paint up so i’m happy about that. Once we get this done and fitted with electronics, we just put the roll cage on and and we’re good to go so that’s a that’s, definitely a plus with this kit. So and i do like the look of the roll cage so all right. Godt, i really hopped ahead this time. Jeg er. Beklager, Jeg er, just so addicted to this building i’m, really enjoying myself that i didn’t want to stop. But uh a good portion of the buggy is on well. Actually most of the buggy is done. So let me just tell you what i added on here uh front. Bumper is modeled after the original 86 javelins bumper, but they also include a smaller bumper, which they say is more suitable for racing. Men, i race – Jeg mener – Jeg er – not very good at it, but i can tell you i’m gon na need the big bumper, so we’re gon na leave this on for right now got the frp top chassis plate in also sort of the fit the electronics i’m using A radio link receiver and remote and i’m slowly starting to switch all my cars over to the radio link. I got the red label amazon special servo in here they’re like i could get two of them for like 30 on amazon and um.

You know they’re they’re pretty decent. I have no complaints, they work for me and i use them in a number of my rc’s, so gon na stick with that for right. Nwo, Selvfølgelig, my favorite hobby wing, 1060 esc is mounted upside down on the bottom of the frp plate, and everything is nice and tucked away inside here. As far as the wiring um, both the shocks, i love these metallic red shocks, they’re modeled after the original ones that were on the 86 javelin they’re a little bit bigger the ones on the original javelin were 10 millimeter cylinders. Disse er 12 millimeter cylinders and if you are gon na, buy one of these and put the shocks together just remember they are bottom loading shocks, de er, not like the tamiya ones, that screw off on the top uh these screw at the bottom of the cylinder and That’S, where you put the oil in and you screw it so um, very cool liked him a lot and then you know i just want to share when i was building the shocks and i busted out the oil. I was like huh 7.5 Vægt. Is that correct, and so i had to look back at my uh kyosho optima nice kyosho, ultima, re release, video and sure enough. It was the same weight oil, så jeg er, ikke gon na, be able to get out to the track anytime soon to test this, because it’s like a blizzard right now outside so eventually in the spring we’ll see how it goes, and if i don’t like it, i Could always just you know, use different shock oil and mess around with that, but for right now, we’re just gon na do the drop test just eyeball.

It see how it goes, get the wheels and tires on throw a battery in here and just drop it and uh. Take it from there all right as far as the motor i’m gon na get this. In now i like to buy these. Just black can uh cheapy brushed motors from ebay. They come in a variety of turns i like to get the 19 21 25 and that’s it. Those three turns and i’ll decide if i’m going to drop down or go up, but for right now, Jeg er, just going to go with the 21 turn brush motor in there and not much more to do going to get the roll cage put together. The peppermint green roll cage and then there’s a driver figure to paint up but i’ll do that another time when the weather’s a little bit nicer and i can go outside and spray and that’s more or less it so not much more to do on here. Musik. Musik, the javelin is done, and it looks awesome and based on the drop test. The suspension with that shock weight oil it’s, not so bad, men jeg er, not going to know for sure. Until i get it out on the track and that’s not going to be for like another month or two until the weather gets a little bit warmer. But until then i’m just going to go with it now i just want to clarify earlier in the video i said.

I also use 7.5 shockwave oil for the ultima, re release build, and that was a mistake. I went back into the manual i actually used. 17.5 that’s what came with that kit, so i called up harry who owns a turbo, optima re release, and i asked him what he used in that kit, or at least what that kit came with. He said it also came with the 7.5 shock weight, oil and um. You know he was a little taken back on that, but he just went with it and it works so i’m. Just gon na go with it also and see how it is out there on the track, so we shall see as for the roll cage, that goes together rather easy, and i opted for the peppermint green, which i love uh. It definitely just has a little bit more of a vintage feel to it with that color, at least at least. Jeg tror det, and it really complements the metal on here and the wheels as well. Nwo, before i get to the wheels and tires the roll cage saves me, you know having to paint the body but at the same time it’s a little bit of a pain in the butt um i mean the battery still could slide in and out, but in Order for you to secure the battery, you need to use these velcro straps, but it’s really hard to get the velcro straps on and tighten them in between these two little areas of the roll cage right here.

So the battery is kind of like a little wobbly and sliding in there still so, and then i had to readjust the little on switch for the esc over here, because when i put the roll cage on it was like pushing down on that little switch. But altogether it’s really easy. It just pops off on each side and comes off, so you can get the battery in and out, and i really like it and plus it makes cleanup a little bit easier as well after you. You know it gets all dirty. Så, as for the wheels and tires well for the re release, the wheels are one piece wheels, as opposed to, i believe three piece wheels with the original javelin back in 86.. I really like the chrome on here it’s more of a shinier chrome around the outside and on the inside. It has more of a satin finish. Jeg kan lide det, and the wheels are a little bit more. At least i say they’re they have a little bit more higher grip than the originals plus they added more spikes to the tires, as well now: Jeg er, ikke 100 sold on the tires and the performance on the track. En gang til, i have to get it out there and see, but just in case i went outand i bought these tiresthat the um the turbo optima uses uh, though the block tires, which are very similar to the proline blockade, tires and also the same exact tires On the back of the ultima, the rear tires with the ultima, so i just got a set of those just in case i don’t like the way these are on the track, so we shall see all in due time all right, but altogether i’m very pleased with This kit, it’s definitely a high quality kit, had a lot of fun.

Putting it together took me three days to to get it all together. Um i work in you, know little spots here and there and uh for the most part i’m really looking forward to getting this out there. I think it’s gon na be really competitive and it’s gon na be in my lineup of four wheel: drive vehicles for our race night videos, so i’m kind of hoping that i can have a lot of success with this out there all right! Godt, alligevel.