I hope so hits 100 miles i timen. I see the title right now all right. I got two 3s spectrum packs in here. Let’S just get to it. Get our gps meter on here. Nate let’s go. I love the telemetry. We know how much juice is in the battery guys. We are at zero miles. An hour that’s, the new gps meter, abby let’s, go just in case. You guys forgot. Our record on the channel is with our arma infraction v2 and it was 62 miles an hour so i’m going to start slow on 50 throttle limit just so i can trim it up and get used to it because it’s been a while. I feel like yeah. Åh det er, fast nice, this one just looks so cool. You know i didn’t talk about it in the unboxing, but like the red decal, Åh ja, whatever, underneath it says something about something about officer i can’t come here. Come here get in get in come here, bring it over it’s so funny. I love the white lettering too, on the wheels and the red wheel nuts yeah, you see that says, Uh, nothing to see here officer all right, let’s see what we got looks like it’s. Already trimmed up nicely: Godt, it has the active vehicle controller yeah abc. Godt, Dette er 50. You guys keep watching guys. We’Re gon na hit 100 færdig, wow we’ve been driving the granite and the creighton lately, and they are not this fast.

Not bad let’s see how fast that was. Look at that smile let’s. Have these valentines stay present. Åh, you hit the snow. Åh whoa, Okay, we got ta reset this. I got ta. Add more tape: Wow, Okay, the tapes! Åh, min gosh 40 miles an hour wow guys, so this goes 40 miles an hour on the 50 throttle limit slowest so go up to beginner one 75.. Okay, i do like to work my way, especially since it’s been a while wow, i don’t mind the cold. So much now that we’re out here wow – Åh, i just saw the gps. Okay, bring it in nice and slow i’ll, put way more tape on it, Ja det er, so cold. The tape is just not sticking you guys that’s how cold it is out. Det er, synes om 15 Grader, Fahrenheit, Okay, i just like tripled up the amount of tape, so hopefully that holds all right. Lad os gå 75 if you forgot so from 40 miles an hour which is insanely fast, so let’s see what it can hit on 75 Gashåndtaget. You know what i’m going to be quiet on this one, so people can hear the car you be quiet yeah i’m going to, but when it hits a hundred i’m not going to be able to be quiet on that, i want everyone to hear this. Yeah let’s go wow. Okay, you got one more pass in you. Oh yeah wow. You picked out a nice car.

I know i did good job valentine’s day shopping. Beklager, i drifted on that. One that’s! Okay, Jeg gør ikke. I don’t think people know how hard that is to record that’s 75., bring that puppy in let’s see how fast it went. It definitely was faster right, 40. let’s get it focused here, 49 miles i timen, that’s nine miles an hour faster. So if we up to a hundred three two one thanks man, so we make our own sound effects here at the rc sailors, if we basically, this is supposed to be like the same vehicle as the impression yeahand i know it’s colder today so i’m. Actually not expecting two beats. Nej. I would think it would be a few miles an hour just because the weather, but it should right out of the box. Here we go hit the 62., but the speed pinion. It should hit 80. det er sindssygt. Okay, all right here. We go yeah, Åh åh åh, i saw it peel out. Yeah i got ta go a little slower. Nej, you fish tail the hair out there probably hard to see on camera, but i saw that back in come out. You would have, Jeg tror, been okay with the avc in there. Okay, i don’t think you’re far enough down, but go ahead go ahead. Godt, you want me to go. No just go ahead: Okay, Ja! Åh, sikke noget! You were not even at full throttle when you hit us start down there.

Yeah i’m, going to okay wow. Oh it’s been a while, since we’ve driven the infraction so to hit this kind of speed such a close let’s go. Do it do it? Lytte! Don’T block me, i know i know: Okay, all right all right, Okay, færdig, Ja, Wow, Okay, bringe det ind! I got ta see that speed, Wow, Ja, Godt gjort, good job smiles, smiles the whole time. Okay, lad os se. What are we at hold on? Don’T lose my gps meter: Åh ja, Okay, All right, Det er, pretty amazing, 61. 61. whoa nice. That is amazing. Åh det er, Fantastiske! So do you like the infraction more or this more, knowing that this goes just as fast and everything i don’t know. I like the felony. You do felony is the winner yeah, i like the infraction, because i, like the uh look of it. Yeah it’s really different, but this looks more like real, reel, more scale, so it really just depends on what look you want to go to go for a lot of times. Jeg, like the more unrealistic kind of crazy, looks so i might like the infraction v2 and honestly. The v1 looks sick as well uh, but this looks awesome. Wow um. Are you trustworthy enough to drive yeah? Let me go one time. Don’T break my truck. I think that’s what you said about the infraction that’s, so cold let’s do this. Are you gon na go straight to 100? Are you gon na? Åh, Min gud.

