Welcome back since you guys liked my drifting video with my arma typhon, i figured i’d get my favorite budget bash here out here. This is the hassam 9155, and this has a 550 motor and it’s a 1 12 Skala, and i figured i’d get this out and do some ice drifting with it i’m, not going to use the whole pond with this one, the battery don’t last as long so I’M just going to stay on this side and you can see the ice kind of froze clear and you can see the edge of it. That’S kind of cool but we’ll go ahead and have some fun: Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik, all right that’s, pretty much all i got for today. I hope you guys enjoyed that. I think my battery’s dying here so we’re going to end it right here. Don’T forget to like share and subscribe don’t forget to follow us on instagram facebook and tick tock on facebook. Don’T forget, i got an rc group on there called rc car life come join in on the fun.