I dag tager vi et kig på denne fantastiske rc-bil. Godt, Jeg synes, det ser fantastisk ud. Dbx 10 fra zd racing af zd racing fyre. Vi har også dette lille dyr her, men skulle snart lave en anden video om det. Jeg synes personligt, det ser rigtig rigtig godt ud i kassen, Selvfølgelig, youre going to get your instruction manual. You are going to get your charger as well as a jumbo rc. Radio things are absolutely awesome. They take four double a batteries. They will actually take a rechargeable battery also do up to like four or 500 Meter, which is insane, Selvfølgelig, i kassen. Youre also going to get your rc car, which you will need to put on the wheels, which is very easy. You will need something like this seven millimeter nut driver, which luckily it does come with as awesome as these shocks. Se. These are set really really low, so theres not much traffic im going to set mine just a bit higher right. There looks pretty good you guys. Can check that out, theyre the front shocks the rear were really down to which these are the rear. I like to try and keep the axles pretty level yeah theyre, pretty good as front and rear bead lock wheels both in and out the body is held on by these two clips right here. It will just pivot up. I really like this design. It comes with a standard size, metal gear, Servo, a dumbo receiver, unfortunately its not the gyro one, but you could upgrade if you weird, 3S, capable esc and a 2600, Jeg tror, kv brushless motor you do have leds as well as in the rear included.

Is this 3s 35c 300 million hard case battery, so the battery does kind of feel light, so maybe its not the best quality. I may try out a different battery of my own. Vi har 6061 Cnc, five millimeter thick shock towers, for- og bagside. The bumper has a nice bit of flex, i think itll, take a nice hit and with me, driving uh well well find this three millimeter thick cnc aluminium chassis. Now this does come with either the optional wing wheelie bar or spare wheel. I opted for the wing just because i thought it made it look ten times cooler. What i really love is this awesome detail like the fake reservoir fire extinguisher and the little dudes in there here we have the arms, but they do kind of look thin and this white plastic kind of makes it look cheap, its going to be all right. The arms may be a little bit of a weak spot. I did see the rc kiwis break there, but i guess we will find out. One thing i want to show you guys this center drive. Shaft is beefy, maybe like seven millimeters. Now it is meant to do 80 kilometers an hour on the stock system. Men, with this gearing, i highly doubt, thats gon na be the case with the adjustable motor mount and a universal 48 kaste, as well as metal gears all round. I do think that youd be able to power this thing to 80 kilometers an hour pretty easily.

Godt, do another video on that, as well as possibly in that video put in a max 10, because ive been looking for and asking how to put that its really a nice scale. Looking rc car, i dont think this is going to be made for like extreme bashing, but guys we are going to send it anyway, but first i really want to see how this handles off road give it a proper speed test lets get out there lets give This bad boy a run and lets see how it performs. Okay, Fyre. Første, let me apologize for the win. Godt, its pretty smooth ill, give it that servo is quite slow guys. It is middle geared so im sure its strong whats. The opinion on here, but after this run, im going to try with a bigger track and start lets, see how fast we go 3s, its definitely quick, its not 80 kilometer i timen, hurtig, Okay. I think its time for the speed thing feed. We had stopped and read 26 miles i timen, not very fast, okay gutter, its now running a 26 Tand. I dont know what the other one was. I think it was maybe an 18 Uh, but being a lower kv motor it should handle it. Also the steering had to be adjusted a little bit and now the servo is quite adequate. Lets see what this new pinion gear gets associated track and start and lets see how fast we go.

Åh ja, much faster, Okay, Fyre. The question is how fast we go, stop breed 32 miles i timen, so a lot faster, definitely needed that big opinion. Okay gutter. I think its time to go send this thing over and jump Music. This piece in here seems like a real weak spot uh that didnt take much temporary fix, but hopefully uh yeah. We get a bit more driving time, yeah and its like a buggy, but a car, buggy thats, ret cool, come watch the jumps. If you want yeah man, i hope the kids had as much fun as i did uh. That is definitely an awesome. Little rc car, probably not one, that you should be fully sending, does have a couple of weak points. Men, the chassis actually held up better than i thought it would overall, a great little rc ill leave links in the description below if you enjoyed that youll probably enjoy this also dont forget to subscribe and ill catch.