Den nye hosum x07 lader tage et kig indenfor, så det er ret cool musik, så skulle have oliefyldte stød, slags hoppen. Hvad har vi for en motor i denne? Godt, Umm motoren er en børsteløs motor lader. Tag et kig på, denne ting fik, this thing does have a lot of, i mean a lot of speed. So what do we got for bodies? Du har en? There is two: there will be two different ones coming out. There will be a blue one, it will come with blue tires and a blue body, and there is a red one which you already have. It has a red body and blue and red rims cool and the one thing thats cool about this is, if you go to the back, you go to the back. Youll find a wheelie bar on the back of the car. So any of you guys like doing wheelies. This is a car for you all right, well lets get that battery charged up and take her for a rip Music. So the battery is this side, det er en 500 og dens 5 200 milliamper, its not a long ones. Its a short one and its very thick and thats, really all you need to know about the battery so were gon na get it strapped in turn it on and see how this thing: rips: Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, så Musik, awesome Music. So what do we think? Godt, the x07 looks great: we love our 9125, its one of our favorite discount rcs, but the x07 did pretty well alongside it.

So the wholesome x07 is a good car.