Listen just don’t slam on the brakes! Godt, abby! Thank you for letting me drive your valentine’s day. So scary, you know what i’m gon na escape i’m gon na up to the cool factor, just a hair with my pass wait. Do you guys see this? Please don’t break my trap. That’S cool let’s go oh nathan. Jeg er. Scared. Jeg er. Scared. Jeg er. Scared. Godt, i didn’t say: don’t break the meter, but uh there’s no battery fell out. Vi fik ta, go find it. Åh ja, oh my gosh pieces went everywhere, you hit a bump and it just it’s, so bad relax, i’m dying right now, i’m going to do something. So cool i found it, i just found the battery or no. This is the back. The battery can’t be too far. We just found the mile per hour gps meter nate. I know don’t take the credit move away. I saw it first. I found both pieces you’re. Welcome yeah you’re welcome too. If you ever wondered what battery this has on the inside what’s that oh, it falls off all the time let’s see. Does it still work everybody’s going to want to know yeah it’s coming on nice, All right, try again nate we’re not going to put this on. I just want to do one good pass. Please do a normal pass and not don’t try to be cool this time. Okay, cause uh that doesn’t work out for you. You are not cool i’m just kidding.

I love you. 260 000. Subscribers cool, oh shut up. I don’t know mr rogers was cool right. If i was jin z i’d be like who cares? Det er, not tick. Tock that’s, not instagram, jinzy, gen, z, millennials. How cool is that not cool? Så er det nu.. Åh, Min gud! Oh you hit the ice. I i’ve got the edge of it yeah that is fun wow. I like the tape flapping in the wind. It looks like a parachute on the back of the driver. It just looks like a terrible back of a dragster. Jeg ved. Have you ever seen it i’ve seen everybody seen him yeah, Okay, that’s amazing, that is that is so much fun and it looks cool and if there was anybody dumb enough to be out here in the cold with us like this, it would just be a big Head turner, i know everybody would want to see it so there’s, literally people standing at the hanger door uh. This is so cool it’s, abby’s, valentine’s day present, but it’ll be linked in the description box below. If you guys want to get oneand you appreciate supporting just a family that loves rc and making content for free for you guys, se på det, der er, the there’s, the smart tech working yeah. We got a lot of juice left. Ja, we do that’s a lot of fun to be had if you like, supporting just a wholesome youtube channel, where you know your whole family can watch and it means something to you.

If you decide to pick one of these up, please consider using our link. It won’t cost you an extra penny. It does help support us and keep the lights on so just it’s there. If you want to pick it up or if you’re like i got ta have one and you put it on order now. Boom there you go. Is your favorite color, the black or the orange, and what is your favorite hood piece to put on what you got ta put mine on? I know i know, but we wanted to just run it stuck we’re, always running abby, Godt gjort. Picking this out happy valentine’s day, i know valentine’s day is over, but this was your presence. Åh, my birthday is actually probably today yeah cause. Dette er gon na, be the next video posted birthday. We got your cake, we beat the storm. Now we get the yeah it’s supposed to we’re supposed to get like five inches tonight, expect another unboxing or possibly two to the channel, soon to see some really cool new rc’s, but it’s gon na be so cold it’s. It hurts so much to be out here right now, so we’re just gon na wrap this up, but forgetting to be out here and have some fun today and the snow has held off. I think the big guy upstairs we thank god for just everything we have and uh sharing being able to share it with you guys, det er, so awesome and a massive thank you as always to our patreon supporters, because you could not do this channel without you guys.

You mean the world to us, you’re back going to the channel. You say it because we mean it. Tak. Thank you thank you and if you want to see an up close couple of shots of this, just a goofy phone, you know what even more fun than an unboxing of this is the speed run of the infractions, because it’s warm out it’s warm guys. You should check that video out we’ll.