So this request is for Lamborghini akhtar review because watch spotted and uploaded in review, so here’s that so let’s check your emails. You need is one of you way: we’ll see ya. Ok! So now linking Leslie, the wash water is 42 and there are two modes I like you can change the mode from here and it’s this one, which we need to just like this tutorial like this hey, you have to just puts it somewhere. Jeg gætter, and the other mode is just you can go like this wait so next step with Hornets. Were you guys out on the quality for d primo? It is actually infused a bad plastic, especially for this radar in its fur gaden. I know you just do like this: in wall comes like that, and actually it’s just proving together, it’s just fall for me: Det er, not a little problem and there’s no radio and stop button, and it sucked actually just immediately. It starts just like going like it and stop that’s it oreimo. The speakers are located right to him and you need is for trouble a batteries, so let’s move on to the car down. So here is a cover. Nwo, Først og fremmest, Gladys take. It looks it’s pretty awesome, I’d known another, something that lives about life, and I just add something from this and like broken, and now you want to see it these white color, because then i will be just flash car like this.

It will just the color. Åh ja, j capand you can see some scratches here because it back plastic and no that’s done and if you crash you’re stuck just like opener, okay um. Next everything is pretty nice and yeah I’m gon na. Gør det, then everybody partiers are just turning it. Make it annoys and make it make it when you do it for her free meal and next, if you want to charge it in charge it or, hvis du vil, for you that no patience so do the straight open up the place where you put that sells With that comment and put W bad sweets, this will probably work I’m. Just doing this, one doesn’t never charging it it’s working perfectly like next thing. We have is this: if you just do it, if you come back side and it will just you round around down there, that side that’s the same, I don’t do modifications and my car because it’s me when it gets so glad you lot of patience. So so this was the car let’s go early test before that I’m gon na tell a lot about my next video. Let it go minifigure 60 lego mini first. I will actually open it and made the video, but not uploaded so here’s. The box i’m gon na just show you one minute, bigger widget. Is this one and many of them i’m? Nigel, so see you guys in that video. So let them to the test, but to the test: hey guys here we are in the desk, so i’m now could indeed chargeable batteries, and i charged it jet for two minutes and let’s see what’s the speed on that shirt and it says making you doing some Errands that was very far from the luminance charge.

Let’S see it, he actually needs one are charged for a full dozen using this quality may so you know its value dream again. It works on all of the cars of my soul, of the commercial or other companies. Like I have many of makers – gud, this touring also i’m just try tomorrow in one body with this one, so this will absolutely easy one with that one so white person charged yet pretty fast from that mature time like oh, I got ta tell ya sankar. If i can get sunshine by any other video and um, this is an update for you, Jeg er, going to do some races with my friends on my side and bad ass, I’m gon na blow and I’m going to use my lambo me back full charge and my Friends, all gon na be a little X, 1 mercedes, benz GLA, and what will they use and take a tired top that cambria? I love that villain here she’s at her team is her I’ve seen ahora so by to see how are you so next take a look at new that an idea who Jack said it away I’m, just queen, so the three two one of my mother’s year. I thought that you would, I can get you tearing it was problem.